Fitness Bucket List

As you may know, I am a FitFluential ambassador and really enjoy being part of a community of people who love fitness. (Just in case you’re interested, you don’t have to be a blogger to be part of FitFluential!)

Occasionally ambassadors are asked to put together something fun and fitness-related and a few weeks ago, the concept of creating a Fitness Bucket List on Pinterest came up.

I didn’t make one at first because I didn’t think I had a lot of fitness goals beyond simply living an active life and a few career-related goals, but the more I thought about it, the more I started to realize that I actually do have quite a few!

fitness bucket list

Here are the items I have on my Fitness Bucket List:

  • Complete a two or three-day walk for breast cancer

This became a goal of mine the week that my mom had a double mastectomy. I was in St. Pete visiting her when, coincidentally enough, I saw hundreds of people walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk in October 2008. What really stuck out to me were the women and men wearing SURVIVOR t-shirts. It gave me an overwhelming sense of hope that my mom would be okay.

3 day walkavon walk for breast cancer

  • Become a certified personal trainer

I’d love to become a certified personal trainer. My overall interest is in writing about fitness and teaching group exercise classes, and while I know you don’t necessarily have to be a personal trainer to teach group exercise, it is a certification that is important to me if I hope to enter the fitness field. Though writing will still be my primary focus, I think the knowledge I would gain would benefit my freelance writing career and allow me to feel more comfortable reaching out to certain publications and teaching group exercise. Plus, I want to learn a lot more!

  • Teach group exercise

I am seriously intimidated by teaching group exercise classes but it’s something I’ve had in the back of my mind for years because, in my heart, I think I would love it. I really enjoy the group exercise environment and encouraging others. My interest is in teaching BodyPump or Jazzercise, but we’ll see!


  • Run a race in Washington, D.C.

For some reason running a race in Washington, D.C. sounds amazing to me. I’d love to run through our nation’s capital. Talk about inspiring! The Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon is calling to me…

dc half marathon

  • Run a marathon

This is my “one day” goal. It’s in the back of my mind, but not something I plan to train for in the near future. It’s a “later in life” bucket list item for me.

  • Run in another race with Sadie

I had such a blast running in a 5K with Sadie before (I even PRed!) and would love to run another one with her. I just wish dog races were more popular!

running with sadie

  • Go scuba diving somewhere exotic

I’m not sure whether or not this belongs on a “fitness” bucket list, but scuba diving can be pretty physical, so I added it. I’ve only been scuba diving in Florida and the thought of scuba diving somewhere exotic where the water is turquoise and the colors of the fish are brilliant sounds incredible. One day!

scuba diving

Question of the Afternoon

  • What is one item on your fitness bucket list?


  1. Laurel says

    It was like you read my mind…I’m here at work twiddling my thumbs praying you’ll post soon and voila! One fitness goal is to complete an olympic triathlon…which I could prob do with a little more training in the near future, but I’m not seeing any races that excite me. xoxo


  2. Marissa says

    I want to start and finish P90x!! or Insanity!! Either would be an accomplishment. I also want to take some type of group fitness class … I’m going to my first yoga class at the end of the month so hopefully I’ll love it (fingers crossed)!!


  3. says

    I’ve done duathlons so I’m looking to add swimming in to the mix soon and then on to triathlons…and hopefully one day a half ironman 🙂

    I’m working on teaching fitness classes soon!! can’t wait


  4. Sara B says

    I did the Rock n Roll USA half and it was amazing! Awesome crowd support and you can’t beat the scenery. You should definitely do it.

    The NYC Marathon is on my bucket list! One of these days I’ll get in.


      • Alexis says

        There’s also the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. It happens early each Spring and is the best way to see the famous blooming cherry blossoms. Just be sure to sign up in early December, so you get in the entry lottery :).


  5. says

    I would love to do a half-marathon one day. The Rock ‘n Roll ones sound so fun! As do the Disney ones! And the wine ones! Okay maybe almost all of them… I think I need to conquer a 10k first though. It would be a dream come true if I ever complete a half marathon!


