Starbucks Holiday Wish List + AmEx Giveaway

Starbucks Heart Travel Tumbler

I have a feeling my coffee-loving friends are going to enjoy this giveaway! Yep, Starbucks is involved! Grab a latte and curl up because today we’re chatting about holiday gifts from this incredibly popular coffee hot spot! Today I am partnering with Starbucks and American Express to highlight some fabulous seasonal Starbucks finds that might… 

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First Day + Nordstrom Sale Giveaway

pear honey walnut

Today is the day! I’m officially beginning my job at my new gym and will be kicking things off by teaching an indoor cycling class this morning. I put a lot of time and effort into planning today’s class and really hope it goes over well. I will be rushing off to the gym the… 

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NatureBox Autumn Giveaway

Nature Box Snacks

Yesterday I hit the road in the late morning and made the six-hour drive from Charlotte, North Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida for a women’s conference. I didn’t have to put much thought into my road trip snacks during the drive thanks to NatureBox! Yum! I’m popping in today to share another giveaway from NatureBox with you guys!… 

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Savoring Snack Time

Simple Tips for Savoring Snack Time

This post is sponsored by The Laughing Cow® and features a fun giveaway that I assembled myself that I hope you guys will love! I am an official brand advocate for The Laughing Cow® in 2014 and while I receive compensation for participation, opinions are my own. I hope you enjoy this post and thanks so… 

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