Blog Talk Tuesdays: Part VI

After a one-week hiatus, Blog Talk Tuesdays is back with a bang!

sadie blog talk tuesdays

In case you’re new around here, Blog Talk Tuesdays is a series I started on PBF to address the blogging-related questions I’ve received in separate posts centered around the most common inquiries.

Past Blog Talk Tuesdays posts include:

Today’s topic addresses juggling blogging with your REAL life…

Blogging and Real Life

  • When did you first feel comfortable sharing your blog with your family and friends?

Ryan knew about my blog from day one and my immediate family members were the next ones to be “in the know.”

sadie suckers

It took me a good month or two of continually blogging to tell my friends. I wasn’t sure what they would think of it and, to be honest, before I started blogging, the word “blog” had a really negative connotation in my mind that I figured it would have in the minds of others as well. (I thought blogs were just random ramblings from angry, negative people.)

  • Did you experience any negative feedback from friends or family members when they found out about your blog?

I feel very fortunate that every single person in my personal life that I told about my blog was 100 percent supportive. Those that weren’t sure what to make of my blog asked me a ton of questions which I think helped them to understand the point of my blog and the release blogging gave me for writing about topics I wanted to write about versus writing about pharmaceuticals, cancer and side effects like I was doing in my full-time job.


The only resistance I experienced was from family members who were concerned about my safety. You can read more about this in my post about blogger safety.

I find that negative reactions related to blogging seem to relate to not understanding exactly what you’re trying to accomplish through blogging or why you feel the need to blog. I try to address these concerns openly and outright as soon as I sense them in another person.

If people are being mean to just be mean about your blog then you may want to check out my rising above negativity post.

And remember: “Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours burn any brighter.” Smile

  • How did you find time to blog three times a day when you were working full-time?

It wasn’t easy, but I loved blogging enough to carve out time especially for writing blog posts. Obviously blogging regularly – whether you blog three times a day or three times a week – requires a real commitment.

I would wake up at 5:30 a.m. to workout so I’d be done with my workout and Sadie’s walk before 7:30 a.m. I then would use the next hour or so before I had to leave for work to shower, eat a quick breakfast and blog. You may see a more detailed breakdown of this routine in my post about streamlining your morning routine.

I also often think about morning blog post topics as I workout at the gym so the posts come out fairly easily when I sit down at the computer (unless they call for research).

sadie blog topics

For my afternoon post, I would jot down blog topic ideas as they came to me throughout the day as I was working in my blogging notebook. I used my lunch hour at work to post.

Dinnertime posts were the easiest to fit in. I blogged after dinner on the couch beside Ryan while chatting with him as he watched ESPN or a sports game I had no interest in on television.

  • Did your coworkers know about your blog?

At first I was VERY private about my blog at work. I wanted to keep my personal life separate from work and never told anyone about my blog. (I even had all of my coworkers in a certain “group” on Facebook so they were blocked from seeing my wall, my status updates and personal website – and yes, I received heckling about this from a bunch of the guys I worked with!)I also made sure to never blog about my workplace or work-specific topics.

Even still, slowly but surely coworkers began discovering my blog on their own because of my ties to Orlando and UCF. I was friends with my coworkers on Facebook (even though they were blocked from a lot of my content) and we knew mutual people and those people mentioned my blog to them.

I think the web guys at my job also had a head’s up when I became the number one search term leading people to my company’s website.

I will never forget the day that most of my coworkers found out I had a blog. I brought in extra treats that I received from a company through the blog for the office to enjoy and one person saw them on my blog and asked (aloud!), “Are these the same chocolates you posted about on your blog yesterday?”

I basically died.

beautiful sadie

I watched as my blog began slowly popping up on every computer in the office as my coworkers visited the site.

From that point on, I knew my blog was no longer sheltered from my coworkers.

  • When did you feel comfortable sharing your blog on your personal Facebook page?

