The Glass Castle

Happy Friday!

Today is going to be a good day for the Fagan family because we will officially be reunited with this crazy lady…

sadie and julie

vizsla with ball

I miss my puppy so, so much. During these past two weeks when we’ve been away from her, I honestly haven’t been able to talk about her too much because I get this feeling of longing in the pit of my stomach.

I can’t wait until she tackles me to the floor at my parents’ house and gives me “nibble kisses.” When Sadie is really excited, she licks your face non-stop and nibbles you a little bit because she can’t control herself.

Nibble kisses are my favorite. Smile 


Let’s fly through breakfast because it’s the same ol’ thang from the hotel buffet.

eggs and bacon 002

Eggs, toast with jelly, breakfast potatoes and some Raisin Bran to munch on while I blog.

eggs and bacon 004

The belly is full. Smile

Now for the fun stuff!

PBF Book Club

I am so excited that you guys are interested in a PBF book club!

Once I finish reading The Kite Runner, I’ll post a little survey on the blog with three different books for you guys to vote on to select the book we’ll read to kick off the club. And just to clear things up, you definitely don’t need to be a blogger to participate in the book club and if you read the book a long time ago, you’re still more than welcome to participate in the discussion. Stay tuned!

On that note, it’s time for another PBF book review!

The Glass Castle

If I had to use one word to describe this book it would be “struggle.” The first half of this book was a struggle to get through the second half made me struggle with my emotions.

The Glass Castle is a memoir, written by the extremely talented Jeannette Walls. The book details her life growing up in a family that moved around a lot, or “did the skedaddle” as her dad would say. They moved all across the United States, packing up whenever her parents got into financial trouble, craved a new adventure or left to evade the law.

the glass castle

Her parents are non-conformists (to put it lightly). Though they clearly love and adore their children, her father is a drunk while her mother is an artist (though no one buys her work) and an “excitement addict” that feels confined by regular work. At times it’s hard to believe they’re real people because as “characters” in a book, they seem so eccentric.

While your heart breaks for the conditions the Walls children are forced to live in because of their parents, your heart fills up again at the displays of genuine love in the book and the moments of tenderness between the family.

I must admit, I almost quit reading this book in the beginning. The first 80 pages failed to intrigue me. Sure I was amused, but I didn’t long to sit on the couch, curled up with this book, reading for hours on end… until I reached the second half of the book.

Once the author enters her teens and her family moves from Phoenix to a poor town in West Virginia, the book really turned around for me. I found myself emotionally engaged.

I was so incredibly frustrated and angered by the author’s parents and so incredibly moved by the undying love between the siblings in the book. They were truly good people who looked out for each other, despite their unconventional upbringing. 

As I closed this book after I read the final page, I realized that this book is more than just a book. It is a lesson. A lesson in appreciation, determination and limitless love.

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  1. says

    I have been wanting to read The Glass Castle … yet NOT wanting to. My own childhood was a bit whacked and I’ve made complete peace with all of it and forgiven everybody as well as learned to love them again, flaws and all.

    I want to read it because I think I’ll be able to relate a little (maybe a lot, who knows). But I don’t want to read it because once you’ve made peace with something, it’s not all that appetizing to keep doing so over and over again, you know?

    I’m such a book-hound, though, and a MAJOR sucker for memoirs and biographies, that I probably will. It definitely won’t be an airplane book for when I’m on the road though! I think I’ll need to have my sweet husband and my snuggle puppy around when I read that one.


  2. Jill says

    I’m so glad you posted about The Glass Castle because it’s actually a required book for one of my classes this coming semester! Now i’m excited to read it!


  3. Kate says

    If you haven’t yet, search for Jeannette Walls on you tube. I was so fascinated by her story after I read the book, and found a few I clips of her mother. Last I checked she was squatting in New York not far from where Jeannette lives and still painting.


  4. Jenn says

    I loved The Glass Castle! I wrote my essay that got me into my dream college 4 years ago on it, so it holds a really special place in my heart.

    Also, I hate leaving my dogs for more than a few hours, I can’t imagine not seeing them for two weeks…I’m glad you were finally reunited 🙂


  5. says

    I loved the Glass Castle, as well as the Kite Runner. I read them both when they just came out! Have a wonderful time with Sadie!!!! I am sure she will be so happy to see you and Ryan.



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