Wanna know a great way to kick off a Friday?

Stop at a local bagel shop and snag a toasted bagel with homemade cream cheese.

bagelicious ocala

A couple weeks ago I stopped in Ocala’s new Breadilicious bakery and fell in love with their unbelievable pastries. When I saw a sign for Bagelicious, a local bagel shop and deli, as I was driving the other day, I made a mental note to drop in sometime in the future.

Apparently local shops ending in “licious” are quite the thang in Ocala.

toasted bagel honey walnut cream cheese

On the way home from the gym, I popped in an ordered a toasted honey nut bagel with honey walnut cream cheese. I’m not sure why the bagel is a purpleish color, but I’m just going to roll with it because it tasted fantastic.

Ordering a bagel this morning reminded me of high school lunch. When I was a senior in high school, my friends and I would go off-campus for lunch and often stopped at Great American Bagel where I would order a toasted bagel, with one half topped with vegetable cream cheese (my entrée) and the other half topped with pineapple walnut cream cheese (dessert).

That counts as a serving of vegetables and fruit, right? Winking smile


Today’s workout was great! I kicked it old school and did a circuit workout. I wasn’t feeling LiveFit strength training today so I created a little combination workout that looked like this:

circuit workout

This circuit was inspired by Annette’s Outside Your Comfort Zone workout and absolutely flew by thanks to the fast pace of the workout.

I’ll be back soon with a fun giveaway this afternoon. If you like pretty jewelry (specifically the necklace I gave my bridesmaids), I think you’re gonna love this one!

Of Possible Interest

Question of the Morning

  • Did your high school have off-campus lunch? If so, where would you typically go?

My friends and I typically rotated going to each other’s houses for lunch, but when we went out, we’d typically go to Great American Bagel or Billy’s Hot Dogs. (Anyone else from Palatine, Illinois a fan of Billy’s? So freakin’ good. And I’m honestly shocked they have a website.)


  1. says

    I thought that was a blueberry bagel at first because it does look purplish.

    We went allowed to leave school during lunch. I went to high school in the Chicago suburbs too. I lived in Algonquin, but have never heard of Billys.


  2. says

    There is nothing like a good bagel and they can be hard to find! I still haven’t found a place in New Hampshire that I really love that isn’t more than an hour away! My high school had off campus lunch for seniors and my friends and I would just go to one of our houses and eat our packed lunches there – we were cool like that 🙂


  3. Ashley says

    The bagel is purple because of the walnuts! Just made walnut bread the other day that turned out that similar funky color 🙂


  4. says

    My high school only offers off-campus lunch to seniors, and seeing as I’m going to be a senior next year I haven’t quite gotten the chance to enjoy that privilege. School food is definitely less than appetizing so I’m excited. Finally some freedom!


  5. says

    We were allowed to leave for lunch though we only had 30 minutes and couldn’t drive so options were sorely limited! Luckily there was a Subway close by that we would go to sometimes but usually it was just easier to eat in the cafeteria.

    That workout looks awesome! I’m going to pin it so I can try it sometime soon.


  6. says

    I have been to Billy’s! Off campus lunch usually was going to a friends house, Frankly Yours (the Schaumburg version of Billy’s), Portillo’s, Mario’s (3 dollars for a slice of pizza and a drink..such a steal in high school), or Panera (when we were feeling classy).


  7. says

    My high school was very stingy so we sadly ate at the cafeteria. :(. That bagel looks so yummy! I miss eating bagels. Ever since I was diagnosed with celiac disease I miss eating bagels. You know if you are ever in Chicago check out Chicago bagel authority! My friends rant and rave over there tasty bagel concoctions! That circuit workout looks so hard! I’m going to try it out soon. 🙂 have a great day!


  8. says

    That bagel looks delicious! I love going to local bagel shops for bagels and cream cheese. It always tastes better when it’s homemade. 🙂

    We weren’t allowed to leave school for lunch. We weren’t able to eat outside either. We had to sit in the cafeteria and either buy lunch or bring it from home.


  9. says

    Mmm I love fresh bagels! There’s a place by my house that makes them only on weekends and I used to go regularly but haven’t in far too long. Need to fix that! My high school wasn’t really near any restaurants (this was in the Middle East), but when we were in the upper years and some of my friends had cars, they’d go out to grab fast food occasionally. There definitely wasn’t the healthy selection that we have here in North America, so I didn’t partake very often!


