Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer

Ever since the Best Body Boot Camp I followed for several weeks ended back in April, I’ve been on the lookout for a new challenge.

I love making up my workouts on the fly and doing whatever I want at the gym, but that feeling typically lasts for a few weeks before I start getting restless and want more structure and a legitimate goal or challenge.

Usually this is when I’ll start training for a half marathon, but I am loving more strength-based workouts lately and wanted to find a challenge that aligned with this preference.

I’ve read a lot about Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer, a free 12-week program with workouts that seem to be based upon solid strength training. It looked right up my alley.

jamie eason's livefit

Last night, I examined the program and printed out the first week of workouts, planning to tackle the first one at the gym this morning.

The first workout focused on chest and tricep exercises. I completed three sets of 12 repetitions of six different exercises and have a feeling I’m going to be really sore tomorrow.

When I’ve strength trained on my own in the past, I usually did three sets of 15 repetitions, but lowering the reps to 12 and grabbing heavier weights added a whole new challenge. I loved it!!!

Pushing myself during strength training is oddly fun for me. I like feeling like I’m working my muscles. Feeling strong is the jam!


The LiveFit program also comes with a meal plan which I’m not really planning on following, though I may use it for inspiration for some of my meals and snacks.

Today’s breakfast wasn’t on the meal plan, but it was delicious!

vans waffles peanut butter honey chia

I topped two whole wheat Van’s waffles with a thick smear of Reginald’s Apple Sin homemade peanut butter.

applesin peanut butter

apple cinnamon peanut butter

The company sent me three mini sample jars of their nut butters to try and every single one is fantastic. (The Cashew Nilla is my favorite.) Each flavor I’ve tried hasn’t included any kind of sweetener, but they were all still incredibly flavorful and mouthwatering.

I added a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of chia seeds on top of the peanut butter before inhaling both waffles with a mug of hot coffee.

waffles with peanut butter

Great breakfast!

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giveaway winner


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Question of the Afternoon

  • Have you ever tried a workout program that lasted several weeks (P90X, LiveFit, Tone It Up, Body For Life, etc.)? What did you think?


  1. says

    I really love Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer! Its so helpful for me to have a plan when I get to the gym. It helps me get my butt out the door and gives me focus while I’m there so I can maximize my time. I just finished Phase 2 and I’m feeling much stronger and more confident in the weight room now. Just wait til you get to Phase 3, she changes it up completely on ya! Also, I didn’t follow the nutrition plan, it just seemed so boring :-) Love Vans waffles – have you tried their belgian waffles? They’re square!


  2. Allison says

    I’m on the last week of Phase 1 of the livefit trainer. I love it. It gives me a set schedule to lift to. I’m not following the meal plan but do try to eat more protein and less carbs. I’m not following her no cardio during phase 1. I’ve paid for a class called tough mudder which prepares you for a tough mudder race come fall and I’m not giving them up. I’ve registered to run the Santa Rosa half marathon in August. It’s only been 3 weeks and I feel stronger and better already.


  3. Julie says

    That’s so funny….I was getting antsy after Best Body Bootcamp ended and I just started Live Fit today as well. Love how terrible my triceps feel fit now!


  4. Kortney says

    I did jamie workouts, I skipped the first two phases because I wanted to focus on slimming down and get toned, I followed the workouts exactly and liked it a lot. I didnt follow the meal plan cause I tried a few things and they were just too blah for me. Plus if I follow a meal plan it needs to says portion sizes and stuff. The only bad thing is the workouts were taking about an hour and a half! And it felt like forever since was use to crossfit or insanity workouts that are about an hour at most. It was a nice change though and it hit every muscle really good without over working them!


  5. Allison says

    I did all 12 weeks of the trainer and I saw great results, but I was SICK.of.the. GYM when it was over. Some of the workouts were pushing 2 hours. I have two kids, a husband, a dog and a job. I did not have the time for that!!

    I certain read the different parts of the diet, but found it too restrictive (although I did give up all added sugar) and didn’t think it was enough calories for me.


