Super Sweaty Ab Circuit Workout

Good morning and happy, happy Friday!

I hope your day is off to a good start and that your weekend holds some fun and relaxing plans!


Today’s workout focused on cardio and core. I started my workout with 20 minutes on the elliptical before I hopped off and completed the following super sweaty ab circuit workout:

ab circuit

It alternated heart rate-rising cardio exercises with abdominal exercises for a circuit workout that left me with a burning core and a sweaty face.


A quality workout must be followed by a quality breakfast and today’s morning meal fit the bill.

oatmeal 016

I made myself a bowl of uncooked old fashioned oatmeal (it’s hot outside and I actually like uncooked oatmeal), topped with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, crushed almonds, a spoonful of almond butter and a drizzle of honey. (I really wished I had some of my homemade almond butter granola on hand to add!)

I wasn’t sure how the almond butter would do in a cold bowl of oats, but it added a lot of flavor once I smashed it into the oats with my spoon and stirred everything up.

oatmeal 025

Cold and satisfying. Perfect for a hot July morning!

See ya for lunch!

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  1. Ivette says

    Thank goodness for your abs workouts! They’re the only way I can get myself to actually stick to working on my abs. Thanks!


  2. says

    Oh, wow, this reminds me of those yummy no-bake oat cookies made from nut butter….except in the form of a cereal! Love it, mmmm. I need to try this! I bet a little cinnamon or even coconut would be a fabulous addition! (PS, I’ve been following your blog for awhile and haven’t commented til today!)


  3. whitney says

    Julie – I really admire that you try new workouts all the time. I think I get in my comfort zone and stick to only what I know. I’m excited to try this one 🙂


  4. Courtney says

    Hey Julie! This is a great workout because you don’t even need the gym! I did it in tr living room but I think it would be fun to do anywhere
    outside! Question, what is a reverse crunch?


  5. tamsin says

    just wondering how often do you work on your core, i never know if i am doing too much or not using enough resistance on them. do you treat them like any other muscle group?
    tam x


  6. Leslie says

    How many times did you run through the circuit? If only once, how long did one time through take? Looks like an awesome cardio/bodyweight workout!

    PS: Leg lift crunches, I’m assuming that is just elevating the legs straight off the floor when doing crunches?


  7. Alexis says

    Seems like you like free food as much as I do, so I thought I’d mention it’s Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A. They gave my coworkers and me a healthy grilled chicken and salad meal for printing out their cow starter kit and coming in dressed up. I highly suggest a Fagan family edition if you have one nearby :).


  8. says

    I love uncooked oatmeal, too! I really like it mixed with some vanilla greek yogurt, sliced strawberries, and a little sprinkle of mini chocolate chips. Chocolate for breakfast is always a good thing! 😉


  9. Randee says

    I love uncooked oats! That breakfast looked perfect! I must say I just discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago. About everyday I’ve tried a new recipe or workout. Thank you for helping me change up my routine and keeping things fresh! I’ve lost 22 lbs in the last 6 months and adding variety definitely helps with maintaining that! Thanks again!


  10. lauren says

    Have you ever thought about doing P90x or Insanity? Both of them incorporate circuit workouts (Insanity more so than P90). I’ve done a couple rounds of P90 and just started Insanity this week.


  11. Lindsey says

    What does your week of workouts normally look like? I am getting so bored with running 3 miles and adding 2 on the elliptical! Then some strength training. I would love to not have to count calories also! How do you not over eat or know if you are eating to much or to little?


  12. says

    I cant wait to try that ab circuit! and breakfast looks delish! I loved uncooked oats too 🙂 I put them in my yogurt instead granola all the time


  13. Christina says

    Just banged out this ab circuit and man am I sweaty! Thanks for posting. It’s always hard for me to motivate myself to workout on the weekends so this was perfect. Only took about 15 minutes and I could feel the burn!


  14. Becky says

    Hi! I love your blog, but this is the first time I’ve ever posted a comment. I tried your ab circuit workout – it was my first circuit workout EVER…and I think I’m hooked! It was such a nice cardio change from my usual run… Now I think I have to try all the circuit workouts on your page…

    One question – I couldn’t do 50 (50?!?) squat jumps without stopping. Is it better to take a few seconds breather in between squat jumps (I tended to need a minute to let the tingle die down every 10 jumps) or just cut the overall number down until I can do 50 in a row without stopping?

    Just curious on your thoughts.

    keep ’em coming – totally motivational!


    • says

      hi becky! i am not a professional, but i’d say either option will work. i think that working up to the 50 is a great idea… so stopping at 15 or 20 or whatever # you’re currently most comfortable with and gradually working your way up to 50 seems like a smart, safe way to reach 50.


  15. Katie says

    I just discovered your blog via pinterest and I must say that I absolutely love everything on here!! I’m also a 20 something living in Central Florida with a wedding around the corner. I am working hard to get in tip-top wedding shape and PB Fingers is a super fun way to keep going. Thanks, you are fabulous!!


  16. Laura says

    I did your super sweaty abs workout today. It was the first time I actually stuck to an abs workout. They usually leave me bored but yours actually made me want to keep going and had me breathing hard! Thank you soo much for making fitness interesting


  17. says

    I love this circuit! I’m in Russia right now and although I have a gym membership, the gym culture is a little different here and people mostly stick to machines/give you strange looks if you’re hopping around the gym. The weather was gross today and I didn’t feel like going to the gym but I was able to crank this out in the comfort of my apartment and it was perfect! 🙂 Thanks, as usual.


  18. Lindsey says

    By eating clean do you not have to count calories? I have been thinking about the clean eating diet because it seems very good I was wondering if you knew anything about it or your opinion on it?


  19. amy :) says

    i just started reading your blog and i can tell you that i absolutely loved it.:) I just stopped dancing at our school’s org because of my schedule this semester and i ended up just working out at home to still keep my figure in shape. Im afraid of getting back to my old bod,thank you to your workout circuits!it really helps me..:) i just hate doing the burpees. lol


  20. Jack says

    Thanks for sharing your circuit training workouts. They look excellent and I am looking forward to including some of these into my routines. Great job! Thanks again!



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