I still remember the day I first shared my blog on my personal Facebook page. It was the day after Ryan and I got engaged. I shared a link to my post about our engagement because I had a bunch of friends asking for details about the proposal.

I remember wanting to share my blog with everyone before this event, but our engagement helped push me over the edge and gave me some extra courage to just do it.

I was definitely ready. I was proud of my blog and felt like I was ready to share what felt like a “top secret project” with others at this point.

  • Do you ever feel like blogging interferes with the quality time you spend with Ryan, your family or friends?

I asked Ryan this very question at breakfast this morning.

We talk about my blog and blogging habits a lot and keep communication very open so I wasn’t surprised when he said he doesn’t really feel like my blog takes away from our time together. (Communication about my blogging habits with my loved ones is seriously pivotal for me. Communication is key!) I share details about how we overcame one blogging-related argument in this post.

Ryan said he appreciates that I don’t tweet about every activity we do as it’s happening and that I try to “live in the moment” and recount the memories later rather than let my blog interfere with the moments as they’re happening.

pee on phone

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that I’ll often drop off the face of the earth on Friday nights and post less frequently on weekends. When I started my blog I promised myself I would look at it only as my hobby and never let it take away from my day-to-day life.

As much as I love blogging, I won’t leave somewhere to blog. I won’t remove myself from a fun time with family and friends to blog. Blogging has since blossomed into more than simply a hobby for me, but I try to stick to my principles of treating it as a hobby when it comes to posting three times a day.

  • Do you think taking pictures all the time annoys those around you?

While I snap pictures of my food in social settings, I’m not photographing the heck out of people and making them feel uncomfortable. I know people hate being in pictures by themselves (I do too, actually!) and getting pictures of an entire group is a pain in the butt, so I rarely request these types of photos. Candids are my favorite, anyway.

I think it’s pretty clear when someone doesn’t want to be photographed and I really try to be cognizant of this.

I also have this little ham on hand to photograph when I need “filler” pics.

blue steel

  • Do you ask your family  and friends permission before posting pictures of them?

If they’re my close family or close friends, no I don’t. They already know about my blog and blogging style and assume the pictures may make it up on the blog (unless we’re out drinking and we all look like a hot mess and the pictures could show them in a less-than-ideal light in the eyes of an employer).

For example, all of the pictures from this 3 a.m. cooking session of making “gourmet butter noodles” after my friend Leah’s bachelorette party did not make the blog.

drunken pasta

I also tell all of my friends and family to let me know if I post a picture they don’t like and I always respect their wishes and take it down immediately.

As for people I don’t know as well, I typically keep them off the blog or I will always ask them if they’re okay with me posting a picture of them on my blog. I’ve never had someone say no to me. In fact, most people are really excited about it!

  • How do you explain blogging to people who don’t get it? I always find myself putting down my blog when people look at me funny rather than proudly telling them to check it out.

When people I’ve never met before ask me what I do for a living, I say I’m a freelance writer and a blogger. No one seems to care about my freelance writing (boo to that because I’m really proud of my freelance writing!), but people are always curious about blogging.

I am the exact same way as the person who posed this question (Hi, Brittany!) and tend to be self-deprecating about my blog. I should really change this because PBF is so important to me!

Usually when I meet people I’ve never met before and conversation turns to careers, Ryan is with me and he sings my praises about my blog. (My dad does this, too. He seriously should be my publicist or something!)

When I tell people who “don’t get it” about my blog, I try to say it’s an online journal of sorts where I am able to communicate with readers and talk about food, fitness and whatever random stuff I have on my mind. I emphasize the fact that my blog is a place where communication happens and a space where I take time to carefully craft posts, not just a place where I blab on and on and vent about what’s bugging me like many people assume.

  • Blogging on vacation – yay or nay?

It totally depends! If blogging takes away from your enjoyment on vacation or takes away from quality time with loved ones, I say a BIG “nay.”

