No Nonsense Circuit Workout

This morning when the alarm went off at 5:05 a.m., Ryan rolled over, asking me if I wanted to sleep in.

I mumbled yes and we slept for another glorious hour and a half.

At 6:30, I awoke, got dressed and sat down at the kitchen table, debating in my head what kind of workout I wanted to do. Usually I’m on autopilot in the morning and go right to the gym without really thinking about my workout, but today I was feeling inspired to change things up a bit.

I remembered seeing an awesome circuit-style workout on Tina’s blog yesterday and thought that seemed like a good way to go. I took a few minutes to jot down my own circuit workout to complete when I arrived at the gym.

circuit workout 002

My circuit looked like this:

  • Jumping jacks – 50
  • Squats with 25 lb. kettleball – 20
  • Squat jumps – 20
  • Alternating lunges – 20
  • Burpees – 15
  • Push ups (on my knees) – 25
  • Mountain climbers – 30
  • Crunches on exercise ball – 50

I did the circuit three times through which took me slightly less than 25 minutes. I really liked how this circuit seemed to build in intensity. I didn’t begin with burpees (the hardest thing for me) right out of the gate, but rather built up to the harder exercises with slightly easier ones like jumping jacks.

I rounded out my workout with 20 minutes of light cardio on the elliptical with People magazine.

This workout was no nonsense!

circuit workout 003

Who owns socks like these? I mean really.

Just in case you’re a circuit workout lover, you may also enjoy these workouts:


After a quick walk with Sadie, it was breakfast time!

I saw a guy sipping on a delicious-looking smoothie from my gym’s café as I was leaving morning and knew that was exactly what I wanted… but I saved the $4 and made my own.

Booya, Tropical Smoothie Café!

circuit workout 004

Served in my favorite Anthropologie mug!

This smoothie tasted like a chocolate and banana cloud. It was so light and fluffy, but thick at the same time.

In the mix:

  • 1 c. milk
  • 1 scoop chocolate casein protein powder (makes smoothies extra thick!)
  • 1 extra large frozen banana
  • 1 tbsp. cocoa powder
  • 1 1/2 tsp. xanthan gum 
  • 1 extra large handful fresh spinach

circuit workout 006

Garnished with chia seeds!

This was one of the best smoothies I’ve had in a while. The perfect post-circuit workout treat!

Now it’s time to tackle my email inbox. It’s currently giving me the evil eye for neglecting it since lunchtime yesterday.


    • says

      on weekdays when i wake up, i workout on an empty stomach b/c i cramp up easily and have to eat an hr. before i workout – and i’m not about to wake up in the 4 a.m. hr. just to eat! 🙂 on weekends, i’ll typically eat something light – like an apple w/ pb or a tortilla with cheese and hr. before.


  1. says

    A) I totally have the same socks, it’s cool.
    B) I saw your tweet this morning about dominating the cardio circuits…nice work!
    C) Seeing your Anthropologie mug really made me miss mine even more this morning (I dropped and broke mine)
    D) I think instead of being the “sprinkle girl” you should have your own smoothie cart right along next to my slushie cart 😉


    • says

      We can all rock our no nonsense socks together in Philly! 😉

      And awesome job on those circuits, Julie! I love circuits. That’s actually my post this afternoon. An ode to circuits. Thanks for the link love, friend!


  2. says

    I have those socks too, and I love them! They make me feel hardcore every time I put them on. I also love your workout posts. I’m trying to round out my running schedule with more strength training these days. So thanks for your circuit inventions — they are very inspiring!


  3. Courtney @ Girl In The Pink says

    I love the anthro mug! I bought a bunch of them as “stocking stutters” last Christmas.

    Im going to give your circuit a try before my run today. I like how it doesn’t involve much equipment since I don’t belong to a gym.


  4. says

    I haven’t done a circuit workout in forever. I might need to add them into my routine to spice things up.

    Love the vera bradley wristlet. I have the same one! It’s so useful!


  5. says

    I’m a new blogger, and LOVER of PB Fingers.
    You are absolutely wonderful! I love reading/stalking your posts, and I love that you do this full time!
    Oh, and I to am addicted to PB, only I eat it by the spoonful!



  6. naya says

    I’ve been meaning to ask you…do you have a post on stretching before or after your cardio workouts or running? I’d love to read about it!


