Functional Training Class

First things first, a bunch of you asked about the headband I was wearing in this morning’s post…


It’s made by SweatyBands and I got it in the swag bag from the Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet event in New York City last month. I think it’s so fun!


I wore the snazzy headband to the gym late this morning after working for a few hours today. I wanted to try out my gym’s Functional Training class and since it was taught by the instructor I love, I had high hopes.

I arrived a little early and spent 20 minutes on the elliptical jamming out to the songs that popped up on my iPod. I wasn’t listening to one of my favorite workout playlists, but my iPod just seemed to sense what kind of music I felt like listening to today.

Two songs of note: Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny’s Child (you know I love my ‘90s music) and Whipped Into Shape from Legally Blonde: The Musical (yes, really).

(Side note: When I got home from the gym, I started listening to the Destiny’s Child station on Pandora when I sat back down at my computer and I am in love.)

Onto the Functional Training class…

The class ended up being a circuit-style workout and we completed each circuit three times:

circuit workout

It took the class 30 minutes to complete, including a brief warm up and cool down. (This is exactly the kind of class I’d love to teach in the future! Baby steps.)


Lunch today was a two-parter.

I started with a simple spinach salad topped with leftover glazed chicken from last night and an Asian sesame dressing.

asian chicken spinach salad 018

asian chicken spinach salad 019

About 20 minutes later I assembled part two of my lunch.

kettlecorn 002

Oikos key lime Greek yogurt (which reminds me I need to make my key lime protein smoothie again!) + Kettle corn + Apple

kettlecorn 003oikos key lime

And I’m off!

More work to do! I’m also hoping to make it out to Publix at some point today because a few of you let me know that you saw one of my freelance pieces in the summer edition of their GreenWise magazine and I still haven’t seen it myself!


  1. says

    Key lime greek yogurt? Yum! That workout seems pretty intense! Ill probably do it tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion on the half marathon training program. I love bills,bills,bills my favorite destiny’s child song. I miss them so much.


  2. Sarah says

    Legally Blonde: The Musical is my favorite musical. I saw it on Broadway and went into it thinking it was going to be dumb…. turned out I loved it! I constantly jam out to the soundtrack!


    • says

      it was about a summertime salad that captured the essence of florida. i haven’t seen the issues in stores yet, but apparently it’s out in some locations! i’ll be sure to share the recipe from the article on the blog soon!


        • says

          yes, i had their permission to post the workout on my blog, as i spoke with the instructor after class. it’s not a copyrighted workout and if you read the post, i think i am very clear when i say it is not my original workout.


        • says

          I know this is going to come off totally annoying but I was kind of wondering the same thing. I think I have a biased opinion though because I’m in grad school and we talk a lot about intellectual property and giving credit where it’s due. Personally, I would just write the gym name, instructor’s first name, or the actual class name (i.e. Strength Training 100) at the top and then your website at the bottom. Covers the bases pretty easy!
          Definitely looks like a good workout, though!


          • says

            i totally get your point, ali. i would normally say where the workout was from (like if it was a crossfit workout or something), but since i don’t talk about the name of my gym for safety reasons, i didn’t want to include that in the post. the instructor knows about my blog and the anonymity of our gym on my blog and understood that when i got her permission to post the workout.


        • Carrie says

          I agree with you when you say it’s clear in the post that this is not your original workout… but, I think it is more that you create a Pin It workout with your blog name listed. When people see it on Pinterest it will imply you created it.

          I don’t have a strong feeling one way or the other, I just wanted to clear up what I saw as misunderstanding…I know, how annoying right 😉


  3. says

    Just out of curiosity… what time do you consider going ‘late’ to the gym? I’m imagining late for you is like 7:30 AM! Hahah! You put us all to shame 🙁

    Also, I think you’d be a great fitness instructor! Go Julie!


  4. Hannah says

    SweatyBands are amazing!!! I have a few different kinds. The person who started SweatyBands actually lives by my parents. I ran a full marathon in it and didn’t move!
    I need to find that key lime pie protein smoothie…love smoothie breakfasts!


  5. says

    i forgot to mention it is different everyday! You could do most of the workouts from your own gym and just follow along online for free. There is a new workout posted everyday.
    Janetha @mealsandmoves started coming a a while ago and has hardly missed a day!
    Try one out and let me know how it goes!
    I know you love strength training and circuits so its right up your alley! 😉


  6. Vivian says

    1.) I saw your piece in Greenwise before I read this. Publix mails it to my house and I was like, “Hey, that’s Julie from PBFingers.” It looked great and I’m excited for you!

    2.) Do you have a description of some of the exercises? Don’t know what a ski jump or jump squat is 🙁


  7. says

    i would love to teach a functional workout style group fitness class too… circuit workouts are right up my alley! wish we could just go take the plunge and do it together. i’m a scaredy cat too! 😉 you’re right though, baby steps!


  8. says

    I am putting that workout into my file for the future. That is one I can easily do at home when I don’t feel like driving to the gym!

    I took my first 30 minute class at my gym today. I love that I was able to get in and out and still work up a really good sweat. Of course, my instructor today DID NOT have all the “Ideal Group Exercise Instructor” qualities that you wrote about the other day. Bummer.


  9. says

    thats the type of training i do now! 6 months ago before i started if someone would have said “functional training” to me i would have no idea what they meant but now knowing and understanding what it is i LOVE it!


  10. says

    That workout sounds great, circuit workouts and tabatas are my favourite at the moment! Oh Destiny’s Child how I miss them, my favourite song was bootylicious for sure.


  11. Kim says

    Awesome workout! Definitely will be trying this at the gym! Can you explain the toe touches? I tried looking them up but there appears to be several variations of this exercises and I wanted to be sure I’m doing the right one!

    Also, do you have an alternative for the deadlift?



  12. says

    Salad looks great, I had kettle corn this afternoon, it’s my favorite! I also have a key lime greek yogurt in my fridge, but I’m so affraid to try it haha, I’m not a big lime fan, but I’m sure once I try it I’ll wonder what took me so long!


  13. Chastity says

    I am obsessed with your Key Lime protein smoothie! I pretty much have one every other day. I am not a huge banana fan, but like the texture they give, so I cut the banana back a touch and add some frozen pineapple. So yummy after a hard workout.


  14. @pluvk says

    I love this workout! And it seems like you’re already thinking ahead of classes you would like to teach… instructor in the making. 🙂


  15. says

    I love working out to “Whipped Into Shape!” It’s just so dang catchy!

    Favorite line:
    ♪But it’s more than just a workout, it’s a defensive weapon, too.
    Simply wrap it around your assailant’s neck and pull ’til he turns blue.
    You can also use the patented handle grips to shatter your attacker’s spine.
    And all for three small payments of $19.99!♫

    Cracks me up every time.


  16. says

    You have inspired me to try the Disney station – I looooooove Disney music! It’s going to be hard to not sing out loud in my cube at work 🙂



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