Bridesmaid Hair

Aaand we’re back!

After a nice three-day weekend, I must admit it feels good to get back into my normal groove and start on this week’s to do list. I’ll be cramming five days of work into three, since I’m leaving early on Friday morning for Chicago to be in my friend Leah’s wedding on Saturday, so I’m anxious to get crackin’.

This morning started out on a productive note with a quality cardio workout at the gym. I completed this 30-minute treadmill workout that got my heart pumping:

Minutes Incline Pace
0-4 8.0 4.0
4-5 1.0 4.0
5-6 1.0 8.0
6-7 1.0 4.5
7-8 1.0 8.2
8-9 1.0 4.5
9-10 1.0 8.4
10-11 1.0 4.5
11-12 1.0 8.6
12-13 1.0 4.5
13-14 1.0 8.8
14-15 1.0 4.5
15-16 1.0 9.0
16-17 1.0 4.5
17-18 1.0 8.8
18-19 1.0 4.5
19-20 1.0 8.6
20-21 1.0 4.5
21-22 1.0 8.4
22-23 1.0 4.5
23-24 1.0 8.2
24-25 1.0 4.5
25-26 1.0 8.0
26-27 1.0 4.5
27-30 8.0 4.0

This workout covered 2.89 miles and the varying speeds made it absolutely fly by!

I rounded out my workout with 25 minutes on the elliptical while flipping through a home decorating magazine. I can’t wait to decorate a new place!


After the gym and a one-mile walk with Sadie, I was more than ready to dig into a yummy breakfast.

chocolate chia seed pudding 005

On today’s menu was chocolate chia seed pudding that I prepped last night, with 1/2 cup of oats stirred in.

I topped everything with frozen banana slices before digging in.

chocolate chia seed pudding 008

Cold, creamy and oh-so-satisfying.

Wedding Hair

As I mentioned above, this Saturday I will be a bridesmaid in my friend Leah’s wedding. All the bridesmaids are having our hair done (I opted out of having my makeup done after my wedding day disaster) and I’ve been looking at magazines and photos of updos in search of the perfect look for her special day. Leah’s bridesmaid dresses have a collar, so updos seem like the way to go!

So far these are my favorites:

Carrie Underwood…

carrie underwood updo

Jessica Simpson…

jessica simpson updo

Carmen Electra…

carmen electra updo

Julianne Hough…

Julianne-Hough updo

I am trying to pick a style that will work with my ridiculously thin hair. I worry that I won’t have enough volume for Carrie Underwood or Julianne Hough’s looks, but we’ll see what the hair stylist says!

Which look do you like best?


  1. says

    I really like the Carrie Underwood ‘do! It seems like it’d be the easiest to hid thin hair with that style then the two where the hair is down.

    I’m glad you had a good long weekend! Good luck with the hairstyle!


  2. Faith says

    Okay, so this is pretty hilarious – when I was a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding, I brought in that exact Carrie Underwood picture to the stylist to replicate! It turned out fantastic, and one of the junior bridesmaids actually asked me if she could take a picture of mine to bring to *her* stylist to have it done for prom! I seriously say you go with that one – it’s gorgeous – from firsthand experience!


  3. says

    Julie you know ANY of those looks would be beautiful on you. Heck, you could go with your hair in a mohawk and you’l look stunning 😉

    I’d go with Carrie, though! Enjoy your day!


  4. Lindsey @ Cardio Pizza says

    I love the Carmen Electra look and I think it will do great with your hair. But all are very cute looks!


  5. says

    I like them all, but I know what you mean about trying to figure out which styles work with thin hair. I have very fine hair, but I have a lot of it… so there’s a lot of styles that won’t work with my hair. If you go on my blog on the “stop the madness” page, I have a pic from a recent wedding I was in… I had a side ponytail like the “Carmen Electra” pic you’re showing and it worked really well. Everyone kept talking about how cute my hair style was. Just an idea, since it sounds like your hair is similar. 😉 Regardless, enjoy the wedding!!


  6. Angela says

    I like them all, but I think Carrie Underwood’s is my fave! Whatever you choose will look gorgeous on you, though!


  7. SaraRM says

    Carrie do all the way! My first thought when I saw the pic was that you could totally pull it off. I like Jessica’s but think its too messy for it to look nice for a wedding.


  8. says

    I like Carrie Underwoods the best! Also, if you are worried about your thin hair you can always get some clip in extensions to make your hair look more full and have more hair to work with! 🙂


  9. Rachel says

    I have to say Carrie Underwood’s look is my favorite. My hair looked a lot like that on my wedding day. 🙂 I like Jessica’s look too, but my fine hair always slips out of those messy styles. I’m sure whatever you choose will be goregous!