  6. says

    Love that you’re hopping on the Livefit bandwagon! I’m on week 7 right now and loving it. I’ll be super interested to hear your thoughts on it…Phase 1 seemed a bit too easy for me. Phase 2 is a little too long so I’m eager to get to Phase 3! Are you going to follow the meal plan or just kind of do your own thing?


  7. says

    Today is actually my Day 60 of doing P90X! I’ve attempted to complete the entire program in the past and have always failed. This time around, I have more motivation and inspiration so it is definitely much easier to stick with it.

    The workouts seem long but only because each one includes stretching and cooling down periods which is helpful! After the first 30 days, it has gotten much easier to do, and I do notice the results! I also love the different workouts such as plyometrics and yoga. Yoga has definitely helped me to become more flexible!


  8. says

    Love her workouts, I might have to check that plan out, I am always looking for something new to do so I don’t get bored! Those nutbutters look yummy as well, however I’ve been baned for awhile from buying new nutbutters, haha


  9. Amy says

    I do Lori Harders online workout program and I absolutely love it. I’ve been doing it since January and I’ve seen drastic results. I’ve built muscle and am more toned and defined than I’ve ever been. Its fun and challanging and the workouts change every month so we never get bored.


  10. Rachelle says

    I’m actually on week 11 of the Live Fit challenge and I must say that it is amazing! The workouts are definitely challenging but I can see a difference in my strength which is what I wanted in the first place. I’ll tell you now that during phase 2, I felt like a baloon! I guess it was because I was gaining muscle, but not exactly burning the fat from the lack there of cardio from the beginning phase. I don’t have that problem anymore though :). And it’s possible you won’t even go through that!


  11. says

    I’ve never done P90X or anything of that sort because I just can’t see myself doing workouts in my own home (unless I had a home gym). I don’t have the equipment or the space to do so, plus I think I would get really distracted by my dog! Haha!


  12. says

    I’m currently in the middle of the TIU program, and I am enjoying it a lot more than I expected. I love having a workout sent to me each day: not only does it take the pressure off of me, but it keeps things fresh and interesting! LiveFit is actually next on my list; I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it!


  13. says

    I’ve tried Body For Life a few years ago. I wasn’t a fan of the weight component. Although I have muscular legs, they used to be reeeeally muscular due to playing/training for college soccer, and I found the minute I did BFL weight training, my legs really started to bulk up again. Not a big fan, but can see how it would work for some people!

    I’ve resigned to the incorporation of a variety of fitness regimes! I find it much more fulfilling, less repetitive, and better for my body. :)


  14. Jennifer says

    I tried jamie eason’s 3 month live fit trainer and it is AWESOME! i have never been able to gain as much muscle as i did doing her workouts. i didn’t follow her meal plan either, but that is because i have a weird stomach problem and eating her plan was messing with my stomach. its a great workout, the only thing i hated was not doing the cardio for the first month – nearly killed me not running for a whole month! but totally worth it in the end :) i can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it


  15. says

    I did P90X last year and completed the whole thing! I lost 11 pounds and was crazy strong when I was finished. One baby and one year later…I’m working to get back to that!


  16. Isabel says

    I’ve been tempted to do the LiveFit plan but just cannot see myself scheduling all that gym time at this point in work schedule. Maybe during the summer ( I am a teacher), I will try it out since I will have more time to go to the gym. Back in January, I tried a Bodyrock.tv 30 day challenge and I really saw improvements with that. I have continued with Bodyrock workouts plus Zuzana Light’s ZWOW workouts on Youtube and have seen alot of arm muscles and the beginnings of some abs! Best of all- it’s free and the workouts range from 12-20 minutes(with some longer ones here and there). I am a Bodyrocker for sure!


  17. Janae says

    I loved Jamie Eason’s livefit trainer! Towards phase 2 and phase 3 it takes a lonnnnng time to get through all of the exercises, plus she adds 30 minutes of cardio. When I was doing this, I spent over an hour at the gym. After awhile I got a little burnt out. But stick with it!


