Mary-Kate and Ashley Motivation

Running. I don’t hate it. I don’t love it. But sometimes it’s exactly what I need. For me, I can do intervals on the treadmill, take a spinning, BodyPump or boot camp class that totally kicks my butt, but nothing beats the feeling of a good run.

As you may have ascertained, this morning’s run was a good one.

I awoke ready to head to the gym but the simple thought of being inside plugging away on cardio equipment for nearly an hour made me feel instantly bored. I knew I wanted to take my workout outside and Sadie’s enthusiasm showed me that she would be more than happy to join me for a run.

I leashed her up, strapped on my Garmin and selected “shuffle” on my iPod and was off!

I instantly felt quick. When I’m not running in a race and simply running outside for pleasure, my pace typically falls between 9:30 and 9:45-minute miles. After completing 5-miles, I checked my Garmin and saw that I averaged 9:04 on this morning’s run. Apparently I was just feelin’ it this morning!

The weather was a perfect 70 degrees and there were a bunch of other runners and walkers out and about. While running, my iPod seemed to randomly select the perfect songs during my run which was a treat.

And yes, “Yakety Yak” by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen was one of the songs.


My sister and I were obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley when we were younger. We loved all of their straight-to-VHS movies (no DVDs yet) and had cassette tapes of all of their songs.

We’d even make up performances that included dances and our own rendition of MK & A songs for my mom and dad (think “I am the Cute One”). My poor parents.


With “Yakety Yak” officially stuck in my head, I headed into the kitchen after washing my face and attempting to cool down a bit.

I figured another great way to cool myself down from this morning’s run would be to sip on a cold smoothie.

In the mix:

  • 1 c. frozen strawberries
  • 1 container Chobani strawberry banana Greek yogurt
  • 1 1/2 c. milk
  • 1 scoop strawberry banana protein powder (from the Gold Standard variety pack)
  • 2 pinches xanthan gum

It was berry good. Winking smile 

I enjoyed it with a spoon out of one of my favorite mugs! Ryan and I received these Anthropologie mugs with our respective initials on them at my bridal shower. We keep them on display in our kitchen, so this was my first time actually using mine!

Now Ryan and I are off to run some errands before hopefully spending some time in the sun before out fancy schmancy black tie event tonight.

See ya for lunch!


  1. Kimberly says

    My sister and I loved Mary Kate and Ashley movies too! “I Am the Cute One” was our FAVORITE! And we loved “Our Brothers for Sale”… even though we never had a brother, it was just me and my younger sister… I guess it was just a good song! 🙂


  2. says

    I love that mug! Didn’t you guys see those when you were registering for your wedding? They look familiar. Anthropologie?

    You’re so cute listing to MK & A! Funny!!

    Glad you had a great run 🙂


  3. Megan says

    I loved Mary Kate and Ashley too! My sister and I loved “brother 4 sale” and the “don’t let your mom go shopping on Saturday all alone” haha and I’m certain there was a song dedicated to mamas on one of their cassettes that we sang to our mom one mothers day haha! I still love those twins!!
    Your smoothie looks so good!! I have that yogurt in my fridge now I may have to put it in one of my weekend smoothies too! Happy Saturday!


  4. Lynn (The Cream Filling) says

    I grew up watching/reading/wanting to be the Olsen twins! Gah I have watched, like, all their movies and am proud of it 😀


  5. Julie (Food & Other Things) says

    I loved the Mary Kate and Ashley movies when I was little! Your smoothie looks so refreshing!


  6. says

    I love MK & Ashley movies too! Um hello, New York Minute? Love. Do you have Netflix? They have most of their movies on DVD and Billboard Dad on Instant Netflix 🙂


  7. says

    Oh man, I loved them! My best friend and I used to pretend we were MK and Ashley. In fact, when I was on my run yesterday, I literally spend 6 miles with “Brother for Sale” stuck in my head. It was kind of the worst.


  8. says

    Awesome job on the run! I agree there is something SO rewarding about a good run. I had one this morning too. 🙂

    And my sister & I totally rocked out to MK&A when younger too. Kind of like I played with Barbies until I was 13 because of having a fairly younger sister.


  9. says

    i agree- the feeling after a good run is AMAZING!! great time!!
    ahh i LOVED Mary kate and ashely!! i had ALL their movies on VHS.. no exaggeration! and my friend and i once sang their peanutbutter song for a talent show!


  10. says

    Oh my goodness. I was obsessed with Mary Kate and Ashley growing up. I had almost all the tapes and VHS movies. I LOVED the The Amazing Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley where they solved mysteries.

    I also loved brother for sale. 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend Julie!


  11. Anne Marie says

    Great run! I remember all those MK&A songs… I wasn’t a huge fan but a few of my friends were so I watched them all the time regardless. They could NOT sing.


  12. says

    I used to watch Mary Kate & Ashley when I was younger with my younger sister too! 🙂 Love that smoothie. I have the same exact mug except with an “H” on it! 🙂

    Have fun at the black tie event!!


  13. says

    My ipod does a really good job of choosing songs that I haven’t heard in ages and that just make me smile/laugh.