I take a very relaxed approach to blogging on vacation. I’ll set up guest posts ahead of time and will only blog when others are sleeping (this is easy since I wake up earlier than almost everyone) or when people are getting ready and showering. I honestly like having vacation posts to look back on (my dad actually printed out all of my posts about our family’s trip to Europe to keep to remember the fun we had) but I don’t beat myself up for missing a blog post (or 10) while on vacation.


  1. says

    Love this! I think the toughest part for me was sharing my blog and explaining it to my fam/friends, but once I did I was so relieved that they thought it was cool 🙂

    Awesome post, Julie.


  2. says

    Again another Blog Talk Tuesday post- love them! I used to a bit weary about telling people about my blog but now I talk about it loud and proud- I’m SO proud of it and if people find it weird, that’s their problem! If having people across the globe tune into your blog makes you ‘weird’, I’m all for being a weirdo! I love this line: “it’s an online journal of sorts where I am able to communicate with readers and talk about food, fitness and whatever random stuff I have on my mind”!


  3. says

    I always get so embarrassed when my dad tells people about my blog and wants me to send them the URL. It’s so hard not to feel silly! You are a celebrity though and should definitely brag about that!!

    Your captions on Sadie’s pictures always have me laughing at my computer by myself like a dork!


  4. says

    Great post! Your second to last question is something I think a lot of people struggle with- including me. But it kinda goes hand in hand with a few of the other topics you’ve posted about positive comments and compliments. I think our generation has a hard time speaking of positives versus listing the negatives, you know? Good advice as always Julie!


  5. Lee @ in the pink of condition says

    Reading about the Ryan part makes me wish that I had as great and communicative of a partner as you have with Ryan. Where do I find these men?!?! 🙂


    • says

      honestly i was the problem in the beginning of our relationship. seriously. i hate confrontation and avoid it (why hurt someone else?), but ryan made me realize that if i kept everything inside that bothered me about him, it would only escalate and blow up into something much bigger than if we addressed it early on. it’s something i have to work on constantly b/c i prefer to dwell on the positive and not harp on the negative, but keeping open communication is unbelievably important and i feel very grateful that he tought that to me.


      • Lee @ in the pink of condition says

        I totally agree. Communication is key 🙂 Great pics of Sadie as well (she’s the cutest).


  6. says

    I’m completely weird because most of my friends know about my blog and think its fun but most of my family doesnt know about it. I also havent shared on facebook because I dont use it that much…

    The most awkward thing I deal with is people asking “why are you taking pictures of your food”. For the people that dont know, I’m never sure of what to say!


  7. says

    Great insights! I am still reluctant and NO ONE at work knows about my blog. Mostly because I want to keep work and social life private, but also because work is a place for “work” and I wouldn’t want to get those two confused. If they find it, then so be it 😉

    I also agree with you about vacas and blogging. I am up early and enjoy blogging while others watch TV, so it doesn’t really interfere that much. I think you have an awesome “routine” established for blogging and it’s cool that you find time 3 times a day to do so! I am just getting used to “scheduling” posts…in fact I have one scheduled today for noon! 🙂


    • says

      if i had it my way NO ONE from my office would’ve ever known about my blog, but in the end it was okay that they found it. still, i’m like you in that i wanted my work and personal life very, very separate.


      • says

        I know! I have an office “lurker” reminds me of Ryan from the Bachelorette and it’s hard enough to limit his questions/standing in my doorway as it is!! I can’t IMAGINE if my blog was to get mentioned!


  8. says

    I love that you answered my questions- thank you! It’s so helpful to hear how others tackle challenging blog situations and gives me more confidence in what I do.

    And how nice that Ryan has always been so supportive! It’s been fun for me to watch Hubbs come around from thinking the blog was ‘cute’ to being proud to tell people about it 🙂


  9. says

    Great post as always! I can relate to your approaches to blogging, though I severely lack the consistent dedication you have!