  10. says

    When you mentioned Great American Bagel I forgot for a moment you were from IL! I used to LOVE Great American Bagel and the attached smoothie bar at my location. When I went back home a few weeks ago, I was sad to see they closed down. 🙁


  11. Megan h says

    I’m from Chicago IL and just moved out of state a few months ago. I haven’t had Billy’s but boy do I miss great American bagel. We don’t have them in Cincinnati 🙁 I wish they could ship their bagels 🙂


  12. says

    In Sixth Form, when we were FINALLY allowed out of school grounds at lunchtime, I used to go get a Big Soft Bite Cheese Savoury and a custard cream slice from Gregg’s Bakery in town. No wonder I was fat back then…


  13. says

    We did not have official “off-campus lunch”. But we would scheme on certain days to make a break for our cars for a quick McDs run. Then we would have to stealthily sneak back in. We thought we were such badasses. lol


  14. Patti says

    Billy’s! What a great place — it’s been updated since I was in high school (I’m your age…) … They completely redid the inside so it’s cozier than the ‘hole-in-the-wall’ it was before. Next time you’re back in IL, you should go there. The food is awesome! NICE CHOICE!!


  15. says

    I’ve been to Billy’s in Palatine! Pineapple Walnut cream cheese sounds delish btw, I’m a little envious!

    Our typical spot for lunch in high school (Crystal Lake) was Tommy’s Redhots – another hot dog place 🙂


  16. says

    They stopped doing the off-campus lunch thing a couple of years before I was a senior. So rude! 😉

    I ate horrible lunches in high school. I would get a mini bag of BBQ Fritos and a sweet peach ice tea every day. And then sometimes I’d get a big cookie for a quarter. Or on a rare occasion, I’d get a double order of french fries with lots of ketchup and salt. Super healthy, right?


  17. says

    Thanks for another shoutout to my Outside Comfort Zone workout. Love your idea for a good sweat!!

    Mmmmmm fresh bagels with cream cheese. Sounds sooo good right now!

    For lunch I always brought tuna fish, crackers (or a bagel), celery, and a cookie. Never really ate off campus (my school didn’t allow for it).


  18. Elisabeth says

    They didn’t have off campus lunch at my high school, which was too bad because there were a lot of fast food places nearby. However, I guess it’s a good thing we didn’t troop out to eat more fast food…ha!


  19. says

    Growing up in a small town would leave us with very few options. Top Fast Food restaurants only. 🙂 But we always made sure to go out no matter where we went because we thought it was the “cool” thing to do.

    I’ll have to check out Billy’s. My husband is a huge fan of Portillo’s hot dogs and we live close to Palentine. Thanks!


  20. says

    that bagel sounds good!! We weren’t allowed to leave campus during high school but we would often sneak out. If we did make it out without getting caught we would go to Country Cow which was a deli known for the Bacon egg and chesses (egg and cheese for me) or A&S an italian deli known for their amazing sandwiches!
    This workout looks good! I am technically challenged, how do you get it into that format and make it look pretty?


  21. says

    My friends and I would go to the town bagel shop almost daily for lunch too! I’d always get a bagel with egg salad – for some reason they made the best egg salad and it was a huge portion. We ended up calling it the egg salad monster (and still reference it years later). Yum.


  22. says

    Ha ha! We have the same chain up here called The Great Canadain Bagel. I didn’t know they changed the name between the two countries. I guess they figured we wouldn’t want American bagels here, or that you wouldn’t want our Canadian goods? 🙂

    I used to go to GCB for lunch in high school too, until one of my classmates drove her car through the front window and we had to move to Tim Horton’s.


  23. Shannon says

    Holy Smokesssss that bagel looks delicious right about now! I have an obsession with bagels and cream cheese .. it is BY FAR my weakness food!!

    In Highschool whenever we went out for lunch we always went to Subway or Tim Hortons (us canadians’ LOVE our Timmy’s!)


  24. says

    I’m travelling to new haven right now via megabus and my boyfriend and I picked up homemade bagels with homemade cream cheese for breakfast this morning too!! An everything bagel with garlic herb cream cheese is a wonderful thing! Im so glad you enjoyed yours too!


  25. Claire says

    I went to good old Glenbrook North and we had off campus for junior and senior year. I would often go to Big Apple Bagel (plain bagel toasted with veggie cream cheese and a slice of salami) or Costco for a hot dog! Great days.


  26. says

    That circuit workout looks killer…so obviously I can’t wait to try it. I’ve definitely been feeling the need to shake up my gym routine recently.

    The bagel also sounds delicious, the combination of the honey nut bagel and honey nut cream cheese is awesome!


  27. says

    We did, but I also had off-campus PE right before lunch (Block scheduling, so we went all over town to different places for fitness), so I was usually out, anyway. If it was the day that I had choir instead of PE, I took a look at what the cafeteria had and determined if I wanted to eat something better (and healthier!) at home, which was two blocks away.


  28. Lisa says

    We had off campus privileges our senior year (which they always threatened to take away if we got too rowdy at assemblies or something). We’d usually go to our fav local bagel place that has a delicious mustard and dill sauce…mmmmm….that plus cream cheese on a garlic bagel…no wonder I didn’t have a boyfriend in high school!!! We’d alternate bagels with the organic fro-yo place (this was before fro-yo got all fancy!)


