A New Favorite: Boot Camp

I think I have a new favorite cardio workout!

Boot camp!

Boot Camp! Grrrr!

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ve likely seen a plethora of circuit-style workouts pop up where I incorporate plyometric movements into my cardio routines. I love how they break up the monotony of a boring cardio workout.

I like doing circuits on my own, but I have the best time completing these types of workouts in a group exercise format, during a “boot camp” class!

Last Saturday I loved the Blogger Boot Camp workout and this morning, at the urging of my friend Merri, I headed to the gym for a 5:45 a.m. boot camp class.

The instructor, Allyson, first demonstrated two different exercises at five different stations.

  • Station One: Push Up + Punch, Plank
  • Station Two: Wall Squat, Squat Jump
  • Station Three: Static Lunge, Ski Jumps
  • Station Four: Side Hop with Weight, Tuck Jumps
  • Station Five: Squat + Bicep Curl, Lung + Row

We did the first exercise in each stationΒ  for 30 seconds before switching to the second exercise and doing that one for 30 seconds. We did this twice before moving on to the next station. We completed the entire circuit twice.

Once the circuits were over, we picked a partner and alternated running sprints for one minute, then 45 seconds (x2!), followed by 30 seconds (x2).

I was sweaty! This entire workout took about 40 minutes to complete. After boot camp, I headed over to complete 15 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical while I waited for Ryan to finish his workout.

I think it says a lot about the quality of a group exercise class if I say I had a good time at the gym at 5:45 a.m. I will definitely be returning!

Walk + Breakfast

Ryan joined me on my morning walk with Sadie and we spent the majority of our time talking about moving out of our apartment when our lease is up at the end of March. We have a lot of different ideas and decisions to make, which should make things interesting in the upcoming month or two!

When we returned home, Ryan hopped in the shower while I made breakfast.

On the menu for today was a toasted English muffin pb and j with a cup of strawberry banana Greek yogurt.

Friday Breakfast

I made the pb and j with chocolate PB2, a powdered version of peanut butter that I purchased a long time ago from Netrition.com.


I really like PB2, but I wouldn’t say it’s a replacement for real peanut butter. It tastes good for what it is (a powdered peanut butter to which you add water) and I really enjoy it in sandwiches or smoothies. I know a lot of people like it stirred into yogurt, but I just can’t get behind that little concoction.

Take a Bite

Peanut butter and jelly is such a classic. It just makes me happy.

I hope you’re feelin’ extra happy because it’s FRIDAY!!! πŸ™‚

And, if you’re not, than I hope your “serious face” is half as cute as this.

Don't Smile!

(P.S. Yes, that is two shameless puppy pictures in one post. It’s gonna be a good day, Tater!)


  1. says

    i WOULD LOVE to do a boot camp- im so jealous! i have PB2.. well not really.. i ordered it to my family in the states and they are holding it for me until i can come visit- so close, yet so far!


  2. LindzGreerIndy says

    I have got to find that yogurt!! I can’t find it anywhere. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with two puppy pictures in one post…but I am a little sad there were none of Sadie πŸ™‚


  3. says

    ahhaha, I love it. PB&J will always, always make me happy, no matter the setting.

    P.S. aren’t workouts with short circuits so much more entertaining? for me, the shorter the time for each set, the faster the workout seems to flyyyy by.


  4. Robyn says

    OMG, I think I found Winston’s next costume! That pug in uniform is TOO cute!

    And, btw, I’ve been meaning to comment to you that I did your interval that you posted earlier this week yesterday and LOOOOVED IT! The few minutes at a pace of 10 were perfect! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Whitney says

    You’ve inspired me to try so many new things from reading your blog…I just placed an order from netrition.com for PB2 and PB2 chocolate! So excited! Thanks for all the tips- please keep them coming!



  6. J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) says

    Awww, the doggy pics are sooooooo cuuuuuuuute! Love that military outfit. πŸ™‚


  7. says

    I really wish my gym here offered more cool classes, because boot camp sounds awesome. My parents’ gym at home has TONS of them, but here it’s like step, spinning and yoga. Boring. Boo!! I’m actually considering changing gyms because of it…

    Have you tried peanut flour? I’ve never had PB2, but I love the Trader Joe’s stuff and am so sad it’s being discontinued!!


  8. Ashley says

    Dang girl I don’t know how you do 5:45 work outs. I wish I had it in me to actually get to bed at a decent hour so I could wake up and work it out.


  9. says

    I’m not a fan of the powdered PB either — even peanut flour just tastes off to me.

    I love boot camp type workouts — or any type of circuit training. It goes by quick and I like being intense for a short period time and then resting. Works really well!


  10. says

    I just can’t get down with PB2, I’d so much rather have real peanut butter! I like sleep, so I could never go to the gym that early, but awesome that you can get in there before work.


  11. says

    Yayyyyy for Friday! I’ve never tried a bootcamp before! I’ve always been curious, though… I think one of the reqs for it to be be called a bootcamp is to be at a super early time in the morning… makes it more hardore!


  12. Heather says

    That bootcamp sounds great! I wish my gym offered classes!
    I found lemon Chobani at Target today, and I was so excited!! I didn’t even know that flavor existed! I think I bought every container they had- I love lemon!


  13. says

    Haha! NO WAY! I had the exact same thing for bereakfast! Except for instead of yogurt I had cottage cheese and a banana on the side. But I had me some PB and J toast! and It was PB2 too! I like Pb to for what it is as well! and honsetly it can really cut back on the amount of calories PB has! But I only use it sometimes. I like my creaminess of the real stuff.


  14. Liz says

    I’ve never had PB2, but I’ve had peanut flour (from Trader Joe’s) and it’s much better if you mix it with milk (I use almond milk) instead of water. That might make PB2 a little yummier.

    (And I’ve never commented before, but I’m a longtime lurker and I love your blog! Hi!)


  15. says

    Boot camp is amazing! I have taken boot camp style classes and they kick butt! The combination of short breaks and continuously moving takes away your breath.


  16. says

    ohhh, my little heart is sighing. . . can you always post adorable dog pics in your blogs? I mean besides Sadie of course, who is always adorable. I have such a soft spot for pugs. PUGS!

    I like PB2, but not reconstituting it! I just use the powder as a “topping” and sprinkle it on yogurt, cottage cheese, cereal, etc. It’s sweet and salty, can’t go wrong with that!



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