  6. says

    i just made my bucket list for fitluential last week, and one of them was to also get certified to teach a group fitness class. i’m like you though, i’m kind of intimidated, but it’s been in the back of my head for the last few years. i think we just need to GO for it! 🙂


  7. Ashley says

    I ran the Army 10-miler in DC last October and I’m signed up to run again this year! Although I didn’t get to see too much of our nation’s capital (super focused on running my first long distance race), it was very fun and exciting to be there!
    I’d also like to teach a group fitness class. 🙂


  8. Lindsay says

    I live in DC and although I enjoy exercise, running does not top my list. Nonetheless, I’ve done several medium-distance races in the area, and my favorite by far is the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. It’s the perfect time of year for running, and it takes you past many of the sights and landmarks in DC. I would recommend that over RnR!


  9. says

    These are great goals Julie! One thing on my fitness bucket list is to actually make that board on Pinterest lol! There are a lot of things I’d like to do, including getting my personal trainer cert to go along with the ones I already have for fitness and nutrition. I’d also like to run a few destination races, like in San Francisco, Disney, and maybe New York. I’ve qualified for Boston but am not sure that running another marathon is really on my list any more… it’s a debate I have with myself over and over again!


  10. Kaella says

    Full a half marathon!!! I was half way through my training plan when I got pregnant with our baby boy. I’ve already found the perfect “jogging” stroller for after he arrives in October so I can start training again. I’d love to do a half in 2013! 🙂


  11. says

    I want to run one of the Disney World races (most likely a half marathon)! I don’t think I’d ever have a bored minute running through Disney. And it’d be awesome to run a race with my dog! Unfortunately San Antonio is quite possibly the most non-dog friendly cities so I seriously doubt there are any dog races.

    As a fellow scuba diver, it totally counts as fitness! There have been lots of times my heart rate has been really up there while diving…the chance of a shark encounter makes my heart beat fast!


    • Jen says

      I loved the Disney Princess half…buuut the parts of the race between parks were really boring. Running through the magic kingdom and Cinderella’s castle made up for it though!


  12. says

    Awesome, Im very excited for you. I am dying to do the Komen walk, a friend did it years ago and said its amazing, you meet all kinds of interesting people doing it for different reason.

    I was super moved by one story she told me, she met an 80 year old man, and she was asking did you lose someone to breast cancer, he said that he was doing it for his 2 year old grand daughter because he didnt want her to hear the word breast cancer. Best of luck


  13. Stace says

    Last April I lost a friend at 32 years old to breast cancer and 2 aunts passed away with in weeks of my friend due to other cancers so it was a really tough time. One of my best friends emailed a group of us a month after our friend passed saying she wanted to do the 60 mile 3 day walk if anyone was interested. I had never heard of this walk before and immedialty thought “60 miles!!! i could NEVER do that but over the next few days I couldnt stop thinking about it and how amazing this event was. I was sitting at home daydreaming about crossing the finish line after walking 60 miles and I burst into tears just at the thought of it. I signed up the next day and never looked back. I was so nervous leading up to the event and even thought about backing out a few times but all of the support from friends and family kept me going. It was hands down the most special thing I ever have done in my life. I am signed up for the 2012 walk and although I am nervous (mostly bc its hard to raise the 2300.00 to do the walk) I can’t wait to experience it again and this time as an Alumni! I cant speak enough about this walk and if you have ANY questions I would love to answer them!


  14. says

    I saw you pinning that earlier and thought about making one of those boards for myself 🙂 I totally want to run a marathon and do at least a half iron man, but would love to do a complete iron man. One day!


  15. says

    I’d like to do a 10k and maybe a 10-miler. A bunch of my friends did the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in DC and I was too chicken and afraid to even try.

    I’d also like to do a race with my dog Sam and a mud run of some sort!


