Benefits of Probiotics + Win A 6-Month Supply of KeVita!


If you love kombucha or deliciously refreshing probiotic drinks, I think you’ll love this afternoon’s giveaway. How does a SIX month supply of KeVita sound? As someone who doesn’t really drink soda but loves carbonated beverages, I am a big fan of sparkling water, kombucha and probiotic drinks. The fizz in these drinks is a… 

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Lorna Jane New Year Workout Apparel Giveaway

Lorna Jane Workout Leggings

These days it seems like everyone is all about wearing fitness apparel both during workouts and away from the gym. This is a trend I obviously embrace whole-heartedly. Even after a morning workout and a shower, I constantly find myself slipping into leggings, cozy pullovers and sneakers to wear for the rest of the day…. 

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