  10. says

    I love Carrie Underwood’s updo! I’m always amazed by what hairstylists can do. I had very short hair at our wedding and my cousin, who did my hair, made it look like I had long, flowing locks. 🙂


  11. says

    Carrie’s or Carmen’s if you can do it! You look like although you have thin hair, you have a lot of it, which is what I have going on too. Your hair can also hold a curl (mine can’t :/) so that means you might be able to get away with the volume of Julieanne’s hair. I like them all except for Jessica Simpsons, it’s a bit too messy for me but if it’s done right will look cute anyway :).


  12. says

    Like almost everyone else, Carrie’s is my fav! I feel like (depending on your friend Leah and the type of wedding she’s having) the Jessica Simpson one might be a little TOO messy. I know there are very stylish and cute ways to do messy hair, but to me in that picture, Jessica looks like she had her hair done and then got caught in the rain.


  13. says

    I like them all but Jessica’s. I mean, I like Jessica’s in general, but that doesn’t look like wedding material.

    I think Julianne is the best. Plus, you look really good with your hair up and that one is really classy while still saying “beach girl.” 🙂


  14. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    I like Carrie Underwood’s hair — and I’m sure the stylists could work some magic and make your hair look like hers!


  15. Whitney says

    Julie-Can you do a repeat of your own wedding day hair style? It looked great on you, plus you know it will work great with your thin hair. A different dress and setting will change the look up so it won’t feel the exact same! 🙂


  16. says

    I love Carrie’s look….I have really long and very thin hair like you and I took that exact picture to the hairstylist when I was a bridesmaid in my friends wedding…they can tease/hairspray/curl everything enough to give you volume! Also, have you ever thought of clip in extensions? I didn’t use them but I do have some that I clip in when I need some extra volume…esp when its an updo no one can tell you have extensions in! Just an idea 🙂


  17. says

    I love all of them but I think the Jess Simpson one is the best! I love the messy look and plus then you wouldn’t have to worry about it falling out because it is already messy and cute 🙂


  18. says

    I love them all! If I had to pick one I would vote for Carrie Underwoods look! I totally get where your coming from with the volume delimma but hairdressers can make magic happen with a teasing comb and hairspray… I wouldn’t worry :). Whops I shouldn’t be saying “teasing” my sis is a hairdresser and she was taught in school that, “it’s called backcombing, you tease your boyfriend not your hair!” haha.


  19. Lee @ in the pink of condition says

    I love the carmen electra look!

    P.S. I just found out that I will be a bridesmaid for 3 different weddings next summer (yikes), and I’ve never been a bridesmaid before! Do you have any tips for first timers?


  20. says

    My vote is the Carrie one. She’s so gorgeous! I cut my hair shorter than usual quite a while ago and am really missing the length now. Hopefully within a few months it will be back to normal! Can’t wait to see photos!


  21. says

    Carries is my favorite! I dOnt know if this is an option but at sallys beauty supply they sell clip in extensions they work wonders to make you your thicker and more fuller, they aren’t super expensive and SO easy to use! I have some and they are my favorite! You can re use the
    Over and over! If you don’t have sallys there check out another beauty supply! I use them for weddings and other special occasions to give my hair that extra little boost!


  22. says

    I love the Carrie Underwood the best, but I also love the Carmen Electra. My hair is super thin so “messy” updos tend to “stay” better than perfect ones. When my hair starts to fall and slip out, it looks like it is part of the plan.


  23. says

    Hey Julie!

    I think you could definitely pull off any of them..your hair isn’t thin, it’s very fine, but there’s a difference! I have fine hair too and I thought it was thin, but then my hairdresser told me it’s fine but there’s a lot of it. Who knew! 🙂


  24. says

    I really like the Carrie Underwood look! I think it looks classy and fun! I would totally go with that one. I think it would great with a collared dress 🙂


  25. says

    LOVE the Carrie one. I think it’s hilarious that you’re concerned your hair is too thin to pull it off; I’m always battling my hair because it’s too THICK! The grass is always greener, right?


  26. says

    I actually think the Carrie Underwood and Julianne Hough would work best with thin hair. I had a bad wedding makeup experience too. I let a friend do it and she did it completely different then I usually do it. After looking at the pictures I just looked off and like I didn’t have enough make up on.


  27. Rach says

    Your hair is gorgeous and you’d look spectacular in any of them! I like Carrie Underwood and Carmen Electra! Both are so so cute.


  28. Katherine says

    I think Carrie Underwood would probably we best for a wedding. I am struggling right now because I am going to be in a wedding in a few weeks and I get to pick how my hair is done. I really don’t know what I want! My hair is super curly, dark and pretty short, I don’t think there is much you can do with it! Good luck on the wedding!


  29. Courtney @ Girl In The Pink says

    I used the same Carrie Underwood photo for my wedding hair inspiration!! Loved it!! My stylist didn’t do it quite as lose as hers so it would stay all evening! Photos are on my page under the recent “all you need is love” post if you’re curious! 🙂


  30. Lindsay says

    I love the Carrie Underwood updo! One of my friends has really thin hair and so she bought cheap hair extensions and the stylist was able to incorporate those in her hair for a much fuller updo! Def ask your stylists opinion though because I know some hair extensions don’t work well for updo’s… Good luck! Can’t wait to see pix! 🙂 🙂


  31. Mary says

    I love the Carrie hairdo. Hairstylists can work magic with product and a curling iron. The dresses sound interesting (having a collar that is). What color are they? Have a great time.


