Long Run Questions

First things first, I must address you crazies who love Bit-O-Honeys. There is a support group for people like you. It’s located in the comments section of last night’s post.



Today as I got dressed for the gym and bent over to put on my socks, my hamstrings still felt sore from Monday’s leg workout. (Those 100 squats are legit!)

I decided to flip flop my scheduled leg workout with the five mile run I had planned for tomorrow and trucked along on the treadmill for just under 46 minutes.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m kind of nervous for Saturday’s long run. It will be the first time I’ve run a double-digit distance in more than a year.

Runners, I’d love your take on the upcoming long distance runs I have on my half marathon training plan…

For the previous two half marathons I’ve completed, the longest I ran before race day was 10 miles and I felt fine. Well, I have 10 miles on the schedule for Saturday but after that I still have four more long runs on the agenda before the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon on November 5.

Ryan and I are thinking of running 11 and 12 miles for the following two weeks and then dropping it back down to 10 for the final two. Thoughts? I don’t want to do the full 13.1 miles before race day because I love saving the full distance for the big day and I don’t really care about my time at all.


Breakfast = Banana bread protein pancakes 

banana bread protein pancakes 021

Whenever I make these pancakes I always think of the song “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson. Such a fun song to listen to in the morning. His voice is so pretty.

banana bread protein pancakes 019

Time to get to work.

Today is a very special day in our house and I want to have a completely FREE evening to enjoy it!


  1. Karen says


    I was curious how many calories do you eat on days you do your long runs as opposed to how many you eat on a normal day? Just curious…I’m also getting ready for a long one (never done more than a 5K now I am doing a 10-miler eek!) and I like to hear from other people what they do…


  2. Gabby says

    If you can do 10 comfortably and you don’t want to run the full 13 before race day, definitely go for 12! If you don’t increase your pace, 12 should be easy for you and I think you’ll be glad you did it on race day.


  3. Emma Kate says

    Hey Julie,
    Looks like you’ve had heaps of advice so this probably won’t be anything new…I ran my first halfy last weekend 🙂 The longest run I did was 16km (from New Zealand), two weeks before. I think that’s 10 miles. Anywho, I found that the perfect distance. I easily managed the half. The week before the race I tapered, so 5km was my longest run.

    Keep up the awesome training! Big fan by the way.


  4. Shannon says

    I am in training for the Savannah Half!! My very first half. I am super excited!! I set out a calender & training up to 12 miles. In the past 4 Saturdays i have done 10 mi, 10 mi, 11 mi and then 0 miles. This weekend I am running 12 miles and nervous because I did not do a long run this past Saturday. Ah! I think your plan is good, just make sure to eat. I eat a wheat muffin with pb an hour before my long run and drink a cup of coffee for the caffeine. I haven’t had much problem mid run but always carry Gu or beans just in case. Then I will taper a week before the race and run 3/6 miles a day. Keep up the awesome training!


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