House Without A Key

Ryan and I had only one requirement for last night’s dinner. We wanted to enjoy our evening meal with a view of the ocean.

After hearing a handful of recommendations for House Without A Key, we decided to walk over to the nearby restaurant and grab a table outside for an early dinner.

house without a key waikiki 006

house without a key waikiki 009

house without a key waikiki 008

We were escorted to a table outside and immediately loved the atmosphere of the restaurant.

house without a key waikiki 010

house without a key waikiki 011

We enjoyed the beautiful views and live music while trying new-to-us beers.

I fell in love with the Fire Rock Pale Ale.

house without a key waikiki 012

While we waited on our entrées, Ryan and I dug into the bread basket (so good!) and shared a bowl of tomato soup.

house without a key waikiki 014

house without a key waikiki 016

The idea of tomato soup kind of grosses me out (I feel like I’m eating a bowl of tomato sauce), but this soup tasted more like a bisque and was perfectly creamy. Ryan ordered it for himself initially, but after I sampled a bite and gave it rave reviews, he offered to share and I happily accepted. I didn’t even have to bust out the whole “we’re married, so what’s mine is yours” spiel.

I’m pretty sure Joey Tribiani would hate me. “Joey doesn’t share food!” house without a key waikiki 018

For my main course, I ordered the Cajun spiced shutome (swordfish) with a tomato, caper and onion relish.

house without a key waikiki 020

Can you tell I liked it?

house without a key waikiki 022

Fresh fish and fresh seafood is, without a doubt, my favorite type of food to order at a restaurant. Ryan and I eat a lot of salmon at home, but we rarely (if ever) prepare fancy fish or shellfish, so ordering it at a restaurant always seems to appeal to me!

House Without A Key knows a thing or two about how to prepare fish because my swordfish was incredibly flavorful. The chef did a great job of highlighting the natural flavor of the fish and kicking it up a notch with the fresh tomato caper relish. I was a fan.

After dinner, Ryan and I spent some time out and about in Waikiki and had a wonderful evening.

Plans for today include exploring the North Shore!

P.S. The Fashion page was updated.


  1. Jordan says

    cute dress, but you guys look SO sunburnt — don’t forget to wear sunscreen! you’ve posted about skin cancer in the past, so i know it’s really important to you.


  2. Alexis says

    This is actually my very first visit to your blog (just found it on Fitnessista today!) but I actually live in Honolulu! Wish I’d seen your site sooner to give advice, but if you go back to North Shore (not sure if you’ll have more time on your own since you’re doing a press trip) you absolutely MUST eat at Waialua Bakery in Haleiwa! It is life-changing. My best friend from NYC still randomly texts me that she can’t stop thinking about her sandwich from there and even in NYC she can’t find anything to compare to it:)

    Hula Grill in Waikiki is another great beach-view dinner spot. Their poke tacos are to.die.for. Actually, a whole meal of just pupus (appetizers) is our favorite thing to do because their pupus are that good.

    Sansei’s, in the Marriott, has our favorite sushi on the island. Though Roy’s is pretty great too!

    I’ve done most of the hikes around Oahu so if you’re planning to do another, less tourist-filled, hike while you’re here just reply and I can suggest some:)

    Lastly, I don’t know how I missed your blog bc I’m a vizsla lover:) We have a doberman and a vizsla! My hiking buddies.


    • says

      thanks so much for your comment!! i’d love another hike recommendation! i think we may do maunawili falls tomorrow.

      and we’re going back to the north shore (we were just there today!) before we leave, so i’ll definitely look for waialua bakery. :)


      • Alexis says

        I don’t know why my response posted down below, but its down there:) Also wanted to say… my perfect day on North Shore: Park on the roadside just after Shark’s Cove (Banzai beach/Pipeline). There’s a bike path there that’s about 4 miles long. Do a long run down it and back, passing all the beautiful, hidden beaches. After the run, go jump in the water to cool down! Then change into your bathing suit and lay out for a couple of hours before going to Waialua Bakery for a club sandwich (I forgot to mention they bake and grow almost everything on the menu!), mint lemonade, and monster cookie:) Tons of dogs are always on the beach there too, and there’s a vizsla male who I often see there!


  3. Alexis says

    Maunawili falls is beautiful, as is Manoa falls (a little more dramatic as its taller) which is also close to Waikiki. Be prepared to get crazy muddy on either of those hikes though! You may want to save those for towards the end of the trip in case you want to wear your shoes more during the trip (like for the gym, if just going to use them for other hikes then the mud is fine!). We’ve gotten a lot of rain lately so it’ll be a mud pit, but a lot of our trails are! Also, both of those hikes will be pretty crowded and typically have a lot of kids. But the falls are great to see!

    I often take my visitors to the Pillbox Hike over Lanikai. It’s short but the views are awesome! The Kaunala Trail on North Shore is probably my favorite. Also awesome views! Kaena Point is fun to do for sunset. You’ll almost always see seals, the waves are awesome, and it’s literally right where the sun sets. My husband and I like to bring wine and glasses along for it:)



  4. says

    I used to think that about tomato soup as well like it was some kind of hot ketchup and water mixture but now I absolutely LOVE it! I always order fish when dining out because restaurants just prepare it better than myself so I stick to fish when dining out and chicken at home. Love and Shine CourtStar


  5. Lisa - your friend Down Under says

    Julie, I must say, you look stunning – however, you
    a l w a y s do!
    I am a long time fan of your blog – I find your lifestyle inspiring, fun and wholesome :) This entry on your blog made me (and I say, MADE me) reach out (finally), to say as much and also, I went to Hawaii around this time last year for my partner’s brother’s wedding. I now adore Hawaii (a lil farther away from the ‘Mainland’ than you) but can just imagine how you’re lovin’ it there. Im reliving my experience from your photos!
    Well done Ryan for your flight – you’ve got it all sorted with the headphones and pillow!
    You both look great – keep shining on, beautiful couple that you are!
    From your friendarooni in Australia – Lisa :)
    PS: If you’re up for a major b’fast some time, I have to suggest Eggs ‘n Things, across the way from Tiffany’s. Great service and delicioso (and large!) b’fast fare! :)


  6. says

    Your trip is sounding so exciting and wonderful. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. One question. Who is taking all the pictures of the two of you standing together? Do you use a self timer or do you ask passersby to take your photos? Just curious how you do that.


  7. Jill @ Life in Big Bites says

    Love Kona Brewing Company! The Fire Rock Pale Ale is my favorite, but the Koko Brown and Wailua Wheat are also pretty amazing.

    I live in DC, so it’s nice to have a bit of Hawaii here when I can get it. ; )



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