  7. says

    yum the smoothie looks great! esp in that cute mug (i have one too 🙂 ) i love doing circuit training. they’re always challenging but usually short and sweet. that looks like a great workout!


  8. J says

    I have started reading your blog for a week now and I love it. I am just upset when I finish reading an entry because I know I have to wait until the next meal time to get another update 🙂


  9. says

    It’s nice to hear that someone other than me do push-ups using their knees. I have such weak upper body strength. I am really getting into circut workouts-recently I have been in a running slump and circut workouts are just what I need. I have also been throwing in some Insanity and p90x workouts to mix it up too. I love the intensity but man and I whipped out after several of these workouts.


  10. says

    High five Anthropologie mug gifts. I love that I can read comments here and get Christmas ideas six months in advance. Win 🙂 I also love reading your work-out posts. They’ve really inspired me to switch up my work-outs and I’m enjoying the gym so much more. Thank you!


    • says

      haha me too – totally saw Courtney’s comment about using them as stocking stuffers and thought, “brilliant!” will have to bookmark this for December… 🙂


  11. Brandy says

    I have black “No-Nonsense” socks! 🙂 And btw, I think you should have a Vitamix give away because I am totally jealous of your creamy-licious smoothies but just can’t fork over that much moolah for a blender! :o)


  12. Erin @ Naturally Addicted says

    Sometimes a girl just needs to sleep in! Such a delicious sounding smoothie. Mine are pretty thick, but I think the xantham gum would make a world of difference!


  13. Yolie @ Practising Wellness says

    This cardio circuit looks awesome! 🙂 I do push-ups on my knees as well – they are SO challenging! I was on the elliptical a few days ago and this girl came in a rocked out 3 sets of 10 full ones and I was staring big time in awe, lol! 😉 Awesome. And inspiring. I just did Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown DVD yesterday and it left my arms exhausted, shaky – and hopefully, if I keep working on it – stronger! 😀
    Random question, cause I know you love your celebrity mags, and I’m curious: do you prefer People magazine to US Weekly? They’re quite different! I used to work for the former but I much prefer the latter – it’s so trashy and fun, lol! Love me some trash reading! 😛
    I love your no-nonsense socks! <3 Good luck tackling the inbox! xyx


  14. says

    I love your blog and all of your fun journeys with food and exercise and food. I have a quick question. I’ve recently lost a bunch of weight and am trying to maintain. I’m wondering about how many calories you eat during a given day…average of course. Have you ever worked out that calculation?


  15. says

    Hi Julie! I have been reading your blog for a while now and have just started my own. I just wanted to pop over to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts, and also thank you for my new-found smoothie ADDICTION! Seriously, I can’t get enough. I love your trick about frozen bananas. Oh, and I have those kind of socks too! They’re very entertaining, haha.


  16. Alex says

    Hey Julie! I absolutely love your blog, and I love all your workouts, I think I’m going to try out this circuit today! One question though- I think you’re an inspiration with your healthy eating and daily workouts, but why don’t you ever try to do regular pushups? You must be pretty strong, especially with all the Body Pump classes you do, and I definitely feel like you can bust ’em out! Just curious! Hope you have an excellent day 🙂


  17. Mary says

    Julie, Besides selling T-shirts, you should sell cards with Sadie’s pictures and all the daily captions underneath. They would be a big hit, everybody loves Sadie!!


  18. Karen says

    ooooh, you get to “sleep in” and still fit a workout in now! I bet Ryan is envious! That circuit looks scary-tough, to me. Good Job!


  19. says

    I totally have those sock! That is SO funny!

    Workout looks great…I did a similar circuit yesterday from Tone IT Up..will have to try yours next time!

    I totally took picture of my chocolate smoothie this morning in my Anthropologie mug…we are definitely on the same wavelength today! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!


  20. says

    okay, so the first time i read the ingredients in ur smoothie i thought it said anthrax gum! lol…i was like, “what?!?!”

    white powder aside i’m always amazed at how much places charge for smoothies and all else we drink. i’m a cheapo and find it redic! plus, i’m sure whatever that dude at the gym was selling it didn’t taste like a cloud. 🙂

    good luck tackling that inbox!


  21. Sarah says

    I have actually never EVER had a smoothie bowl or made one. I never tried overnight oats either. I am not really sure where to find xantham gum, is it in a regular grocery store? Thanks!


