Recipe Roundup: Peanut Butter

The end of July is right around the corner, so it’s time for a Recipe Roundup!

Just in case you’re new around here, Recipe Roundups are a monthly feature that began on PBF a while ago as a way for me to highlight past PBF recipes that may have fallen to the wayside over the course of my 2+ years of blogging.

I totally missed the month of June, but we’re back in action in July with perhaps my favorite recipe roundup to date: Peanut Butter!

peanut butter recipes

Past recipe roundup posts include:

Hope you enjoy this little peanut butter blast from the past!

Recipe Roundup: Peanut Butter





pumpkin peanut butter stuffed french toast

peanut butter protein bars

apple peanut butter granola sandwiches

chocolate peanut butter cup smoothie

peanut butter pancakes


  1. Marisol says

    OMG!!!OMG!!OMG!!! All these peanut butter recipes have my mouth watering.
    I don’t know wich to start with. Thanks for all the great recipes. 🙂



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