Our Italy Top 10

Right now we’re en route to Switzerland from Venice and my sister and I are looking for ways to entertain ourselves so we figured we’d share the top 10 things we loved about Italy with you guys!

Heeeere we go!

1. Gelato, gelato, gelato. Specifically mousse-style gelato. This stuff tastes like heaven with a little bit of rainbows and joy sprinkled in. Amazing!

rome florence 205

venice 099

rome day 2 082

rome1 016

2. Flowers in windows. My sister and I adored the bright and beautiful plants and flowers that seemed to overflow from nearly every windowsill and balcony.

venice 110

venice 109

venice 072

3. Portion size. My family and I were really surprised about the portion sizes in Italy. We expected gigantic portions of pizza and pasta when, in reality, the portion size of the entrees and meals seemed like the portion size we should be eating. In America we’re easily given two to four times the amount of food and I often leave meals at restaurants feeling stuffed to the brim and almost uncomfortable. It’s refreshing to be able to eat everything on my plate and feel satisfied and not like a two-ton whale.

rome day 2 079

rome florence 092

4. The cars. There appear to be no rules when it comes to driving and parking in Italy (specifically Rome). I’m sure this wouldn’t make our top ten list had we rented a car and had to drive ourselves because we likely would’ve peed our pants as cars and Vespas whizzed by with no regard to street lines or traffic signals.

rome day 2 054

rome florence 140

rome florence 206

5. Romance is everywhere. I’m not sure if I noticed this even more because I was in Italy without Ryan, but it seemed like there were couples everywhere. It became somewhat of a game between me and my sister to see how many couples we could find making out all over the place. I’m not just talking about a little hand holding and some quick kisses here and there. People were full-on lip-locked for minutes in the middle of sidewalks and parks and in front of monuments. (Sorry, no pictures of people kissing. I didn’t want to be a total creeper.) It made me want to visit Italy with Ryan and experience the romantic side of the country.

6. Attention to detail. The extreme detail in the architecture around every corner was so neat to see. It was intricate, elegant and became so prevalent that we almost expected it after a while and we had to make sure to step back and appreciate what we were looking at more than a few times. The natural talent and skill level of the artists and architects was so impressive.

rome day 2 046

venice 047

7. Mannerisms. We loved listening to our tour guides and other Italians talk because their hands are used almost as an extension of their words. They all appeared so animated and passionate because their hands and facial expressions were so expressive. 

8. Sidewalk cafes. Adorable little restaurants and cafes line the streets of Rome, Florence and Venice. These restaurants were found along back alleys and hidden streets and popped up everywhere! I loved seeing people lingering over their food as they sipped wine and cups of coffee and simply enjoyed the company of those around them.

venice 081

rome day 2 112

9. Walkability. When people say you walk everywhere in Italy, they mean it! The ability to walk from one major attraction (such as the Pantheon) to another (like the Trevi Fountain) made Rome a wonderful place to visit since we didn’t have to worry about taking a taxi. Walking from place to place is honestly the best way to see and absorb everything. It allowed us to discover some hole-in-the-wall restaurants and hidden gelaterias while experiencing some of the slightly less-touristy parts of the three large cities we visited.

rome day 2 055rome florence 038

florence 031

venice 071

10. The food and drinks. Of course.

rome day one 007

venice 160

rome day one 008

florence 041

rome day 2 005

venice 162venice 135

rome day one 013

Question of the Day

What was something unexpected that stuck out to you about the last place you traveled to visit?


  1. says

    Wow you make Europe look so gorgeous! which of course, it is! 😛
    Real genuine Italian Gelato is awesome, isn’t it? 😛
    I love sidewalk cafe’s as well! We have them a lot here in Holland as well! My favorite place to hang out..
    Are you by any chance coming by the Netherlands? 😛
    Have a great trip! Switzerland is beautiful!


  2. Ryan R says

    My last trip was also Italy, so your list really took me back! I agree with everything and want to add to #3. I couldn’t believe how long dinners were and how most of the time you ate so late. We often got reservations at 8:30, 9 or even later. Then after several courses and wine, we left so much more satisfied but not overly stuffed. Tip about Paris (and London for that matter)… It is still very walkable, but much bigger than Rome. Be sure to take the Metro at least once. It’s how all the Parisians get around and the stations are beautiful! Ciao, ciao!


  3. says

    Beautiful pictures! I have always wanted to travel to Rome and now I want to see it even more! I am dying to try gelato! It really looks amazing! 🙂


  4. Megan@Dirty Dishes Daily says

    The last place I went to was Turkey and I loved the food! Cheese, olives, bread and fruit for breakfast?? Heaven.


  5. Jessica says

    I was in Moscow last May and I would have to say I loved the borscht and schi soups. I love cabbage and beets and the richness of their soups was unbelievable! Also the flaky pastries in England, the sausage in Germany, the barakas in Israel…the world is so gastronomically amazing! 🙂


  6. Anne Marie says

    I visited Paris for a week in May of this year and something that surprised me was how there was pavement eveywhere in comparison to where I’m from (Nova Scotia, Canada) There were hardly any parks or just grass that wasn’t planted! It was funny one day my family and I visited the Vimy Ridge monument outside of Paris and our cab driver pointed out a forest, but you could see right through it so to me it didn’t really qualify as a forest haha 🙂



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