Recipe Roundup: Chicken

It’s time for May’s Recipe Roundup!

healthy chicken recipes

Just in case you’re new around here, Recipe Roundups began on PBF a few months ago as a way for me to highlight past PBF recipes that may have fallen to the wayside over the course of my 2+ years of blogging.

Past recipe roundup posts include:

This month’s roundup is all about chicken!

I often find chicken rather bland and boring, so I need to doctor it up a bit to really enjoy it. Below you will find some of my favorite recipes that do just that! They transform boring chicken into tasty chicken!

For those of you with children, I highly recommend trying the easy ‘n’ healthy chicken fingers listed below. They’re great for both adults and children and mild enough for picky eaters to enjoy.

Happy eating!

Recipe Roundup: Chicken

buffalo chicken

bbq chicken burgers

curried chicken salad

pulled chicken

buffalo chicken burger

chicken fingers healthy baked

mushroom risotto healthy

squash casserole2

bbq chicken salad


  1. says

    Did you know chickens out number people? That’s why we should eat them more… ok I’m kidding, but I’m definitely going to eat more chicken with these recipes :).


  2. Katie says

    I’m from Chico and just foun out that one of the most popular restaurant/bars up here has a burger with peanut butter on it-it’s the mos popular item on the menu!! I’ll have to try it and report back 😉



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