Time Difference Benefit

One of the benefits of the time difference when traveling back to Florida from London is that waking up at 5 a.m. feels like waking up at 10 a.m. The whole time difference thing is totally whacky, but I think my body is adjusting back to Florida time fairly quickly.

This morning Ryan and I headed to the gym for his and hers workouts. We started with 10 minutes of side-by-side cardio before he left to do his own thing and I continued on with my cardio workout.

I spent 25 minutes on the treadmill that looked like this:


Minutes Incline Speed
0 – 5 8.0 4.0
5 – 10 1.0 6.5
10 – 15 10.0 4.0
15 – 20 1.0 6.8
20 – 25 8.0 4.0

After my time on the treadmill, I hopped on the stair master and did 10 minutes before completing another 20 minutes on the elliptical while reading the latest issue of SELF magazine.

It feels so good to be back in the gym. Whenever I’m having a bad body confidence day, working out really does help me feel better about myself. “You’re only one workout away from a good mood,” after all!


Since we were up a bit earlier than usual, after the gym, Ryan had time to join me on my morning walk with Sadie! We completed one mile while chatting away about the day ahead and some work stuff.

After our walk and a quick shower, it was breakfast time

I’m so glad to have smoothies back in my life!

smoothie bowl 002

Into the blender went:

smoothie bowl 004

I was really feelin’ the chocolate thang this morning and this smoothie satisfied that craving 100 percent.

Gotta get to work. We have a new writer joining our team today and I’ll be training her. Should be a busy day!


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    That treadmill workout seems pretty tough but do-able at the same time! I may be trying that out tomorrow 😉 I agree with you about the time difference situation, being I travel to and from Italy for work every few months!


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    I love that you and Ryan work out together. My boyfriend doesn’t wake up until noon (college boys…), and I hate going to the gym at night. It sounds so nice to have a buddy with you 🙂

    I was just wondering, as a new reader, what your job is? I’m a journalism student, and I know you’re a writer, so I’m always curious about hearing other writers’ careers!



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    Did you miss sport during your trip?
    You must be dreaming of your vacation all the time, that’s what I often feel when I’m back from holidays ^^


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    Jet lag is great when it makes you want to get up earlier! You’re doing everything right by jumping into your normal schedule as soon as you get home, instead of taking some extra days off. It’s so hard to get the body back to normal then.


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    Any suggestions for making the smoothie for a person who is allergic to bananas? I LOVE smoothies, but bananas make my throat itch like crazy!
    Thanks for all of your posts on the blog – you help motivate this mama, even if I don’t always have a chance to follow through later!



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