  16. says

    I agree with you on the dog races. I would love to run 5k’s with my dogs–what a blast!
    I would love to run a half marathon in New York City. It is such an amazing place to visit and I can’t imagine how fun it would be to race there.
    I also want to do a mud/obstacle run. I’ve had so many friends that did it and enjoyed it.


  17. says

    1.Become a spin instructor – I started spin classes during my time at FSU and though I don’t go regularly now, I’d love to pick it back up and one day teach! And…
    2. Race a triathlon. Even a sprint will do! I find it so intimidating right now but hoping to get the courage and train in the near future!!


  18. says

    I heard my boss telling someone about her daughter’s “30 by 30” list of 30 things she wanted to do before turning 30. I tried to think of my own and honestly couldn’t come up with too many. I know that I do want to try and climb a mountain sometime soon!


  19. says

    I would love to teach exercise classes, for some reason I have a burning desire to teach body pump and I have never even taken a class before, I just know I would love it and I want to teach pilates which is weird for me because I hardly ever take classes, I just think if I was teaching it I would love it! Deep down I want to run a marathon and everyone tells me I should, my dad is really pushing it so he can live vicariously through me but I just can’t get out of my head that I don’t think I would make it.


  20. says

    I want to take an adult gymnastics class some time in the next few years (after I have my baby). I was always intimidated of gymnastics as a kid and was even too afraid to do a handstand, which I’ve learned to do since an adult. I think it would be so much fun to learn how to do a couple of flips.


  21. Allyson says

    I just recently got BodyPump certified and was TERRIFIED of going and doing it! It was an amazing experience and I love teaching it SO much more than taking the class. I push myself so much harder and love motivating people during the workout. You would be an amazing instructor Julie! I highly recommend that you get certified 🙂


  22. says

    I definitely agree about running a race in DC – I did last year and I am so glad I did. I did the MCM and though it was super crowded, the fact that you are running around our nations history with lots of crowd support was incredible!


  23. says

    You should totally go for the group fitness one! I am a super shy and quite person, but I took the plunge and began training to become a pilates instructor at my university, auditioned and I actually got the job! Teaching classes really challenges me but I really enjoy it and it’s so rewarding. It definitely doesn’t feel like work at all. And it’s much less intimidating than I ever thought it would be.


  24. Leslie says

    I highly highly HIGHLY recommend the Avon 2 Day Walk. A dear friend and I have done 3 together and we pick a new city each time. We’re planning to walk DC next spring! It’s such an overwhelming experience and you meet so many interesting, fascinating, and inspiring women (and men, too!). We walked New York in October, and a man pushed his wife in her wheelchair for the entire 40 miles, as she was undergoing treatment at the time. I cried when I saw them and I’m tearing up now just thinking about it!
    Love your blog, by the way!


    • Rachel says

      Where else have you walked?? DC is great- the last few years we’ve started at the Washington Monument. I’m just bored with DC though since it’s my hometown.

      I have walked the DC walk 5 times, crewed DC once, walked Charlotte once and just did Chicago the other weekend!! Next year six teammates and I are walking New York!!

      It has been the best experience in my life. We have three teammates who are survivors and the people are amazing!! I’m currently in a boot for 6-8 weeks: found out right after the Chicago walk I had a stress fracture in left foot (yes, from walking!) but I still finished 31.5 miles!!

      I’m still walking next year. Probably not the whole 39 miles but I’m still walking no matter what!!


      • Leslie says

        Awesome! That’s a lot of walking! We did Denver in 2007, Chicago in 2008 and NYC in 2011. Took a few years off while my friend was in law school. I have loved them all! I’m excited about DC – we just moved from there about a year ago and I miss it! I’m also anxious to walk San Francisco.


  25. says

    Doing the Susan G. Komen 3 day walk is on my list. My Mom and best friend (who is only 30) both have breast cancer and my Aunt is a breast cancer survivor so it’s a cause close to my heart!


  26. says

    I have quite a few on mine and scuba is one of them. I know that snorkeling is a major workout so I can only imagine scuba would be similar.

    I would also like to go horseback riding (I got on a horse for the 1st time as an adult last year and it was scary and amazing).

