Sadie Turns Three

One day we started talking,
On a walk out by a lake,
Should we get a dog?
Is this a task we can undertake?

It can’t be that hard,
Let them out to pee and poo,
Fill their bowl with water,
And some healthy doggie food

We waited with anticipation,
For our puppy to arrive,
We knew we’d call her Sadie,
And soon she was by our side

Baby Sadie

"Come In Close For the Good Stuff, Mama."

Now by our side we always find her,
A “velcro dog” through and through,
Do you have to use the bathroom?
Well, Sadie’s coming too!

"Wait Fo' Meee!"

Raising puppy Sadie wasn’t easy,
Casualties were designer pumps and a coffee table,
But ask us if we can imagine life without her,
And we’ll tell you we’re not able

Three, Oh... Is the Magic Number. Yeah it is!

Today she turns three years old,
She now has some white fur on her chin,
But every day we wake up with this dog,
We know an adventure is about to begin

"I'm Part Fish!"

"You Don't Have to Say It. I Know I Look Good."

Her energy level is unsurpassed,
Not even the Energizer Bunny can compete,
She’s a crazy nut-job doggie,
Generous with kisses and fast on her feet


She likes to cuddle up at night,
And waits for us to tuck her into bed,
Sometimes she thinks our pillows…
Are meant for her head

"What Are You Waiting For, Guys? Get in Here!"


Sadie loves her toys,
And thinks that you should too,
She’ll bring them to you one by one,
Until you throw one across the room

She can sit, stay, shake and lie down,
Even fetch a ball or two,
But bring that ball right back?
Well now the joke’s on you!

"See That Ball There? Go On... Pick it Up..."

"Muhahaha! I Don't Think So!"

Sadie is a true comedian,
And makes us laugh with her antics,
She runs into glass doors,
And chases laser pointers, feeling frantic

"I Love to Smile. Smiling is My Favorite."

She also senses when you’re sad,
And cuddles up real close,
Placing her front paws on your shoulders,
Reaching up on her tip toes

"A Hug Would Look Great on You!"

A hug from Sadie is like nothing else,
She makes us smile every day,
This dog has captured our hearts,
In an undeniable way

"Shake What Yo' Mama Gave Ya!"

A Little Love for My Love

Happy 3rd Birthday to Sadie!


  1. Carolyn says

    Awww!! What a sweet poem! You’re such a great writer! I adore your puppy and wish her a fantastic birthday! She’s a Vizla, right? I’m a Pre-Vet student away at college and miss having critters around so much! Thanks for always having such cute pictures!


  2. Lorraine says

    Happy Birthday Sadie! Loved your poem. We have a five year old vizsla who sounds just like Sadie! We love him with all our hearts!


  3. caryn says

    is it too creepy to say that i love sadie even though i’ve never met her?! lol she makes the best faces i’ve ever seen! i hope her birthday was fantastic! 🙂


  4. says

    Happy Birthday Sadie!!
    I swear she seems half human sometimes! When i moved out of home, i had to part with two dogs and two cats… they seriously make up a huge part of your life and contribute so much to it!


  5. Lana says

    You had me in tears, Julie! We lost Heidi, our 4 year old vizsla, to lymphoma this past summer. Sadie looks so much like Heidi in these pictures, it’s crazy! Brought back a lot of amazing memories. I can tell you and Ryan are great owners. Aren’t vizslas a breed of their own? We’ll never get another type of dog 🙂



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