Cheesy Baked Pasta

Tonight I used the the very last food item from my Healthy Living Summit swag bag to make a delicious dinner!

baked pasta 003

I used a box of Eden Organic kamut ditalini pasta to make a cheesy baked pasta dish that totally hit the spot after yesterday’s pasta cravings.

baked pasta 010

baked pasta 008

Cheesy Baked Pasta

Serves two, or one very hungry person

(Note: If serving two, you will likely want a side for along with this dish, as the serving size is rather small for two people)

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook + Bake Time: 25 minutes


  • 1/2 cup whole grain ditalini pasta, uncooked
  • 1 can chicken, drained (4.5 ounces)
  • 1 cup steamed broccoli
  • 1 cup shredded cheese
  • 1 cup marinara sauce
  • 2 tablespoons Italian breadcrumbs


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Spray a loaf pan with cooking spray and set aside
  3. Bring a pot of water to a boil and cook pasta until it’s al dente (slightly firm)
  4. Remove pasta from heat, drain and place back into pot
  5. Add chicken, broccoli and 3/4 cup of the cheese, stirring until cheese begins to melt
  6. Add marinara sauce and breadcrumbs and stir until everything is mixed together
  7. Top with remaining 1/4 cup of cheese and bake for 10 minutes until cheese is melted

baked pasta 004

baked pasta 007

This was a super-cheesy dinner winner in our house tonight! It kind of reminded me of baked ziti or mostacholi. So good!

In Need of a New Show

With Bachelor Pad over and Jersey Shore not interesting me like it used to (well, we always DVR it, but we’re not motivated to stay up and watch it like we used to be), I’m out of television shows that excite me. (Please refrain judgment on my show choices.)

I really like having one show to look forward to during the week and feel like I must be missing out on some quality show out there right now.

Why can’t Friends still be running? Wah.

Anyway, if you have any “must watch” shows that you’ve been enjoying lately, feel free to share! Since Ryan and I have no friends in our new hometown yet, we’re looking to make some new television friends until we get some kind of a social life here.

Gosh, I sound so pathetic. Smile


  1. Camille says

    Friends is the best!! I think Nick at Nite is running reruns every night now… or at least a few nights a week. I love Modern Family, Parks and Rec, The Office, Toddlers and Tiaras- this show is a trainwreck! :), and Keeping Up with the Kardashians


  2. says

    I’m loving Mad Men! All the seasons are on NetFlix and I am addicted! Also, Dancing with the Stars starts next week (not sure Ryan would be too into that).

    My roommates and I are excited to watch PanAM the new show on ABC starting at the end of the month, I think it looks awesome!

    Love your blog!


  3. lena mad says

    I love friends, and still watch them when its on even though i’ve seen them a million times…also i’m glad im not the only one that thinks Jersey Shore is Boring now and i’m losing interest fast. Modern Family on ABC is funny, and so is ridiculousness on MTV. Anything Kardashians too lol and HGTV. Watch all the past episodes of Most Eligible Dallas on Bravo, having lived there for 23 years, its really nothing like that in Dallas lol. but its’ entertaining.


  4. says

    II read your blog frequently but this is the first time I have commented. Btw: I live in Jacksonville, FL I really enjoy reading that you still find courage to go outside despite our humid weather! It really motivates me:) Let’s hope for fall soon! I am a self proclaimed TV junkie as well. Shows I really like are Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Castle, , Desperate Housewives, Modern Family (ABC is a pretty good bet). Then there are some really good shows on other channels like Gossip Girl (very similar to Bachelor Pad drama haha), Criminal Minds (CBS), The Mentalist (a funny Crime Drama), The Good Wife on CBS is amazingness – family and legal drama, and obviously Glee. Thank goodness for a DVR huh? Hope some of these suggestions help!


  5. Jessica says

    I totally agree with Moderen Family and Big Bang Theory. Apparently, True Blood is really big around here too? I don’t have HBO but all my friends talk about it. I’m planning on renting the season 1 DVD’s once it starts getting cold here (which will be soon in Neb)


  6. says

    How I Met Your Mother! Kinda sorta a little bit reminds me of Friends. I would Highly recommend it!

    Oh, and if you’re into shows that are a bit uh, different but REALLY good, I’d suggest Dexter! I plowed through all five seasons in a matter of weeks!


  7. Erin B says

    OK, this will sound cheesy for two reasons – the channel and the premise, however I love Drop Dead Diva. It’s on Lifetime on Sunday nights. So the premise is that there is this gorgeous, tiny, blonde model named Deb who dies in a car accident on her way to a modeling thing. Instead of staying dead, she wakes up in some other woman’s body – a much larger brunette who is an attorney, Jane. And the attorney works with her former fiance (Deb’s fiance). So she’s learning about herself and that life is more than just looks, etc. It’s wonderful and heartwarming and just a little cheesy. LOVE.


  8. Mandi L. says

    Remember Sister Sister??? Tia and Tamera have their own show on Style and I have to say, it’s hilarious! Their laughs are totally contagious and the show is pretty addicting in my opinion. I also love Rachel Zoe and her new season just started as well. Check em out!!!

    ps boyfriend likes to watch them with me 😉


  9. Melissa says

    Breaking Bad is my ALL TIME favorite show!!! I really can’t recommend it enough.

    It’s available on Netflix streaming, too!

    That would be a great show for the two of you. It’s dark, but its AMAZING!!


