Ross and Leslie’s Wedding: Part Three

Shared with Christina Block’s kind permission, the pictures featured in this blog post were taken by the incredibly talented team behind Christina Block Photography.

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Bride Groom Kiss

Ross and Leslie’s Wedding: Part Three

With beautiful wedding bands now on their fingers, Ross and Leslie walked back down the aisle as husband and wife after their emotional ceremony.

Beautiful Wooden Cross for Wedding

Bride and Groom After I Do

The bridal party followed the newlyweds into the waiting area and exchanged excited congratulations and enthusiastic hugs.

Groom Laughing

I quickly removed Leslie’s veil (which she borrowed from my friend Merri!) and fixed her hair so she could move about and mingle with everyone who was there to celebrate her special day.

Leslie and Ross' Wedding 369

While Ross and Leslie’s guests enjoyed a cocktail hour on the rooftop of The White Room in St. Augustine, we did our best to help the photographer corral the bridal party and the families of the bride and groom so she could snap a few formal photos.

Bride’s side of the family:

Bride Family

Groom’s side of the family:

Groom's Family

Bridal party:

Bride Fixing Groom's Hair

With our photos complete, the bridal party was free to enjoy the last of the cocktail hour while Leslie and Ross took some portraits by the water.

Groom Lifting Bride

The remainder of the cocktail hour passed quickly and I did my best to chat with as many people as possible in such a limited amount of time. Why do weddings always seem to pass by in a flash!?

Leslie and Ross' Wedding 889

Cocktail Hour Straws

Leslie and Ross' Wedding 887

The view from the rooftop of Ross and Leslie’s wedding was incredible and I’m glad I got to sneak in a glimpse during the cocktail hour before the sun went down!

View from The White Room

Once the bride and groom were done with their photos, we were escorted back inside so we could quickly go through the bridal party entrance before dinner.

The day before Ross and Leslie’s wedding, as Leslie’s bridesmaids and I worked to put the finishing touches on some last minute crafts, Leslie asked us to help choose the wedding entrance song for the the bridal party. She went through a bunch of songs, but the minute she played C&C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now),” we knew she had a winner.

Everyone got together in groups of four (two bridesmaids with two groomsmen) and busted a move as we were introduced.

We saw bridal party conga line entrances…

Bridal Party Conga Line (2)

Leslie and Ross' Wedding 458

And lots of laughter…

Leslie and Ross' Wedding 453

Leslie and Ross' Wedding 454

As the only husband/wife duo in the bridal party, Ryan and I did our best to bring the heat and quickly made up a super-short choreographed dance entrance!

Husband Wife Dancing

Leslie and Ross' Wedding 380

Of course the beautiful bride and her handsome groom had the best entrance of all!

Bride and Groom Entrance

Groom Dancing

Following their entrance, Ross and Leslie took to the dance floor for their first dance to “You’re Just Too Good To Be True” by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

First Dance

To quote Ryan, “I think they set the record for most kisses during a first dance!”

First Dance Kiss

The love Ross and Leslie share was so apparent throughout their whole wedding day and watching the two of them sway together was so special.

After their dance, everyone was ushered inside. It was time to eat!

Bride and Groom Chairs

Dinner Table at Wedding

Wedding Centerpiece

It was right at this moment that I started to feel my nerves kick in. I knew it was nearly time for my matron of honor speech, so while everyone else entered the dining room, I slipped off into a quiet hallway to review my speech one last time.

My dad kicked off dinner with a welcome speech that highlighted his love for Leslie and Ross.

Father of the Bride Speech

Leslie and Ross' Wedding 499

Leslie and Ross' Wedding 528

He had everyone laughing with a story about the moment he knew Leslie and Ross would be together forever. (He saw Leslie care for a seasick Ross on a scuba trip by placing a towel “blankie” over him to make him feel better.)

And then it was my turn! I was nervous but I felt much calmer than I thought I would when I stood up to speak.

My speech lasted for a little over three minutes and I did my best to speak about the love I have for my sister, the love I have for Ross and the love I have for the two of them as a couple.

Matron of Honor Speech

Here’s to the bride, here’s to the groom,

To the couple, their families and their future, too

May the smiles on their faces never fade

May they fall even more in love every day

Leslie and Ross' Wedding 557

Ross’ brother and best man, Jeremy, stood up next and gave a heartfelt speech that also had everyone laughing!

Leslie and Ross' Wedding 561

With my speech done, I felt like I could finally relax! It was such a treat to sit next to my sister during dinner since it gave me the ability to chat with the bride for a brief moment.

