Vegetable Cereal

When it comes to food, I’m definitely not a picky eater. I will try almost anything at least once and have a pretty open mind. (Exceptions: Extremely spicy food and catfish.) I don’t have a very refined palate either and often find cheapy food just as delicious as crazy-expensive food.

Last week when I asked you guys for recommendations on recipes I should try with my new food processor, blog reader Brooklyn told me about MckMama’s raw veggie cereal.

Yep, that’s cereal made with vegetables. Carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. Plus pecans and a large apple.

When I visited MckMama’s blog (gorgeous, by the way!), the picture of the veggie cereal looked oddly delicious. I was officially intrigued.

This morning, I followed the recipe on MckMama’s blog, determined to give vegetable cereal a fair try.

vegetable cereal 019

I took a few bites. Hmm. It tasted good, but a little funny. I mostly tasted the apple, so it was slightly sweet.

vegetable cereal 022

I took MckMama’s advice and added almond milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon to the cereal.

vegetable cereal 025

I ate a few more bites.

Guys, I tried to like it. I really did. I just couldn’t get past the fact that I was eating vegetables topped with almond milk. It was funky!

I think that stirring the vegetable cereal base into a bowl of regular cereal (or oatmeal!) like MckMama’s son did would make me like it about 10,000 times more. I missed the crunch and texture of typical cereal and ended up pitching the bowl when I was about halfway through it and made myself an egg sandwich instead.

An adventurous start to the week, huh?


It’s the final week of the Best Body Boot Camp! I love participating in Tina’s program and will really miss it once it’s over. I am seriously considering repeating the boot camp all over again since I already have all of the workouts printed out and enjoyed the challenge.

The boot camp renewed my love for working out because it pushed me out of my comfort zone, stimulated my mind and exposed me to new exercises every two weeks. Rumor has it Tina may be putting another boot camp together in the future and I’ll definitely be signing up.

I think one of the reasons I train for half marathons every so often is because I am craving a challenge and want to change up my workouts and have a new plan to follow. The boot camp satisfied that craving in a totally new way… a way I enjoy more than running. I gravitate toward circuit workouts and strength training, so boot camp has been a perfect fit.

Today’s workout began with a 20-minute warm up on the elliptical before I went through three rounds of a circuit workout that incorporated strength, cardio and plyometric exercises.

The up down planks kicked my butt!

up down plank

They’re hardcore.

Lots of work to do today! First up is typing up the recipes I created yesterday and editing photos of the food to send on over.

See ya at lunchtime!


  1. says

    In theory this looks pretty good but in reality, I just don’t now if I could eat it– especially not with almond milk! I’m impressed you gave it a shot though! For now I’ll stick with spinach in my smoothies!


  2. Erin says

    Can you let your readers know if Tina does do another bootcamp? I’ve seen several bloggers I know are following her plan. I’d follow her too but I just can’t add one more blog!!!


  3. Kelsey says

    This inspired me to give it a try and I actually love it haha! as I’m eating my second bowl right now I think its perfect not too sweet but good textures and some shredded coconut helps! 🙂


  4. Prepel says

    I live off of vegetables, due to a ridiculous amount of food allergies, but even I wouldn’t try this… hehe you’re brave! 🙂


  5. Krista says

    Decided to make this for breakfast and ran around campus trying to gather the ingredients (couldn’t find cauliflower!) but finally made it. SO GOOD. At first, it was disturbing but once I realized that the taste and texture was good I got over the reality of what it is. Thanks for sharing this, my new obsession!
    maybe you should try using more almond milk! I drenched mine in vanilla almond milk !


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