    My hubby just commented that I never talk to him on car rides because I’m always catching up on blogs on my iPhone..whoops 😉


  10. says

    This was a great post! I’m pretty new to blogging so often feel like I’m stumbling around with these types of decisions “ie share with coworkers or not” but, like yourself, I tend to find those things happen organically and as you get positive feedback it builds confidence to be more comfortable being a blogger.

    Thanks for setting a great example!


  11. Michelle @ a whole lot of life says

    Loved this blog post! I think it is so awesome that your family is so supportive of your blog. I wish that my parents would care so much about my writing. My mom actually makes it a point NOT to read my blog and while I laughed it off at first, it still really hurts.

    At this point, my blog is just part of me. My mom’s refusal to read feels like she refusing to acknowledge or accept an entire piece of me.

    Ah, well. I think she just doesn’t “get it” yet. I’m sure she’ll come around some day. Until then, I just have to keep doing my thang and loving her in spite of it all.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Julie. I’m finding it very interesting!


    • says

      i’m so sorry to hear this michelle. that would really, really hurt me as well. have you talked to her about how important blogging is to you and her refusal to acknowledge its importance to you makes you feel like she could care less about something you pour your heart into? i think sometimes people think blogging is a silly little pasttime and don’t get that it’s an outlet for many people and one that allows bloggers to escape and write their hearts out.


      • Michelle @ a whole lot of life says

        Thanks Julie. She knows how important my blog is to me, but I blog about my life and I don’t think she really approves of how I’ve chosen to live mine. It’s okay, though. I love writing and I’ve learned so much about myself through blogging. It’s helped me grow into a better person and I think that is all any parent could ever ask for 🙂


  12. says

    This is my favorite post out of the series yet! When I started my blog, I had a lot of “me” time, and devoting time to the blog wasn’t a problem. But ever since relocating to be with my boyfriend and family, I’ve had a harder time finding a blogging balance. I love hearing how others manage it.

    I also love hearing how others “announced” their blog. Just a few close people to me know about my blog – as much as I want to share it with everyone since I’m proud of it, the fear of judgment or ridicule has held me back. Your post gives me encouragement that I probably have nothing to be afraid of!


  13. says

    Yet another great Blog Talk Tuesday post! I especially appreciated this one as I am new to the blogging community, and I’ve found it to be somewhat of a challenge to consistently fit blogging into my schedule. I want to remain committed to it, but I don’t want to overdo it either. This was great advice to make sure to have a healthy balance between the two. I’ve also been curious how other bloggers handle explaining their blog to those that don’t know about it or understand it. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  14. says

    Yay I’m glad BTT is back (ya like what I did there?? ;)). I love this post because although I’ve been blogging for over a year, I’m still scared to be as open as most bloggers are with my blog. My family doesn’t know, but my ex does. I know they’re going to stumble upon one day (maybe actually ON StumbleUpon ;)) but until then I keep it on the DL.

    I should be proud and share my blog! It’s something I’ve built and developed and am proud of! When I went to Europe for three weeks I started a travel blog for my friends and family filled with quick posts and pictures so they could know what we were up to and they loved it! I don’t know why I didn’t put it on my actual blog, I guess I was scared what they would think if they knew I had been blogging for over a year. I eventually stopped writing on my other blog because some people from my trip found it and would mock it, and although I know they were joking it kind of hurt. I think that’s another reason I’m scared to come out with my blog because I love it so much that I don’t want someone to make me want to stop blogging by a comment they make!


  15. Shana says

    i hope this question isn’t too personal or offensive, but I was curious how it’s been like for you surviving solely as a freelance writer/full time blogger? (seems amazing!) I’ve always wondered how that works out as in terms of wow, super jealous!! I’d love to be able to do something I love as my primary occupation. Are you ever stressed out from finances/does it make a comfortable living? And how do you put yourself out there as a freelance writer? Do you set your own prices and such and how do you determine what to charge?


