Jazzercise Tropic Heat: Day Two

Day two of Jazzercise Tropic Heat was jam-packed with various Jazzercise classes.

jazzercise tropic heat

After breakfast in our hotel room (healthy banana bread with peanut butter and fruit), my mom, sister and I walked to the first class of the day, Beach Club Boot Camp. The Jazzercise instructors did a great job of shuffling people around every three songs or so during this class so the nearly 2,000 Jazzercisers all had a chance to be close to the stage and really feel the energy from those teaching.

The second class was a ballet-type class that my mom, sister and I started taking together, but left about halfway through to check out the expo.



We didn’t buy any apparel,  but I was awfully tempted to purchase this lime-green shirt just in case an ‘80s-themed party pops up on my agenda sometime in the future.

jazzercise tshirt green

Lime green + Off-the-shoulder + Jazzercise-themed = ‘80s party gold

The next class we attended was led by Tim Roberts who was my favorite instructor of the day.

tim roberts

He was charismatic, hilarious and energizing. His class was a lot more dance-focused and participants learned a dance routine that we repeated multiple times to various songs, learning new moves along the way. His music selections kept us guessing and laughing. The Wobble. Beyoncé. Justin Bieber. Call Me Maybe.  It was great!

Following Tim’s class, there was a nearly three-hour break that we used to get lunch and lounge by the hotel pool with other Jazzercise folks.



Post-pool time, we changed back into our workout gear to take two more Jazzercise classes to round out the day.


tropic heat jazzercise

(Instagram pic!)

The first class was a Sultry Salsa class led by four Italian guys who definitely played up their flirtatious dance moves and worked the crowd!


Shanna Missett Nelson, the president of Jazzercise, took everyone through the final class of the day with a bunch of other instructors. It was a great way to bring Tropic Heat to a close.


I’m so glad my mom invited me and my sister to join her at this fun event. It was a great mother-daughter experience and my sister and I loved doing something my mom loves so much with her. We had a blast!


  1. says

    That would be so fun, especially with your mom and sister! I wish my mom would do something like that, but right now she’s really into walking every morning. It’s a start for sure! I can’t wait to be home later this summer to hang out with her on her walks.


  2. says

    I just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your fitness tips. You’ve inspired me to try some new workouts, and they’ve really kicked my butt! You can read more about the award in my latest post here: http://fitbuttfabulous.wordpress.com/2012/07/01/who-me/

    Have fun with Jazzercise this weekend. My mom and I have been doing Zumba together this summer–it’s a great way to spend time together.

    Thanks for being inspirational!


  3. says

    That looks like a fun girls weekend! Glad you enjoyed your time. Haha, that sweater is so 80’s. I went to an 80’s party and wore an almost identical looking sweater to that one, only it was bright pink 😉


  4. Rebecca says

    Hi! After a couple busy weeks I’m finally getting around to catching up on blogs, so I just saw this post and I had to comment. A couple weeks ago I was in Orlando for a cost estimating conference (yep, it was as enthralling as it sounds… 🙂 and when I was getting ready to leave at the end of the week I started seeing a bunch of things that said Jazzercise on it and assumed there was some sort of “Jazzercise Conference” starting that weekend. Apparently I was right! 🙂 Now I just wish I could have stayed longer and done the Jazzercise event too!



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