  29. says

    We had to stay on campus for lunch, but my mom always packed me a crazy awesome lunch with a bagel sandy and Quaker chewy chocolate chip granola bars. PS. Can we talk about how awesome it used to be to have someone pack your lunch every day?


  30. says

    Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) went to Hoagie Haven on the main street in my town. It was about a 10 minute walk from school, and it always had a line out the door. I would get the buffalo chicken cheesesteak or a buger. I remember it like it was yesterday…


  31. says

    You have a knack for making me crave things that I don’t normally eat or drink….like coffee….and bagels… Thanks for posting the circuit! I tried many of yours and love them all, even though they kick my a$$!


  32. says

    Yum, I’ve had a bagel hankerin’ recently, too! I just began working at a local bakery here, and a morning full of serving MULTIGRAIN croissants (as intriguingly delicious as they sound) will do that to ya …

    love your blog, Julie, I’ve been reading for a while now!


  33. says

    wow, honey walnut cream cheese sounds heavenly. Eating bagels nowadays actually reminds me of ELEMENTARY school lunches, where on Tuesdays (I remember!) we got bagels. In HS, I’d go off campus with friends but typically to wraps/sandwich or pizza places.


  34. says

    My high school didn’t have the option to go off-campus; the lunch periods were only about 25-30 minutes.

    I have been craving a bagel for forever! I try to avoid them because I don’t really think they fill me up the way some other breakfasts do, but I might have to just bite the bullet & get one this weekend… with extra cream cheese! 🙂


  35. pluvk says

    Yay! I’m such a fan of your circuits, and I’ve been waiting for a new one. Looks one looks great (fun and challenging!). I’m looking forward to dying along with it. 🙂


  36. Erin says

    We couldn’t leave school for lunch. I had early release my senior year for FFA work study, but I typically was at work or home. Nothing exciting. I didn’t even realize schools still did off-campus lunch until I moved to Wisconin and saw all the high schoolers when I’d leave work for lunch.


  37. Jess says

    Julie, can you do me a huuuge favor? Can you tell me how to pronounce “viszla”. I swear someone walking one this morning and was about to ask them “Is that a Sadie dog?” when I realized I have nooooo idea how to pronounce that breed haha. Thanks!


  38. says

    1. Go to John Pennecamp in Key Largo! I’ll meet ya there and we can snorkel and scuba (“are you for scuba?”) and visit my Poppop.

    2. I’m right there with you on the personal training gig. Let’s just buy the NASM book and study together. Great. See ya there for both.


  39. says

    That’s so funny! We had a bagel shop called The Daily Bagel that I went to lunch at like everyday!
    I always got an all seed bagel with regular cream cheese, or sometimes veggie cream cheese or sundried tomatoe. So yummy!


  40. Jenni says

    Haha oh man does this post bring back memories! I, too, went to Great American Bagel & Billy’s all the time at lunch! I still go to Billy’s when I go back to visit.. delicious as ever!


  41. says

    Oh man! I can’t remember where we used to run off to for lunch BUT in college we had the BEST bagel stand. I used to order the sun dried tomato bagel with chives cream cheese for breakfast at least once a week!


  42. Kate says

    I went to Warren Township (Gurnee), and unfortunately, we did not have off campus lunch!! I will certainly try Billy’s next time I’m in the area.


  43. says

    We weren’t allowed to leave for lunch in high school but we did have a food court type cafeteria. There were lots of options from salad bar, to deli type stuff, Mexican food, homestyle food, ect. Of course, half the time my lunch consisted of a bag of chips and diet coke consumed in the “student center”. Really healthy, eh!!

    What I LOVE about the bagel you got this morning is that the deli did not skimp on the cream cheese!!


  44. says

    We had off campus lunch in High School and we would always go to carls jr. because it was down the street, I never ordered anything because I always brought food with me, it more to hang out somewhere other than school.


  45. says

    We did not have off campus lunch. The high school I went to was brand new to a fairly new area and there wasn’t anywhere to go. Leaving meant at least a ten minute drive and we only had 30 minutes. The area is built up now, but the campus is still closed (as far as I know). I graduated 12 years ago.


  46. says

    We didn’t have off campus lunch. I guess I can’t really complain though because we had “Chicken biscuit Thursdays” where clubs could sell chickfila chicken biscuits in the morning as a fundraiser. Those were the days.


  47. Meghan says

    I’m from Palatine and I’ve never even heard of Billy’s! Hot Dog Richies is the hole-in-the-wall of Palatine that I went to for off-campus lunch! A favorite in my house!


  48. Jodii says

    My friend and I just did the circuit workout after we did 4.5 miles on the elliptical. We modified it a little bit, and did each thing for one minute, with 20-30 seconds rest. I’m so beat right now, I can barely get off the couch! 🙂 Thanks for sharing it with us.



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