    • says

      hi shana! this very question will be addressed in great detail in two upcoming blog talk tuesdays posts! i plan to do one about freelance writing and another about making money through blogging. i want to be sure i thoroughly answer these questions more detail than i would take in the comments section of a post. stay tuned! 😀


  16. says

    LOVED this BTT!! It was a great one. I don’t think that my blogging eats into my personal time with my family. When I blog, it’s either b efore the husband wakes up, before he gets home from work, or while he’s watching TV at night. I would never jeopordize our relationship just to get a post in!


  17. says

    I find myself putting my blog down too with people who don’t get it. I’m constantly dismissing it if they stare at me with blank faces or say something negative. I need to figure out a way to stop that! Glad to know I’m not the only one out there.


  18. says

    This is a great post Julie! I loved it. I’ve only told a handful of friends & my husband about my blog so far. I’m still not ready for everyone to know! I think it’s something about people I’m not big fans of knowing details of my life. I’m not sure why this is different from strangers reading it – but I will keep blogging! And hopefully be comfortable soon 🙂


  19. says

    Your timing is impeccable with this. I’m at a crossroads in my blogging. I’ve been at it for more than a year, and only a handful of my family and in-real-life friends know about it. I’ve never shared my posts on my personal Facebook page and I’ve sort of purposely kept it a secret. I have a lot of reasons, but no one big pressing one. I guess I just felt more comfortable sharing my fears, failures and angst over motherhood with strangers rather than my family — and all the judging that brings with it.

    I just told my cousin last week about it because she wanted to start her own blog and came to me because she figured I’d know how thanks to my job. I did, and I outed myself to her. Now I feel bad, though, making her carry my secret too. I think I’m inching closer and closer to the big reveal — but I’m scared!


  20. Carly says

    Speaking of reading blogs at work, I actually laughed out loud when I read Sadie’s gangrene speech bubble and then immediately cut myself off and looked around the office. My office is very quiet so I probably sounded like a lunatic, but that’s okay. ; ) Love Sadie’s perspective!


  21. Katie @ The Purposeful Woman says

    Great post with a lot of hot topics!!! Those are ALL issues I’ve thought about a lot and some I’ve stressed over, so I appreciate hearing about them from you!!! P.S. Love your blog Julie!! :o)


  22. says

    I loved reading this. VERY informative. And Sadie kills me.

    Something I did differently from most new bloggers I think was tell my friends about my blog right away. I didn’t really know anything about the blogging community, so I relied on my friends to be my readers. I am branching out now though 🙂


  23. Lauren says

    I never get sick of seeing Sadie pictures! He should be your blog mascot. I actually haven’t shared my blog with many people because not many of them know about blogs. I kinda like that it’s my own thing, and I don’t have to worry about what personal friends think about.


  24. says

    I totally agree on all the points you made – particularly about keeping it a hobby/not letting it get in the way of your personal/real life. When I first started blogging I felt this ridiculous obligation to MAKE SURE I posted everything, even if it meant sacrificing time with family/friends/significant others, etc. I found myself so unhappy at that point that I knew I needed to relax a little, and as soon as I did, I was much happier and I think my posts were better too!


  25. Courtney says

    Thanks for another awesome BTT post! I hope the recent negativity you referred to wasn’t directed at you… I hate seeing negative comments on blogs.


  26. says

    Great job on this one Julie! As usual, the Sadie photos are totally cracking me up. It took me a while to let my friends know about my blog and even now, my facebook and twitter aren’t synched so there is still a bit of a divide. My roommates were the first to know, and eventually I felt comfortable telling my family (I know, sounds kind of odd). I love that you highlighted balance and not letting blogging get in the way of time with loved ones. Very important thing to keep in mind!!


  27. says

    I’ve been blogging for almost 6 month and most of my friends and family still don’t know about it. I feel like they won’t get it or make fun of me bc of it. One day I will post it on my FB for all to see, but it might need to be after a big event, like you did.