  32. says

    I like the Carrie Underwood style! Very cute. I’m in two weddings in the fall and I am debating how I want to get my hair done. I have very thick hair, so that causes problems too. It took over a hundred bobby pins and tons of hairspray to hold my hair in place when I went to prom in high school…it’s so heavy that it just weighs itself down when I put it up!


  33. says

    I LOVE the first (Carrie) and last looks (Julianne) – that pony tail is so sweet! All would look good on you for sure.

    I hear you – short week means overdrive – boo.


  34. Alicia says

    I really like Julianne’s hair if your hair will do that otherwise I like carmens, I think it looks good with the ponytail look.. have fun!


  35. Katie says

    I love the Carrie Underwood one! My friend and I both unknowingly sent that picture to a friend whose wedding we were both in. We both ended up getting slight variations and I loved it! I have really thick hair and didn’t want a huge updo bc I was scared it would be too much, but my friend who got it has super thin hair and it looked awesome on her–seems to be a versatile style!

    I’m sure any style you go with will look great!


  36. says

    only about 70 comments later 🙂 but I agree Carrie Underwood’s style would be great with fine hair. I have fine hair and I plan on getting a style similiar for my friend’s wedding that I’m reading this weekend. I might have mine done with more waves before it’s pulled back like Michelle Pfeiffer in this photo: Whatever you choose, I’m sure it will be beauitful!


  37. Laura (Cookies vs. Carrots) says

    Don’t worry about the volume with your hair. Hairstylists can perform miracles. I also have crazy thin hair. Recently, I was in a wedding and brought a pic of a Heidi Klum up-do with major volume on top. I didn’t know how it was going to work, but my hairstylist made the magic happen!


  38. says

    I, too, have thin hair but it’s long and looks thick (but it’s definitely not!). When I was in a wedding, I had a photo just like the Carrie one you have here. It actually worked out really well! The bun itself was small, but the wispy hair really worked for our type of hair! Good luck!


  39. Kristine @ Running on Hungry says

    Loving Carrie’s! I have really fine hair (but a lot of it) so I know what you mean! I really like Julianne’s too – has that messy but chic look!


  40. Yolie @ Practising Wellness says

    I think Carrie’s hair looks beautiful – but they are all gorgeous! 🙂 That workout and breakfast look so delicious, I must make that chocolate chia pudding. Both are bookmarked, lol! 🙂 xyx


  41. says

    LOVE Jessica Simpson’s look- the messy look is so gorgeous, because it’s so natural looking! I like Carmen’s too- she would be a second favorite! 😀


  42. says

    I’m getting married (in 31 more days!!!!) and am a little bit stressed trying to decide how I want to do my hair. It’s funny because that Carrie Underwood picture was one of the looks I thought about doing! I think I’m going to do what I wanted to initially… trust my gut right?


  43. Beth (Well I'll Be) says

    I think I’d like a combo of the Carrie and Jessica “do”. Maybe a little less messy in the front that Jessica’s but messy enough where you don’t need all that volume. I’d also like Carrie’s a little messier in the back. These kind of remind me of how you had your hair at your wedding, so you know they’d look great!


  44. says

    Julie! I am big into doing hair, and have actually done some for weddings in the past. Your hair type, although I can’t tell 100% over internet looks like the J-Simp style would work best. Just make sure you really amplify/tease the roots. Aveda has a great root spray that you could use to get extra volume. I spray it and then blowdry the spray after teasing it. It really helps it to stick!


  45. Julie says

    I like Carries! But if you’re worried about volume, I would go with Jessica’s hair…I’m sure either way you’ll look great! Not too big a fan of Carmen Electra’s hair. Also, thanks for the great treadmill workout!


  46. says

    I have super thin hair and did a style veryyyy similar to carrie underwoods for my sister’s wedding. It ended up looking gorgeoous and somehow worked! I think the Julianne Hough route might be a little tough with thin hair.


  47. Amanda Jewell @ Science&Bananas says

    I’m a big fan of wearing hair down, but I think the Carrie Underwood and Carmen Electra looks are really sweet looking


  48. Morgan says

    Hi! I just found your blog and it’s a great new addition to my google reader 🙂

    I made your overnight oats last night and had them this morning. Any suggestions to make them a little less bitter?

    I used:
    1/2 c. oats
    1/2 c. almond milk
    1 tablespoon dark cocoa powder from Trader Joe’s
    and in the morning I added a banana

    It was tasty but near the end I was having a hard time getting it down because of the bitterness in the cocoa.
    Thanks for any suggestions!



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