Paaay-ink Breakfast

Is it just me or do you feel a littler happier when you consume a breakfast that is pink?

I think my love for the color pink goes all the way back to my childhood when, according to my grandma, I used to pronounce the word “paaay-ink,” with a slightly southern accent.

My breakfast this morning was Pepto-pink from to the strawberries I blended up in my strawberry shortcake smoothie.


Into the blender went:

  • 1 c. frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 scoop All the Whey cup cake batter protein powder
  • 1/2 scoop All the Whey strawberry protein powder
  • 5 ice cubes
  • cold water
  • 1 tsp. xanthan gum


This made a whole lotta smoothie and I ended up eating a bunch of the smoothie straight from the blender with a spoon.

The rest was poured into a tumbler and garnished with a neon straw.

Smoothie and a Spoon

Fun Straw!


Pretty ‘n’ pink!


Today’s workout began with a BodyPump class. The chest track on release 73 is killerrrr.

After the ‘Pump, I headed upstairs for a 45 minute power yoga class… my third yoga class within the past eight days! This is crazy for me since I’ve never really been able to get into yoga.

The Wednesday morning power yoga class is right after BodyPump, so the timing is perfect. I enjoyed the class a lot and can’t get enough of the pigeon pose! I love the way it stretches out my hips!

Save the Date Thank You

Thank you all so much for your sweet words about our winning save the date picture!

I feel a bit relieved to have a picture to use that I think looks kind of professional since we didn’t take engagement pictures. Hopefully all of the paper I ordered will come soon so I can get a lil’ crafty this weekend!

Question of the Day

Do you prefer to drink out of a straw or straight out of a cup?

For me it totally depends on the beverage, but I really love straws! I think they’re so fun!


  1. says

    Straws! I think it’s a guy thing or something, but all the men I know drink straight from the cup while me and most girls drink from a straw. Or maybe my group of friends and family are just weird like that. Which is probably the case.


    • peanutbutterfingers says

      haha – i like to use a straw & ryan likes to drink straight from a cup. i guess we fit your theory! 🙂


  2. Kyla says

    This might sound weird but I always drink my coffee from a straw. I once heard that the coffee won’t stain your teeth because it bypasses your teeth through the straw. Not sure if its true but I prefer a straw.

    Love the pics btw:)
    Have a great hump day


  3. says

    I like to eat my smoothies out of a bowl with a spoon. Makes me feel like I’m really “eating” something instead of just drinking. But that smooooothie looks delish – and your pic turned out fabulous!


  4. says

    Definitely out of a straw, especially if it’s something that can stain the teeth! I do have be careful, however, if I’m drinking a cocktail through a straw…they can go down a little “too smooth”! 😉
    Cake batter protein powder?!?!? I never knew! 😀


  5. says

    i am all for STRAWS!!

    everything is truly better pink.. seriously. and i seriously need to pink up some xantha gum it just makes everything so thick!


  6. Nikki says

    Straws!!! I use a straw for everything!! Even water 🙂 But big huge thick smoothies that I usually can’t even suck up through the straw are my favorite…it helps make my smoothie last a loooong time haha!


  7. says

    I am not a straw person unless I buy my drink. When I make smoothies at home I never use a straw but if I buy one then I want a straw. Same thing with any drink…soda, tea, etc…I only want a straw when ordering drinks out.


  8. says

    I agree that the chest track is killer. But I always sing along to “I gotta feeling” and that helps get me through. I will say that this latest release is by far my favorite.

    I love your save the date picture, by the way! I used to be a professional photographer and yours looks completely professional. I love it!


    • peanutbutterfingers says

      i totally sing to that song too!! it definitely helps.

      & thanks for the photo compliment! coming from a legit photographer, that means a lot!


  9. says

    Cute save the date picture! Ours was very similar (me behind my hubby with my arms around his shoulders). I love pink…you’re breakfast was beautiful. 🙂


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