Sunday = Special Breakfast

Sundays are meant for special breakfasts.

This morning I woke up in the mood for something cold, sweet and creamy.

A breakfast parfait seemed like the perfect way to go!

Everybody Loves a Parfait!

I made my parfait by layering Greek yogurt with strawberries and Gerber Graduates cherry puffs.

I topped the parfait with two large spoonfuls of banana soft serve and more strawberries and cherry puffs.

Banana Soft Serve Topping

Sunday Parfait

This pretty lil’ wine glass full of creamy yumminess hit the spot!

Farmers’ Market

After breakfast, Ryan, Sadie and I walked to the Downtown Orlando Farmers’ Market to pick up some fresh fruit and veggies for the week.

Lake Eola, Downtown Orlando

Farmers' Market

Hot 'n' Happy

Even though it was just after 9 a.m., it was still awfully hot outside! We were sweatin’ up a storm.

Luckily we nabbed some goodies for the week:

  • One pineapple ($2.50! Steal!)
  • Zucchini
  • Cucumber
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Biggest carrot in the world
  • Purple pepper (I’d never seen one before!)
  • White pepper (Never seen this either!)
  • Red pepper

Our bill was only $10.50 for all that food!

I Love Cheap Pineapples!

Now I’m getting ready to head to church while Ryan heads out for soccer practice.

Wedding tux selection to come!!! 😀


  1. says

    Mmm pineapple! All that for just 10.50?! What a deal – farmer’s markets rock! Have a great time at church and wedding tux-shopping! Hoorahhh! What a great start to Sunday!



  2. says

    I love that you eat those Gerber puffs in your breakfast lol. I talked my boyfriend into going to our Farmer’s Market next weekend, I can’t wait!! Apparently the Raleigh one is huge and I’ve never been.


  3. Melissa says

    I am coveting your breakfast right now! I think I need to pick up some of those Gerber puffs!

    Random question–where do you get your cute little smocked-top dresses? I have been looking everywhere for some because they’re so cute & seem really comfy, but I can’t find any! Help!


  4. vitaminamy says

    What a great price for all those farmer’s market goodies! P.S. This is my new name…no more Edible Amy, I even switched to WordPress & bought my own domain…woop!



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