    And I would like to own two bikes so hubby and I can go outside to bike instead of always spinning in our home gym.

    I wrote about my FF bucket list too


  27. Jo says

    Hi Julie!
    I’ve been a long time reader and I don’t think I’ve ever posted (until now!) I had to comment and let you know what a truly incredible experience the Susan G Komen 3-Day is and you really should check that one of your bucket list (soon)! You’ll laugh, cry, and meet some inspiring and amazing people. I can go on and on about this experience, feel free to ask me anything about it! I have walked the Boston 3-Day twice. My family walks every year since 2003 or 2004 (our team is Paula’s people) in memory of my aunt who walked multiple years until sadly Breast Cancer took her from us, far too young and in honor of other two aunts and mom, all three survivors. I am in awe of women like your mother (a survivor) and the women in my family, they are among an extraordinary group of brave women! This year, I am volunteering this year with the Boston 3-Day Medical Crew (I’m a nurse) and walking in DC this year with my families team. I am so excited to see you sharing this goal with the blog world and for your honesty in past posts regarding your own personal experience with Breast Cancer. Thank you!


  28. says

    Love this post, and the Pinterest board idea! I know what I’ll be searching on Pinterest when I get home!
    The top of my fitness bucket list would be to solo the Canadian Death Race, a 125-km ultra over three mountain summits, gaining 17,000 feet in elevation. I really hope to run it one year!


  29. Audrey Adams says

    Run a marathon, run three half marathons in a year, become a certified personal trainer as well, run a relay, do good in upcoming season for Cross Country…those are on my fitness bucket list.


  30. says

    I have a bucket list on Pinterest, but I love the idea of having a fitness one specifically.
    First thing on my fitness (and life) bucket list is to run a half marathon – scheduled for October!


  31. says

    go for the group exercise! I started teaching Zumba a few months ago and it is such an amazing feeling watching women boost their confidence and self esteem (oh and get paid to work out and have fun!!)


  32. Jess says

    I have 2 stress fractures in my spine from an old gymnastics injury. Because of the pain, I am very limited to what I can do. I’ve finally found a doctor to fix it, so I hope that I’ll get to do something I never thought I would – run a 5K.


  33. Sarah says

    “I’ve only been scuba diving in Florida and the thought of scuba diving somewhere exotic where the water is turquoise and the colors of the fish are brilliant sounds incredible.”

    Diving in Florida IS where the water is turquoise and the fish are brilliant!! I love California/West Coast diving, but overall, the diving is easier (and warmer!) in FL.


  34. says

    One of mine is to do a Half Ironman…and that is happening in Aug!!! 🙂

    Also, to do a triathlon with Hawaii, run a race in DC, and get certified to teach CXWorx and BodyAttack.

    I LOVE teaching fitness classes!!! (BP rocks!) You should TOTALLY go for it!!! 🙂


  35. Kasey says

    You should FOR SURE do a couple day walk for Breast Cancer. My mom has done one here in Toronto a couple of times and i signed up for my first one this fall… 60km!!



  36. Diane says

    Last month I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back to the top again. I’d been wanting to do that for years! That was an accomplishment in its self, but the best part was that my boyfriend proposed to me at the bottom of the canyon!!


  37. says

    I HIGHLY recommend the DC half! I did it this spring and absolutely loved it.

    I really want to run the Disney Princess and Nike Women’s Half Marathons. Now I just need the cash to do both of them!


  38. says

    I would love to get my Zumba certification. I truly that love class because it is just so much fun and never seems like exercise. Besides, I move my hips pretty well so I think I would be good at it…..except for that coordination thing and all. It always takes me a few times of doing a dance before I really catch on.

    A mud run would also be great fun. I may just mark that one off in the next year!!


  39. says

    Once you start teaching, you will feel so comfortable–great energy! I never thought I would love group instruction more than personal training but it’s a tie!

    I’m so with you on races with pups….my Cooper chases everything (esp other dogs) in front. Sadie would kick his tail!