  22. says

    I love your smoothie recipes! I’m allergic to dairy, so I’m trying to make a substitute that tastes just as good! I hope vegan protein powder makes it happen!


  23. Kristine @ Running on Hungry says

    Reading this while sipping on my own Chocolate PB Banana Smoothie! Where do you get your xantham gum? I’m so intrigued to try it!


  24. Stephanie says

    I do I do! Have the socks I mean. I think they were either a costco or target purchase…anyway I love the no nonesense encouragement!


  25. Erin says

    I never comment, but I had to this time —

    I always tell my husband when I’m reading your blog that you are my long-lost twin because of weird things we have in common, like a love of Miracle Whip and liverwurst. (Including last night, when I came inside with no fewer than 25 mosquito bites and your post popped up in my google reader.)

    BUT it just got even weirder because I OWN THOSE SOCKS! I bought them at a Walgreens one day when I forgot my gym socks.

    I swear I’m not a stalker 🙂


  26. says

    I have those same socks hahaha! I got them from Academy I think? I like em’ as well as my academy sock pack that looks like the rainbow! You have those ;D?!

    & circuit workouts = my fav! They remind me so much of Zuzana workouts ( Have you ever bodyrocked before? I never see you post anything about her so I was just wondering 🙂


  27. Geraldine says

    I’m going to do this workout right now. Seriously! I’m putting down my computer, turning up the volume on the tennis on my telly and getting my sweat on! Thanks to you (and your inspirational socks!) 🙂


  28. Kaylyn says

    Great Workout! Circuits are my favorite!
    You should give Tabata a try! It is a HIIT circuit that is 12minutes total and it is a great workout!

    you can most likely download the app on your phone or off of iTunes.
    I have a bunch of Tabata workouts on my blog 🙂


  29. says

    I’ve been getting more and more into circuits lately…I used to detest them.

    I have those socks too!! I started laughing out loud when I saw the picture…my boyfriend makes fun of me so much for them, but they’re so comfortable. I’ve had them for years though and are no longer white (gross).


  30. says

    Thank you so much for posting those circuit workouts! I was trying to find some new workout ideas and these are perfect. I’m almost looking forward to the alarm clock going off at 5:15 tomorrow morning.


  31. Amanda Jewell @ Science&Bananas says

    Nice circuit! I’m going to do this right now (while I have 10 minutes to spare)!!


  32. Brie says

    I love those socks! And I love the little pouch you carry to the gym, it’s so cute!

    A random thought occurred to me as I was reading your circuit list…is there a reason why you go to the gym to do those exercises as opposed to just doing it at home? I mean, unless you have a kettleball at home you couldn’t do that one, but everything else you could…including the cardio. Just wondering, I know for me, I am very unmotivated to work out at home and need that motion of actually leaving the house to get in the “mood” to workout lol, but sometimes I feel silly for going to the gym to do a workout I could have just as easily done at home…for example, going to the gym to run on the treadmill instead of running with my dog. He still gets his walk, but sometimes I just want to run on the treadmill! 🙂


      • Brie says

        LMAO, actually this is sooo true. If I try a workout video at home or even a circuit, every new position I go into my dog is right there sniffing and checking it out. If I go to do a pushup, he’ll put a paw on my back lol. Oh dogs…. 🙂


  33. Whitney says

    I also have these socks! I got them at Duane Reade in NYC when I needed an emergency pair of socks like 3 and a half years ago!


  34. Laura (Cookies vs. Carrots) says

    Looks like a pretty good circuit workout! I may have to try it out this week!


  35. says

    That smoothie looks so good! I did a circuit workout similar to yours when I was training for my Tough Mudder last year. I’m doing another mud run in September, so I’m probably going to have to break that routine out again soon. Maybe I’ll try this one too for some variety.


  36. says


    Came upon your site looking for graphic design ideas of “No-nonsense workouts,” which is the business I’m in. I formerly lived in Ocala when I worked for MedX, the equipment company started by the legendary Arthur Jones after inventing Nautilus.

    I strongly suggest you see what’s offered at Ocala Family Physicians. I hope they’re still operating their medical exercise center, which I helped launch (sometime around 2003). A lot of the video on my website ( was shot in that facility.



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