Leah’s Bachelorette Party

Congratulations to the bride to be!

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Saturday night, around 6 p.m., we kicked off bachelorette party fun to celebrate the upcoming wedding of my friend Leah and her fiancé Matt.

The evening began the old fashioned college way… pre-drinking margaritas with way too many girls crammed into one apartment bathroom.

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Once everyone was all gussied up and ready to go, Leah and a small group of us headed out to her sister-in-law-to-be’s apartment where a bunch of Leah’s girlfriends and female family members were waiting to kick off a fun night!

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Now you guys may have an idea about what I was secretly crafting last weekend… Bachelorette party décor and games!

The appetizers, drinks, dinner and dessert served at the party were so, so good!

leahs bachelorette party 002I especially loved the sangria. It was made with Fresca which made it taste extra bubbly. YUM.

leahs bachelorette party 010

We spent the beginning of the evening enjoying our drinks, chatting up a storm and eating away until it was time to do a champagne toast in Leah’s honor.

leahs bachelorette party 005

Then we sat down to get the lingerie party portion of the evening going!

leahs bachelorette party 022

The lingerie gifts were followed by an extra-special gift from the bridal party… a quilt made with t-shirts that all of us contributed that remind us of the amazing times we’ve had with Leah throughout the years.

leahs bachelorette party 045

The tears came out!

leahs bachelorette party 043

I think she liked it. Smile

After enjoying a catered dinner of pasta and salad from Portillo’s, it was time for us to play some games!

leahs bachelorette party 034

First up was a question game! Prior to the party, I asked Leah’s fiancé a series of questions relating to their relationship, marriage expectations, future dreams, etc. Leah then had to guess Matt’s responses to each of the questions. For every question she answered incorrectly, she had to take a Jello shot. For every question she got right, she assigned someone else to take one.

It was a blast and some of her answers were hilarious!

leahs bachelorette party 018

Games were followed my more food (cookie cake!) and more drinks. A little after 11 p.m., we decided to take our party out and hit up a bar where where concluded the night.

In bad blogger fashion, I didn’t snap any pictures at the bar, but it was great time with great friends!

Once we made it back to Leah’s apartment, I played drunken chef in the kitchen and we ate bowls of butter pasta with parmesan cheese before finally heading to bed.

I think the pasta helped all of us with our hangovers a bit because we awoke feeling surprisingly okay the next morning. Well, we were a little slow-moving and nursed some headaches, but I consider no nausea after a bachelorette party a serious success!

It was a good thing we weren’t too hungover because Leah’s bridal shower was the next day at noon.

Recap of the cupcake-filled bridal shower to come!


  1. says

    That’s the best bachelorette gift ever! I’ve actually been collecting my T-shirts over the years–from every sports tournament and competition in high school and college, not every half and full marathon–to do the same.

    And you look cute as a button as always!


  2. Chloe (South Beach Girl) says

    Definitely sounds like a success! The quilt is so special, what a wonderful idea 🙂


  3. kyla says

    Mmmm! I just had Portillo’s on Saturday too since I was home for the weekend. Too bad the weather was kind of awful this weekend but it looks like you guys had an absolute blast!


  4. says

    Love the quilt and jello shot game. Will def remember both when my friends start getting married (and i have to plan bachelorette weekends)! Sounds like such a fun night and wise decision to load up on the carbs before bed (i just typed bread gah!)–> i like your style 🙂


  5. summer says

    where did you get the quilt? did you make it? i’ve been wanting to make a tshirt quilt, but i’m very inexperienced with my sewing machine


  6. Kaelin says

    Julie, love your blog!! Ok this might sound stalkerish, but I know I know your friend Leah from somewhere! I went to Indiana for college and grad school and I was in a sorority there. Any chance she went to IU too? I am from the Indianapolis area, but moved away after college. I have been trying to figure it out all day, racking my brain for a better memory. Help Please!!



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