  28. Shell says

    I’m a little confused by the negativity reference. I hope you don’t have any haters! If so, you’ll have to set Sadie to “attack mode”



    • says

      hey shell! thanks for your kind words! 🙂 i meant that i feel like there’s been more negativity in the blog world as a whole lately. it seems like more and more bloggers are being attacked and that makes me sad. 🙁


  29. says

    Omg I would die if I saw my blog up on a coworker’s screen and I didn’t know they were a reader! I have some snarky coworkers though.

    Great job with this post, Julie!


  30. says

    Who’s been hating on your blog? 🙁 ?? Have Sadie send them poo 😉

    I am still scared to make my blog public on facebook. I might share it with the other nurses at work after I give them all the baby gifts I’ve been crafting and blogging about. My husband has been encouraging me to blog more even though he does get a little annoyed with my taking like 200 pictures day. hehe. Thanks for this post.


  31. says

    Great post! I love your honesty here.

    The story about your coworkers finding your blog is hilarious too. I have felt very much like you have along my blogging journey, wondering when to share on FB, etc.

    I have had my husband say “Is this photo for the blog?” when we are out doing something together.

    I have to reassure him that every photo is NOT for the blog. I still like to document our life in photos, like I always have. Now that I have a blog, sometimes a photo will make it onto the blog 🙂


  32. says

    I love all the support from my friends and family. As far as the pics go I have a girlfriend who told me at the beginning of dinner one night that she got dressed specifically to be on the blog. hahaha Of course I didn’t have my camera and I felt bad. I told her I would make it up to her later and give her an enitre post;)


  33. says

    I revealed my blog in the opposite way – to friends and family first! I figured they were the best way to spread the word so that I could reach out to more people. Plus my grandparents are in love with it – they say they feel like they know me better! And i’ve definitely gotten negativity – even my best friend told me she can’t support my blog because she just doesn’t understand it, and she refuses to read it anymore. other people just think i’m weird!


  34. says

    I don’t really have any interest in going ‘big time’ with my blog, but I always love your Blog Talk Tuesdays. Good one!
    I was sad to see that it looks like you’ve been getting a lot of negative feedback on the blog? Just from that sidenote you said at the beginning. I hate that! What’s there to be negative about, in relation to this blog? I just don’t get it. I really can’t imagine what people would have a problem with on your blog, Julie. People are so crazy, I hope you don’t let the negativity get to you (it doesn’t seem like it has). Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’. I think you’re great!


  35. Marijke says

    Julie, I just want to say thank you for this Blog Talk Tuesday series as I have been going back and forth about starting a blog since January, and your posts have given me the information I felt I needed to start one up!


  36. Leslie says

    Laughed out loud at the “or I’ll pee on your phone.” I was playing Angry Birds one evening and my pup was so needy and annoyed that I wasn’t petting her she started licking the screen and it froze the touch screen!

    Smart pups.


  37. says

    Thank you so much for writing about this topic. I just started my blog and your Blog Talk Tuesdays has been extremely helpful. I have been following you for a year now and I read you three times a day! The love that you have for your blog has been inspiring and I finally jumped onto the blog ban wagon!


  38. says

    I loved this installment of Blog Talk Tuesdays! I’ve been trying to figure this topic out myself lately- how to tell people, when to tell people etc. I wouldn’t mind telling people but I get nervous that they are going to look at the blog and critique it which stresses me out… but I know that’s silly because they would be looking at it to support me! I’m going to try and keep this advice in mind and be a little braver!


  39. says

    This was very helpful. I’m just starting out with my blog and just decided to take a leap of faith and post it on Facebook. I got so much positive feedback from friends and family that it really boosted my confidence in my blog. I love reading your blog and its one of the first i started following and inspired me to start my own. 🙂


  40. says

    I think this is a wonderful series you’re doing. Keep going with it. And for any negativity, brush ya shoulders off. Just jealous, they are. They don’t have a Sadie!