  18. Jillian says

    I am pretty sure this post is a sign for me. I read your blog everyday. And have been debating over starting the live fit trainer for the past few weeks now. I have been on my laptop for a little over an hour going over the program again, turn to your blog for the first time today and there it is. I am starting day 1 tomorrow. I have 20 more pounds to go until I hit my goal, I have lost 75 pounds already just doing cardio and very little weight training. I am at a stand still with my weight loss and I am hoping this program will change it up enough that I drop those 20 pounds. I am a little nervous about the no cardio part because thats what I have been doing all along but I am going to try it, its only 4 weeks. I am looking forward to your post about live fit over the next little while!


  19. Brianna says

    Thanks so much for posting this website! I’ve been in real need of a new workout plan, and this is right down my alley :) I’ll be starting it tomorrow. I’m super excited!


  20. says

    I signed up, and am still looking at the website. Do you have to go to a gym? I have free weights, but can’t afford the gym membership.


  21. Rachel says

    Yay! I love LiveFit! I just finished week 12. I didn’t follow the meal plan either. I did do cardio during Phase 1 though. I get antsy if I don’t run. :-)


  22. Irini says

    I’m starting LiveFit tomorrow! I am SOOOOOO excited for it! Your workout updates will be extra motivation and I’ll pretend I have a virtual workout buddy wooo!


  23. says

    I feel ya. I did Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp too, and now I’m finding myself a little lost at the gym. I didn’t realize how much I loved that structure! I’m excited to hear what you think of your new program :-)


  24. says

    I have a couple who is doing the 12 week challenge from bodybuilding.com, not sure if it’s this one or not but I saw on Jaime’s fanpage that’s where her’s is. I love to mix it up with new workouts but I gotta say 1.5 hours at the gym sounds like a LOT! I hired a trainer at my gym, not doing body pump anymore…I’m only with him 2x a week for 30 minutes each time and I’ve never seen so much muscle tone and trimming up with so little time at the gym – THANK GOODNESS lol! I hope this one works out well for you and you get a lot out of it!


  25. says

    I tried the LiveFit Trainer and enjoyed it. Though towards the end, the workouts took so much longer and I got bad knee pain from all the sprints. It ceased to work for me anymore, but I did build muscle from the first 2 phases.


  26. Shanna Johnston says

    I love the Les Mills Pump that beach body just put out. It’s all barbell training. I usually just run and do Hatha Yoga, but this program really helped lean out my arms and legs and gave me a lot of the definition I was lacking. The instructors have cute accents and the music is great!


  27. says

    I completed the Livefit program earlier this year, and it was amazing.. You’ll love it! Seriously a challenge at times, but amazing results!


  28. says

    I started NROWLFW but didn’t get past the first week. I mentioned this in one of my post, but I LOVE VARIETY. I love trying new workouts and just doing what seems fun to me! When I limit myself, I kind of takes the fun out of working out! Maybe i just haven’t found the right plan?


  29. tjordan says

    I am currently completing a weight lifting program given to me by a colleague…I am lucky to have very knowledgeable, dedicated fitness people around me…I will be doing it for a total of 8 weeks and am on week 3 right now.

    I plan on starting the Jamie Eason’s LiveFit program after I complete my current program. After losing 78 lbs, my new goal is to build muscle and this looks like a good program to do that with (other than the no cardio part…that is a bit scary to me!)

    Looking forward to seeing your journey through the program!


    • says

      Oh Julie, please forgive me. I swear this baby brain is getting REALLY bad. I see in your VERY next post that you made the pumpkin bars. Ha! Ignore that comment 😉


  30. Ellie says

    Hi Julie! How do you sign up for LiveFit Trainer? If you give them your e-mail do they just send you the work outs for free?

    Ive been following your blog for about 2 weeks now (I found it on pinterest) It has been great fitness inspiration for me and I have already tried some of your recipes.

    Thanks so much!



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