    My sister and I LOVED Mary Kate and Ashley movies! We would watch them all the time


  14. says

    Haha, I was friends with two sisters who were really close in age, and we were all obsessed with the Olsens too. I always felt so left out though, because I didn’t have a sister to wear matching outfits with. At least I actually had someone to sing “Brother for Sale” about, though 🙂


  15. says

    I think I’m gonna have to go add Yakity Yak to my Ipod now- my girls and I are big fans of them. (Yes I make my children watch programs and movies from my childhood, trust me they love it.) Recently discovered your blog and I’m really loving it. You have such a great outlook on life, excercise and healty living in general. I’ll be back & often. 🙂


  16. Chelsea M says

    Love this post, you sound a lot like me! My sister and I would put on those types of performances for our parents, they had the patience of saints! I also love that Mug I bought the same one for my roommate with her letter on it and it’s one of her favorites.

    I’ve also noticed that you tend to eat after your workouts. Do you always do that or do you eat something light before working out?


  17. Angela says

    Okay, I admit, I LOVED them so much!! Up until I got married probably. I had the calendar, posters galore, and I LOVED their style. Not so much these days, but hey, people change 🙂
    I made my first smoothie with spinach today! It wasn’t bad! A little thin for my taste, but tomorrow I will somehow thicken it up more.


  18. Michelle says

    For me, a good interval run on the treadmill is the best feeling I get out of all my work outs. I have a stellar play list of songs that I put on shuffle, so no one run is the same. I match my running speed to the music and I feel so “in the zone”. I love it. =)


  19. Danica says

    I had all of the MK & A mystery chapter books and my favorite movie, which I could maybe still quote?, was definitely “It Takes Two”…good memories 🙂


  20. Samantha says

    I love reading your blog and today I’m pretty sure everything you mentioned I can relate to 100%
    Running, i love it but hate it all at one time.
    And I’m pretty sure my ipod knows exactly what type of mood I’m in because shuffle always seems to get the right songs for me!
    Lastly, marykate and ashley were my idols growing up! I even wore tights under my jean shorts to be like them : )


  21. Alexandrina @ The Cardio Queen says

    hahaha. My sister and I were the same way! I still love the Olsen twins. My sister, on the other hand, does not. They wear fur and she really dislikes that.


  22. Abby says

    Haha-oh my gosh. Yakity Yak is the jam. I used to have that on cassette. lol! Mary Kate and Ashley were definitely my childhood idols!


  23. Brittany says

    Nice run this morning! I will add myself to the growing list of MK & A fans–I was totally obsessed as a little twerp! When I met my best friend my freshman year of college, one of the first things we bonded over was our ridiculous past infatuation with MK &A. We would sing “I am the Cute One,” “Peanut Butter & Jelly,” and “No One Tells the President” at the top of our lungs while walking to house parties. How seriously embarrassing is that? I wonder why our then-bf’s always walked a good 20 feet behind us…


  24. says

    Omg i loved them, especially it takes two haha! Nothing beats a solid run. Once you get into the groove, it feels like you’re invincible (or at least that’s how I feel)! Speedy stats!


  25. says

    My sisters and I used to put on shows for our parents too, singing MK&A songs. We STILL have their videos, and even pulled a couple out when we had friends over in high school, just for “old time’s sake.” My roommate and I used to watch Full House everyday at lunch, sophomore year of college. It’s such a guilty (but really not that guilty) pleasure…


  26. Jazmine @ Gracefully Glutenless says

    omg! somebody might’ve already said this, but i always sing “ice cream baby!”


  27. Caroline says

    I have never ever heard anyone mention their cassettes before! I loved “performing” their songs in my bedroom. I spent many an afternoon singing and making up dance moves! There was also a solid two years where my favorite movie was “How the West Was Fun.” Goooood times, haha! Thanks for the flashback!


  28. Michelle says

    My sisters and I were obsessed with them too when we were growing up. I am a twin, and my sister’s name is Ashley, so we alway felt like we had a secret bond with them:)
    I feel the same way about running. I love it but I am not necessarily good at it. I love those runs where you feel speedy!


  29. Bethany says

    When I was little, I LOVED spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Why? Because it always involved a trip to Blockbuster and a Mary Kate & Ashley movie. SO great. We would always get their first movie, and I’m pretty sure I still have most of those songs memorized. Good times, good times.


  30. says

    oh wow, i used to watch all the mary kate and ashley movies too!
    I also remember having a tape with “brother for sale” on it, i used to sing that all the time! what were they like 5 when they sang that haha


  31. Alison says

    I used to love MK&A (and still enjoy some of their movies)! My favorites were “The Adventures” series, “You’re Invited” series, and Passport to Paris. That’s awesome you ran to one of their songs…you have to admit they’re pretty catchy! 😉


  32. says

    I have that mug too! My best friend (whose name is Mary-Cate) and I were just discussing their “My First Movie” the other day. The peanut butter song always being stuck in my head when I was younger should have been a sign.


  33. says

    OMG…I found this post and had to comment even though it was written over a month ago… me and my lil sis loved loved loved mary-kate and ashley olsen… so dorky but true.. we watched them on repeat bc we lived overseas and couldn’t understand the Italian cartoons.. lol


  34. says

    My sister and I were obsessed with MK and A too! We had every movie and watched them over and over agin. I might have watched “New York Minute” a couple of weeks ago….I might still be obsessed with them.


  35. Marissa says

    I can run a mile in 10 minutes and then I’m walking lol I hope to reach 5 miles without stopping by the end of the summer. Thanks for being inspiring!!



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