  40. says

    Julie, you would be fantastic at group fitness! Especially with Les Mills, they truly do such a an amazing job at turning good instructors into phenomenal ones.


  41. Nicole Kohlmier says

    I just found your blog and I love it! One item on my fitness bucket list is to qualify for the Crossfit games. Lofty, but I just want to try! What a great idea for a board


  42. says

    Disney Princess and Tinkerbell Half marathons, and by doing those in one year, earn the Coast to Coast Race medal. 😀 Now to start working toward running.


  43. Keri :) says

    My dog pulls SO bad when I run or walk with him… I would probably set a SERIOUS PR if I ran with him in a 5k! :o)


  44. says

    I’ve always wanted to run a full marathon. I’ve tried a few times but ended up getting injured during training that caused me to stop. I have a shirt I bought in Boston that says “The marathon can humble you.” (Bill Rodgers) I’ve been waiting to wear it once I’ve ran a full.


  45. says

    This is really neat – great post! I love all of your goals. I think that you would be a great group exercise instructor! I love group exercise classes and have wondered about becoming certified, but I’m not sure that I would be very good at teaching classes. Something to think about, though!


  46. says

    I’m seriously contemplating whether or not I think I could run a full marathon. The thought is just so daunting. I would also love to go on a running/fitness cruise, run a Rock ‘N Roll half marathon, and learn to swim well enough to do a triathlon in decent time!


  47. says

    I started taking BodyPump classes this year at school and they are AWESOME! I would love to get my certification to teach but with my major I just don’t have the time unfortunately. Good luck with completing your fitness bucket list!


  48. says

    I would like to someday run a marathon. Only one. I don’t need to be the person who runs multiple marathons a year, but once in my life would feel like a huge achievement. In the meantime, a 1/2 would suffice.

    I also want to get my personal training certificate and teach group fitness classes. Basically I just want the opportunity to inspire people to live a healthy and active lifestyle.


  49. pluvk says

    I think you would be great teaching group fitness classes. I LOVE your circuit workouts (pssst… could you create some more, please?). Great Fitness Bucket List! Mine would include running a 5K (I’m SO not a runner, but I want to try!), be able to do 50 full body pushups, and try Zumba and Bikram Yoga. 🙂


  50. says

    I’m actually ACE certified for Group Fitness and I absolutely love teaching (I teach spin and boot camp classes). But I’d really say check out other certifications. The downfall of ACE is that they don’t require, at least for the Grp X, an in person demonstration. I think personal training is different but if you’re looking to also get that cert, AFAA, NASM or AFTA. Just my two cents but you definitely want to get certified and feel 100% confident!


  51. says

    I love your goals! Mine are to try CrossFit and to complete a race (10k or a Half)… and you should definitely run a race through D.C.! I live there and it is kind of cool to run down the National Mall and near the monuments. 🙂


  52. says

    I walked 26.2 miles overnight through london for breastcancer last month, blisters were pretty bad but it was so worth it! Would your mum do the breast cancer walk with you? I am doing a Race for Life 10k next month in memory of my best friends mother.

    Love the fitness bucket list- do you have a life bucket list? I recently made one when freaking out about another birthday. On my fitness list is complete a triathlon, run the New York marathon and complete an obstacle run.


  53. Nathan Miller says

    Doing a Triathlon is for sure on the list, with two marathons under my belt, Id say a tri is the next thing to check off


  54. says

    I started a Fitness Bucket List board too! I would love to be able to run a half marathon and to run a 5K in 25minutes. I’ve always thought about teaching group exercise classes too, but thought if you didn’t have a full personal trainer certification that the gym won’t take you seriously! Hmmm, I’m still thinking about it!


  55. Cari says

    this is a great idea– i should really make one of these! right now i am working on my body pump instructor certification :). passed my initial training and practicing for my final assessment!


  56. Sue says

    I would like to do a lot of things, but moreso in the near future is a sprint triathlon and running a 10K (I’m a newbie runner).