  10. Chuluotababe says

    Friends is on Nick and Nite right now. I watched an episode last night while on the treadmill. I don’t watch much tv. I’m like you… I just need one show a week. Tosh.0 is pretty good and is starting back up on the 20th. However, I’m going to give The Playboy Club, PanAm, and New Girl a try. (Same here with Jersey Shore… it’s on the DVR. I also always have some Pawn Stars on the DVR)


  11. says

    My favorite shows include Glee, True Blood, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Check ’em out, they’re pretty, pretty, pretty good :)

    Also, in the process of reading Room. What they heck is happening with these people???


  12. bananas says

    anything Bravo! RHO Beverly Hills and Flipping Out are my fav! Also, Animal Planet has a new show called Human Planet.. amazing!! I enjoy shows I can catch re-runs of.. I am not once to plan my nights around TV so I like to watch when I can.


  13. says

    Omigosh that pasta bake looks so delicious!! For the single gals, that looks like the perfect and leftover lunch combo! I’m sad Bachelor Pad is over too… and did you know the Bachelor doesn’t start again until Jan? Ugh, hate that! But I’m excited for Fall tv to come back- def get into Glee, Modern Family and the Good Wife! I also have my guilty pleasure shows- Pretty Little Liars and anything on bravo!


  14. Daniella says

    Dexter, Glee, Gossip Girl, America’s Next Top Model, The Vampire Diaries, and I really wanna check out The Secret Circle (on the cw which the series premieres tonight!), Top Chef: Just Desserts, and regular Top Chef of course :-)


  15. Lindsay@cupcakes to carrots says

    ok so i absolutely love vampire diairies. today is the premier of season 3 and i told my MIL to have my son waiting by the door at her house by 7:30pm so i can be back home by 8:00!!

    there is a few new shows coming on that i am interested in watching..maybe try a new one? There is one on CW with a girl that joins a witch circle or something? (can’t remember the name) and then on FX the american horror or something….looks pretty good!

    I also liked watching prison break, sons of anarchy, kardashians, jshore.


  16. Ashley says

    Teen Mom, Dance Moms, Kardashians – total guilty pleasure shows!!

    But Dexter is great!!! My husband and I love it, seasons 1-5 are on Netflix and season 6 is just starting on Showtime!


  17. Lindsey @ Cardio Pizza says

    I watch complete trash most of the time (no shame) and I love:

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (the season just started), Millionaire Matchmaker, and the Bad Girls Club (extra trashy, but I cant stop watching!)

    As for non-reality shows, embarrassingly, Andy and I watch the new 90210 on Tuesdays at 8pm (the season just started). It’s really cheesy, but good!

    I’m also looking forward to Simon Cowell’s new show X Factor starting soon.


  18. says

    Parenthood just started back up on NBC this week! It’s so good. You can watch Season 1 and 2 on and Hulu.

    Mad Men is great. We stream it on Netflix instant play.

    LOST = all time favorite :)


  19. says

    I’m a Survivor addict — we actually call it “Survivor Night” in my house and all my coworkers know that I’m outta there on time because it’s “Survivor Night” :-)

    A friend got me hooked on The Amazing Race, too. I am dying to try out for that show with my husband!


  20. says

    Bethenny Frankel’s “Bethenny ever after” and “Bethenny getting married” are two of my fav’s …but probably not something Ryan would be interested in haha. I’ve heard Criminal Minds is awesome! I’m a wimp and can’t watch it myself though : /


  21. Cortney says

    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just started back up. Rachael Zoe Project. Always Sunny in Philadelphia is completely inappropriate, but really funny! The new season just premiered last night. Millionaire Matchmaker is great too.


  22. alex says

    Totally in agreement with the person above me on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Always Sunny! If you are looking for something really trashy to fill the void, though, I suggest Big Easy Brides on WE. Trust me.


  23. Jen M. says

    Modern Family!! Parenthood, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries (I know, I know, but I love it and the guys are soooooo cute!), Parks and Recs is hilarious to me, but I think it’s an acquired taste, same with 30 Rock, Tina Fey cracks me up, but I know she’s not for everyone. I’m really excited for Whitney and New Girl, I have high hopes for them, and the pilot for Free Agents was pretty good. I also love Criminal Minds and Fringe.


  24. Christina says

    I’ve been playing catch-up on some past entries I missed, so not sure if you’ll still see this so long after the post…. HOWEVER, if you’re fiending for some Bachelor Pad-ish energy, I’d definitely suggest Real Housewives. The best part is there are tons of em, (New York (my fave), New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Orange County, etc.) so if you get into one and love it, there will likely be another similar one on as soon as you’ve finished the season. I’d watch at least two episodes to give it a chance – sometimes there’s lots of women in a season and it can take a sec to get sucked in, but when you do – OH SO GOOD! I’d also definitely recommend any of the Kardashian shows – good stuff.


  25. Nadja Rodriguez says

    Hi, I love your blog and I have never left a comment before and I know it was a while ago but if you are still looking for a new show, check out Revenge! I love love love that show!


  26. says

    I believe that is one of the such a lot important information for me. And i am glad reading your article. However want to statement on some general things, The web site taste is ideal, the articles is in point of fact nice : D. Good job, cheers


  27. Kathleen says

    Hey! I love Once Upon a Time and I saw that you loved Disney on one of your playlist posts! This show is not by Disney but it has a lot of the same characters in it! My boyfriend and I are obsessed, we are Disney fanatics! The good news is it’s only on its second season! Hope this helps!


  28. Tara says

    Hi Julie,

    I just started following your blog, today! I have been looking for some blogs which highlight healthy, low-calorie recipes and yours really interested me!
    I wonder, do you post the calories, and other nutrition information on your recipes? Especially this pasta one, which looks delicious!



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