Once dinner plates were cleared, everyone walked out of the dining room to watch the bride and groom cut the cake!

Beautiful Wedding Cakes - Plus and Oreo Cake

Like Ryan and I did at our wedding, Ross and Leslie used the knife my parents used to cut the cake during their wedding more than 30 years ago!

Wedding Cake Cutting

I cannot say enough glowing things about their wedding cakes. Sweet ‘n’ Flour did an absolutely fantastic job with the four beautifully rustic cakes they created and every single flavor was phenomenal.

Rustic Wedding Cake

Brown butter and red velvet cake with vanilla bean buttercream frosting

Dark chocolate ganache cake with peanut butter buttercream frosting

Orange blossom cake with buttercream frosting <— The best!

Red Velvet and Brown Butter Cake

Cutting Wedding Cake

And for Ross’ groom’s cake, Leslie surprised him with a “cake” make of Oreos since they both share an intense love for the delicious chocolate sandwich cookie!

Oreo Cake Tower - Groom's Cake

(Big thanks to my friends Merri and Kaitlyn for assembling the Oreo tower cake!)

Oreo Tower Groom's Cake

With delicious pieces of cake in hand, everyone headed out to the rooftop to watch Leslie and my dad enjoy their father/daughter dance to “My Girl,” which they selected thanks to a scene from our family’s favorite movie, Father of the Bride, when George and Annie play basketball in the driveway together!

Father Daughter Dance

Dad and Daughter

Ross and his mother’s dance followed and the two swayed to Elton John’s “Blessed.”

Mother Son Dance

And with that, it was time to dance!!!

The Faze Wedding Band

I spent all the time I could on the dance floor breaking it down with Ryan, the bride and groom, my family and friends!

Bride Dancing

Wedding Dancing

Dad and Daughter Laughing at Wedding

Leslie and Ross' Wedding 651

Wedding Dance Floor at The White Room

Bride and Flower Girl

Our time on the dance floor flew by, and before we knew it, everyone was grabbing bags of granola from the favor table before it was time for Ross and Leslie’s big sparkler send off.

Granola Bar Wedding Favors

Granola Bar

Wedding Favor Bags

The sparklers were a hit and lit up the beautiful St. Augustine night!

Sparkler Send Off

It was the perfect ending to the perfect evening!

Wedding Sparkler Send Off St. Augustine

Congratulations to my sister and her wonderful husband!

I have all the faith in the world that your marriage will be filled with so much love and laughter. You truly are the perfect match.

Groom and BRide Kiss

I love you both so much.



  1. says

    What a beautiful post! I love the back of her dress. The smiles in all the pictures make it so obviously how much fun everyone was having!! Haha Oreo cake- how clever!!


  2. Morgan Wojihowski says

    Hey Julie!

    Love the pictures of your sister’s wedding. She is a beautiful bride!
    I’m actually getting married myself next year and I am in LOVE with the veil your sister and your friend Merri wore for their weddings.
    Can you tell me who the designer is or where they got it? I’d love to wear something similar on my special day (:



  3. says

    Wahhhh is it wrong that whenever I read about and look at recaps I want to get married again?! Minus the pre-wedding stress, of course. 😛 And I love how everyone came out super super candid, like you were all truly having the time of your lives. 😀


  4. Ellie says

    Loved the recap! What was the color of the bridesmaid dress called on

    I am dying to know, I want my bridesmaids to wear these dresses! Thanks!!


  5. lorie says

    Wow, beautiful and captured every emotion. We actually live over the bridge and were out walking our dog downtown that evening. I saw the cross and the party… was great too. Your family is truly blessed.


  6. Sarah Whitney says

    This is such a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing such a special time. Congratulations to Leslie and Ross!


  7. says

    Amazing pictures! I was a bridesmaid this weekend too for one of my best friends. So great to be part of the bridal party without the stress of actually being the bride 😉


  8. Cheryl says

    This just made me start blubbering all over the place. What a beautiful wedding with the perfect combination of simplicity and intimacy. Love their style! Thanks for sharing.


  9. Nicole says

    I love how you and Ryan and Leslie and Ross genuinely have SO MUCH FUN with each other – as couples and as individuals. Cheers to a lifelong love story!


  10. Amy @ Run with Perseverance says

    What a lovely wedding! Glad y’all had a wonderful time, and I pray that Leslie and Ross share a beautiful life together.

    I loved my wedding to my husband, and I wish we could relive it again and again. I’m sure Leslie will appreciate your recaps where she can read about everything that happened on her wedding day!


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