Wedding Recap: Bridesmaids

My bridesmaid total came to six.

020_BridesmaidsSix incredible women.

Four friends since elementary school. One sorority sister and roommate from college. One sister.022_Bridesmaids

032_BridesmaidsWe had such a great time together throughout our wedding weekend, laughing and reminiscing about fun times we shared in the past, and wondering how the time went by so quickly that one of us was actually old enough to get married.  019_Bridesmaids 018_BridesmaidsMy bridesmaids wore cashmere-colored one-shoulder chiffon dressed by Jim Hjelm. My vision for our wedding day was one of elegance, romance and classic beauty.

I’ve always dreamt of champagne-colored bridesmaids dresses, as I think the soft color allows the true beauty of the woman wearing the dress to shine. My bridesmaids are all so breathtaking and looked unbelievably gorgeous.

012_BridesmaidsI told my bridesmaids they could wear their hair and do their makeup however they pleased, and I loved the mix of tousled up-dos with long, wavy locks.  013_BridesmaidsMy only request for my bridesmaids’ shoes was that they be strappy and a soft, gold metallic color. After my mom found an incredible deal on a beautiful pair of strappy, gold Nine West sandals, everyone jumped on board and ended up in the same gorgeous pair of shoes. 031_Details030_DetailsBy total coincidence, a few of my bridesmaids and I had clutches in creamy white and beige, which our photographer noticed and immediately rounded up into a beautiful photograph of our purses.

003_DetailsYou may remember my white clutch from a previous post!   005_DetailsI know people say don’t waste money on a clutch, but I used mine! I kept a little mirror, a tube of Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper lip smackers, tissues and my camera (which went untouched) in my clutch and was very grateful for the tissues! 032_DetailsAs you may already know, my sister served as my maid of honor. 025_BridesmaidsThroughout the entire planning process, Leslie was there for me and was on top of everything. From my bachelorette party to my bridal shower to crafting for hours on end, she was excited, enthusiastic, loving, considerate, kind and unbelievably thoughtful. 028_Bridesmaids

027_BridesmaidsI was blessed with the most amazing maid of honor.

There are so many moments from our wedding day that I will cherish always.

One that vividly stands out in my mind is lining up in the hallway with my father and all of my bridesmaids before our ceremony.

It was at that moment that I remember feeling so unbelievably overwhelmed with excitement. My best friends and my sister were lined up with the biggest smiles on their faces, all of us practically bursting with joy. My father was by my side, holding back tears.

I told them all how beautiful they looked, and they walked down the aisle to Canon in D, smiling at me with the most radiant smiles as I took my first step down the aisle.

To be continued…

(All photos courtesy of the amazing Gina Leigh.)


  1. alexa says

    i look forward to your wedding posts everyday. you did such an amazing job with every detail.

    does your phtographer travel? i live in Chicago and would do anything to have her photograph my wedding. She did an amazing job capturing your amazing wedding.


      • says

        photography was honestly the biggest “splurge” for us. when i saw her website & her style, i KNEW she was the one. she’s amazing in person, too. she blended right in, so half the time we didn’t even realize she was there, which gave everyone the ablility to act natural. she captured some truly amazing emotional moments (especially of my dad!). love love love her! her contact information is on her website which you may see here:


  2. Leslie says

    Your descriptions made me tear up! It was such a perfect day!! I feel so lucky to have been your maid of honor. Thank you for all of the sweet things you said in the post :). I love youuuu!


  3. says

    I have been waiting for these pictures! Your bridesmaids really ARE all gorgeous…good looking group! And I think you totally succeeded on the classic elegance. I’d never seen cream color dresses but it works beautifully.


  4. Sarra says

    Your bridesmaids are lucky you have you such great taste ;). Their dresses are beautiful and they all look amazing in them. I never would’ve thought that the champagne color would look good on bridesmaids dresses but they’re gorgeous and they definitely accent the bride in a beautiful way. Good call!! 🙂


  5. Liana says

    You looked beautiful! I love your wedding I hope mine one day will be as gorgeous. Thanks for the m&ms pretzel recipe! I just made them today for my co workers tomorrow!

    Love your blog!


  6. says

    Your bridesmaids looked beautiful! I love the color and style of the dresses. I really like how they all wore matching shoes. You truly chose beautiful colors and dresses for your wedding! You definitely had the classic elegance theme for your wedding 🙂


  7. Nicole (Picky Nicky) says

    The pictures of you and your sister are bringing tears to my eyes because the two of you are so similar to me and my sister 🙂 <3 I would love for my sister to be a bridesmaid at my wedding!


  8. Alicia says

    They are all so pretty!!! My sister is getting married next year and I’m going to try and talk her into shoes like that, cause I think I could actually walk in those AND they’d look so cute!


  9. Mimi says

    I continue to be amazed by how thoughtful you were throughout the whole planning process and with your bridesmaids. You all shine with happiness!


  10. Danae says

    What a beautiful wedding! Would you mind sharing the style number of the Jim Hjelm bridesmaid dresses? I’m getting married next summer and would love to see if they come in my color, but I couldn’t find them online. Thank you!


  11. Paige says

    Hi Julie! I am recently engaged and am starting to plan my wedding, including putting together the budget. Did you pay for your bridesmaid’s hair and makeup? Or because you let them choose their own hair and makeup styles, did you forgo providing that for that? Thank you!



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