  41. says

    I love blog talk Tuesdays! 🙂 I have taken several pieces of your advice and re done my blog! So thank you so much for all of the advice! The one thing I struggle with my blog is that feeling that nobody reads it …just because of the mere fact that I don’t get a lot of comments. I feel like the more comments you have, the more accomplished you feel about your blog. I can see from the stats page that people look at it at least 🙂


  42. says

    I am LOVING this series, Julie. As someone fairly new to blogging, I appreciate your opinions, especially on how much time blogging can take up. When I started blogging, I felt like I had to post every day. A couple of times, especially on vacation this summer, I felt like my unwritten posts were hanging over my head. Then I realized that all of that worrying was taking away from the actual enjoyment of my vacation! Once I snapped back to reality, I decided to not let blogging become something I ever feel like I “have” to do. I want it to be an outlet and something fun that I look forward to doing!


  43. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled says

    Great post! While I’m getting better, I feel guilty when I blog and I’m sitting next to my husband on the couch. He’s fine with it and it doesn’t bother him, but I always want to be cognizant that I’m giving him the attention he needs and we have quality time.


  44. says

    I’m sorry to hear that you are dealing with negativity lately. 🙁
    If it helps, I subscribe to hundreds of blogs and I honestly think yours is my favorite! I love your writing style, your laid back attitude, your organization and motivation. You’re an inspiring lady! Keep up the good work, and don’t let the Debbie Downers of the world bring you down. 🙂


  45. says

    YAY for this post! And I agree that communication is key. I always ask Peter his input on how I’m balancing blogging, family, time with him, etc. It’s a regular conversation here because keeping that balance is #1 to me. 🙂


  46. says

    I will have to echo the thanks for posting these columns. As a newbie to the blogging world, I am trying to establish some “structure” to it so that it doesn’t interfere (or consume) my personal life.

    And I don’t worry about the family thing too much. My own husband won’t even subscribe! Guess he feels like he lives it anyway.

    The Kidless Kronicles
    Wag More, Bark….


  47. says

    I’m struggling with blogging and work at the moment. I’ve only just started and I find my mind is never fully off it! If I could blog all day I would!
    Did you find it hard to focus on work when you started? It’s just so all consuming!


  48. says

    Ooh, I really appreciate this post! I’ve been blogging for about two months now and nobody knows except for my husband. I just made a Twitter account when I started with the same name as my blog, so the comments and views I’ve had are all strangers! I wondered if this was weird, so now at least I know that if it is…at least you’re weird with me. 😛


  49. Nicole says

    Julie, I can’t lie. You are my favorite food/healthy living blogger! You seem so down-to-earth, I love Sadie, and I love that you write about appreciating life and non-food topics as much as you do about food! Please keep up the good work…I look forward to reading every single day!


  50. says

    I’ve had some people react negatively to my blog. Thinking it’s weird and stuff. But overall, I’ve had really good exprience with people. I even have it on my resume. In fact, at my last interview (for internships) the supervisor read my blog instead of me sending writing samples. She must have liked it because I start tomorrow!


  51. says

    I LOVE Blog Talk Tuesdays! When you’re talking about people at work finding out about your blog, it seems like it was really successful (if people were using it to find your employer). I wonder how many hits you were getting at this point?


  52. says

    Thanks for the great post!! I actually am only an “outed” blogger to a handful of people in my life (a few friends and family found it) and have been nervous to tell people. I sort of feel like it’s not good enough yet to show people; not consistent or focused enough. This post made me feel better about telling people and sharing what I’ve done. I am on a bit of a quest to amp up my blog and give it more of a style and consistency. Love this series!


  53. Leslie says

    Great post, Jul! I feel an itch to start Jelly Toes ;). I love your quote about the candle! So true! Your Pottery Barn living room is going to be so pretty!

    ps this post probably had my most favorite Sadie pictures ever. I miss that lil rascal. Don’t forget Ryan’s idea….Nanny Les is happy to come sleep with poppet anytime!


