Final Burn

Final Burn Workout

Good afternoon! How are you guys doing today? I’ve been running around a bit today, but it’s all due to fun things, so there’s no complaining over here. I kicked off my work day with a barbell strength class that I led at 9 a.m. Though the class is called barbell strength and we use… 

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Pure Barre 100 Club

Pure Barre 100 club

Hello! I hope things are going well for you this afternoon. My Monday started off ridiculously early thanks to my 4:10 a.m. alarm. I had to get up extra early to take my friend Ashley to the airport for her 6 a.m. flight back to Chicago. Even though waking up in the 4 a.m. hour… 

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Pure Barre: 20 Classes in 31 Days

Pure Barre

Good afternoon! How are you guys doing today? Things started off on a high note over here because I completed my Pure Barre studio’s October 20-class challenge this morning! Anyone who completes the challenge gets more than 60 percent off the following month’s membership which was all the motivation I needed to participate. I was… 

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