Little Palm Island

key west 005 key west 006Six hours in the car later…

Hello from Little Palm Island! key west 092

After a 6-hour drive from St. Pete to the Keys, Ryan and I arrived at Little Palm Island late yesterday afternoon.

Little Palm Island is a secluded tropical getaway, accessible only for those staying in one of the resort’s 30 bungalows. Ryan and I were fortunate enough to be able to stay at this amazing resort for two days at a discounted rate after I reached out to them in a frantic state last week. (Our previous honeymoon plans were completely derailed thanks to Hurricane Tomas.) Now, I sit here, blogging from an isolated dock, watching the sunset.

We feel so fortunate that our “back up” plans have turned out to be spectacular. key west 091So far our honeymoon has been filled with relaxation, amazingly delicious food and wonderful company.

When we arrived at the welcome hut yesterday, we were greeted with island drinks before boarding a little boat and heading out to Little Palm Island.

key west 010

A wonderful guide led us to our bungalow that was labeled with our name! key west 027 key west 028 As if we weren’t already beyond impressed, when we opened up the doors to our bungalow I think Ryan and I both almost passed out!

Check out our digs! key west 094key west 098The bed in our room may be the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. The mattress on the bed is a Tempurpedic mattress that feels like heaven. I slept like a rock last night!


Before arriving at Little Palm Island, I did a lot of research and read many reviews, so Ryan and I knew we wanted to stay on the island for dinner at The Dining Room.

We heard amazing things about the atmosphere and quality of food at The Dining Room so we were beyond excited to eat some yummy food and kick off our honeymoon with a romantic meal.

We arrived at The Dining Room just as the sun was setting.key west 012What a view!

When we took our seats, we were greeted with menus that said “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Fagan” which took us by surprise and made us feel so special.

key west 019

It took us a while to decide what to order and eventually Ryan decided on the tuna and, after a strong urging from Ryan who said “We’re on our honeymoon! Go big!” I opted for the lobster.

We first polished off all of the bread from our bread basket that included an assortment of rolls, most notably cheese biscuits.

key west 014 Then it was time for the main event!

key west 018My lobster was served with peppers, olives and a yucca mash that was incredible. I ate every last bite! Ryan’s tuna was amazing as well.

As if we weren’t full enough already, we were presented with a dessert menu.

Since we are staying in the Keys, we found it only appropriate to order key lime pie to share.key west 023Best key lime pie EVER! The crust and fluffy topping were my favorite parts. So delicious!

Ryan and I enjoyed our meat at The Dining Room so much that we have plans to return this evening.

I’ll try to post a recap of today’s full day of activities sometime soon, but naturally my number one priority is spending time with my new husband who just happened to finish the magazine he was reading.

Off to continue honeymooning! 😀



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