  54. says

    Your blog talk Tuesdays are the best! I have yet to inform & start posting about my blog on facebook. Just because I’m afraid of what people I know in person will say of me because it’s more so a fitness blog. I’m starting to lean more towards personal posts instead of just reblogging but still..Like if my parents found my blog..That’s my personal like hiding place where I can truely post anything and everrrytthingg 🙁 They know about my blog but not where to find it directly lol.


  55. says

    You have a great approach to blogging! I know that blogging three times a day while working full-time is not for me, but I give you so much credit for doing it! It’s hard enough for me to balance work, working out, and quality time with friends and family!


  56. says

    Aw, Julie, I absolutely love your sentiments in this post. My blog is the tiniest thing ever, but I completely agree with you on so many of your points. I don’t let it overwhelm me, and I post when I have the time to, and when I feel inspired. That way… I can live my life, and reflect back on it, just like you said. BTW, the line you said about your dad printing out all of your Europe posts so he can always remember the memories from the trip seriously brought tears to my eyes. Your dad seems like one of the best father’s on the planet. You are so, so blessed!!


  57. Kristin @ STUFT Mama says

    Loved this Blog Talk Tuesday post! 🙂 Thanks for putting it all out there for those of us trying to still figure out how to balance blogging with living in the moment. 🙂


  58. says

    I love your Blog Talk Tuesdays, especially how Sadie is incorporated! I also use a notebook to jot down ideas for blog posts… it’s super helpful. Great tips – keep ’em coming! I also am into fitness, but blog about my cooking & baking adventures for now. You inspire me to pick up my old fitness routine. I’ve been threw the ups and downs – played a sport in college, took a break after, then got on a great plan for my wedding and now it’s intermittent. I truly like all aspects of your blog including the fashion – you have great style! Looking forward to reading more and chatting with you on Twitter!


  59. Eliza says

    late post, but I have the same fears about anyone knowing about my *new* blog. I refuse to share it on fb until it becomes more than my own personally diary–if it even does– but for now it is for me and like 3 of my close friends…if people in my office found out OR highschool I would probably cry! Even though it is kinda weird that I feel embarrassed but I am really enjoying blogging!


  60. says

    Blog Talk Tuesdays is so VERY helpful! Thank you!! I just got back from an 8 day vacation and have so much to put on my blog. In a way I wish I would have done some while on vacation so it wouldn’t be so overwhelming to try to get it all done at one time but then again it was nice to just relax and enjoy time with my hubby and daughter. Take care!! 🙂


  61. says

    wow, great post! You touched on so many big topics concerning blogging!

    First, wow- you were blogging 3 times a day! I have trouble balancing my life vs. blogging time…this school year I have blogged only 2 or 3 times a week, I really want to change this…I figure the writing is on the wall that even though I am schedule-challenged, I need to come up with a schedule for blogging.

    I have been blogging for several years, but I am still a bit shy about letting people in my real life know about it. I still don’t link to my personal fb page, but slowly friends and relatives are hearing about it from others and finding me. Funny, I don’t feel weird about strangers knowing about my daily life, but it feels weird when distant relatives or old friends find the blog. i’m trying to be more proud about what I do and more open with my sharing, it’s a bit hard though, when so many people don’t really “get” blogging.

    finally, love your doggy photos, I think you’ve just convinced me to include way more photos of my pets 🙂


  62. says

    Hi Julie, I just started my own blog and love all your posts! Whenever I don’t know what to do next I check out your blog talks.. They’re really really helpful! ( I don’t even google things anymore because your posts are so AMAHZING :)) and by the way, really love your overnight oats! It’s what I take with me to dance practice every day 🙂


  63. says

    I have found myself sitting here reading your past blog topic posts and blog talk Tuesdays posts for hours today! I have been a long time reader/lover of your blog, and I just started one myself recently. I just wanted to say thank you for all these amazing blog posts, they have been very beneficial to me on my new adventure 🙂 And I LOVE all the adorable hilarious pics of Sadie you’ve thrown in there!



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