    Love that there are races where you can run with Sadie! That is one of my favorites things, to see people running outside with their dogs! The happiness on the dog’s faces melt my heart! 🙂


  57. says

    Do NOT be intimidated by teaching group ex classes. I used to be the exact same way, and have been doing it for three years now. It is one of my favorite activities of the week. Do you have a local Y? I would suggest checking there to start- a lot less intimidating!


  58. Margaret says

    My mom passed away from breast cancer 4 years ago, and since then I’ve done the 3 Day twice! It is an AWESOME experience and I definitely suggest you do it!


  59. Adrianna says

    although I don’t know you aside from the blog (longtime reader…one of my faves!!), I think you’d be amazing at teaching classes 🙂 your passionate and sweet as can be…and your body is something to strive for. inspiration!


  60. says

    I particpated in the Susan G. Komen Walk in Atlanta last year. There are simply no words to describe the emotions that you will have on such an experience. It is a memory that will last a lifetime.

    My current fitness bucket list includes: Complete a Warrior Dash or other similar event, Run the Disney Princess Half Marathon, do a Sprint Triathlon, and possible run a Marathon.


  61. says

    My fitness bucket list includes a marathon, for sure. I start training for my 1st one in July for the end of October! I’m nervous and so so so excited. AND, I’d love to be in good enough shape to teach a fitness class. I would like to say I’d like to do a tough mudder, but I honestly feel like too much of a priss to be successful. “My mascera’s running! I didn’t sign up for THAT!”


  62. Brooke says

    I just stumbled on your blog and was caught by the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer logo. I’ve walked the DC walk for the last two years and there is only one word that discribes the weekend, AMAZING. If you have a personal connecton to breast cancer, as you do, it gives the walk even more meaning. I hope you cross this off your list as you won’t be sorry!


  63. says

    those are all really commendable bucket list additions!! I’d like to hike a mountain, preferrably Mt. Washington since I live fairly close to it. I also think I would like the Tough Mudder or Warrior Dashes – where it’s more of an obstacle course than a race. Getting dirty while climbing walls and crouching under barbed wire sound pretty fun to me!


  64. Lauren says

    I could assist with the scuba diving. I live in Curacao and work right above a dive shop. We dive almost every weekend and I’d be happy to give you an insider’s guide to the island if you and Ryan ever make it this way.


  65. Laura says

    You should definitely walk the 3-Day one day! It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself…so empowering and positive. I began walking in 2007, a year after my mom went through breast cancer for the THIRD time, and I’ve been walking ever since. To date, I’ve raised more than $15,000 for the cause and am currently training for two 3-Day events this year. Once you do one walk, you get why people walk year after year.

    I still want to try yoga!


  66. says

    You know, I haven’t always been interested in fitness. I am definitely struggling with losing weight and getting in shape but it’s a process that I know will be totally worth it in the end. That being said, I do have a few things on my fitness bucket list! I would love to run a 5K and I would love to go hiking on a part of the Appalachain Trail. I actually just crossed my biggest thing off my list though- become a zumba instructor! I got licensed in May and I am so happy! I have yet to find a job but my instructor lets me teach her class some and it is the biggest rush EVER.


  67. says

    I am counting snorkleing IN as it is on my Bucket List as well. For your group exercise goal, why not try QiDANCE? Perfect place for a new teacher to start and a lot of fun.


  68. says

    A few items on my fitness bucket list are:
    1. Run 1 1/2 marathon each year
    2. Complete the ACE- Lifestyle and Weight Management coach course
    3. Be Yoga or Pilates certified (I’d love to teach Pilates reformer)
    4. Participate in RAGBRAI (bicycle ride across the state of Iowa)
    5. Do a “fun run” such as tough mudder, warrior dash, etc.


  69. Shauna says

    I have done 3 breast cancer 3 day walks and they are AMAZING! I’ve also run the lunch crew for an Avon walk. I highly recommend either of them! And congrats to your mom – my friend was just diagnosed at age 31 and next time I’ll be walking for her.



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