Big News for the Breams

Guess what?

My parents moved!


I haven’t been able to say anything on the blog for a while because my parents wanted to tell those close to them about their big decision first, but now that the word is out, I can share their big news with you guys!

A couple of months ago, my parents moved from St. Petersburg to Jacksonville. For as long as I can remember, they’ve talked about moving to Jacksonville and retiring on the Atlantic Coast. After I was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, my family moved to Jacksonville for my dad’s job in the late 1980s where we lived for several years (my sister was born in Jacksonville) before moving to Palatine, Illinois where we lived through 2003. My parents have talked about moving back to Jacksonville for years and years, so I’m very excited for them and this new journey!

Right now my dad is going back and forth between his company’s St. Pete office and their Jacksonville location which he will continue to do through the end of the year when he will officially retire. Big news! I am thrilled for him.

Selling our family’s home in St. Pete ended up being an unexpectedly quick process. My mom and dad figured that it would take months to sell our St. Pete home, but it sold within two weeks! The moving process happened FAST. It was sad to say goodbye to our house in St. Pete since we’ve had some amazing memories as a family in that home.

My parents are now living in a condo where they plan to be forever. It’s definitely a big change from a house, but condo living seems to suit them well so far. They’re still getting settled, but I’m happy to be here this weekend with my sister to enjoy their new home!



Breakfast this morning began with a bowl of multigrain Cheerios that I topped with a cup of Oikos honey Greek yogurt.



An apple and a mug of hot chocolate rounded out my morning meal. 

As we ate breakfast, my sister and I flipped through an American Girl catalog that was sent to the previous owners of my parents’ condo.

American Girl

Oh happy day!

Did you know there is an American Girl doll named Julie now!?

American Girl Julie

My 10-year-old self freaked out a little when I spotted her! (Apparently Julie has been around for years now, but I live on a rock, so she’s new to me.)

(If you were an American Girl doll lover back in the day, you might get a kick out of this article: What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life. Hilarious!)

My sister and I had fun looking at all the new accessories they’re selling for with the dolls now, including pets (I would’ve been all over that as a child!), snow shoes, head gear (gotta keep those two front teeth straight!) and bubble bath. Fancy!

Time to head out with Miss Sadie for a morning run!


  1. says

    Congrats to your parents! Moving is always really exciting, and it’s always nice to have your parents closer 🙂

    I coveted an American Girl Samantha doll when I was younger but never got one. They were so dang expensive! Plus I was one of three girls in my family, so when one got something, we all did. I’d love to buy myself one now just because I can.


  2. says

    That’s great news for your parents!

    I never had an American Girl doll. We didn’t have much extra money when I was little, so something like that would have been birthday and Christmas all in one! I was very jealous of friends who did have one, but I subscribed to the magazine anyway and I remember loving that. Also I was in a Girl Scout theatre group called The American Girl Players and we put on licensed performances in shopping malls, etc. Fun!


  3. says

    Nice news for your parents and I hope you get to see them more often! I was lucky to have a bunch of American Girl dolls, but my favorite was Felicity. I just loved her pretty red hair. I get to talk about American Girl dolls still with all my students at school and love when they bring in a catalog for me to look at!


  4. says

    Omg you were born in Harrisburg? Me too! I loved American Girl growing up, I had all the books and a doll that looked like me and an Irish dancing outfit and a violin just like me. Haha I saved all of it in case I have a girl some day.


  5. says

    aww congrats to your parents!!! My friend lives in Jacksonville and loves it 🙂

    omg I used to LOVE American Girl dolls!! Molly was my favorite because she looked like me haha what era is Julia from??


  6. says

    Very exciting for your parents! That sounds perfect for them.

    Oh my, American Girl… I was obsessed when I was a little girl. I had (and still do have) Samantha with TONS of clothes, a bed, etc. I hope to pass it down to my little girl someday. So fun!


  7. Krystal says

    I had that exact Molly doll pictured and she came in that same outfit too! This was like 15 years ago! Wow haha. I had glasses when I was young so I thought she looked like me.


  8. Rachael says

    Haha that was a great article link and I am sad to say the no American Girl doll totally fits me. rotated between wanting a Kirsten and Felicity though.


  9. says

    So sad to say good bye to family homes but at the same time great to see parents getting on with they’re lives as they get older; they ran around after us for long enough…speaking of my own anyway! Getting in lots of runs lately,I’m sure Sadie is loving it!


  10. says

    I am obsessed with Multigrain Cheerios…so simple, but the perfect amount of sweetness. Yum!

    I loved the American Girl article. I had a Samantha doll, but I guess I was too young at the time to realize that she was the “cool” and “popular” one…too funny!


  11. Lisa says

    Congrats. on your parents move. Do they still have their boat? I remember American Girl dolls when there were only 4 of them. I was too old for them when they came out, but my cousins had them. My aunt bought the Samantha doll for my cousin (whose name is Samantha) and at the time she was expecting another baby and ended up falling in love with the name Molly and named my cousin after the Molly doll. We all have a lot of laughs in the family over that one.


  12. says

    I got an American Girl catalog delivered to my house too, and I looked through it resentfully. I Never had one, but I always wanted one. My little niece wanted one of the Bitty Babies that they also sell, and I told her she shouldn’t because they don’t have as many accessories…It’s all about the accessories. Haha. I love how they can have headgear, hearing aids, and a wheelchair. Anyone can have a doll just like them. 🙂


  13. Megan says

    Congrats to your parents. Jacksonville is beautiful. I’ve been wanting to move from St. Pete to somewhere up north, but it is so hard. I love St. Pete!


  14. says

    I loooved American Girl dolls. I think I had 3? I used to pretend they were my children and bring them everywhere with me. Congrats on the move – I think my parents will move in the next few years to a smaller home as well since half of the house is empty now!


  15. says

    Congrats to your parents! How nice you and your sister are helping them settle in 🙂

    I had a Samantha and Felicity AGD! They’re still at my parent’s house…I loved them so much, I can’t get rid of them. That article about what those dolls mean was great. Apparently I like nice things 🙂 (no surprise there)


  16. says

    oh yayyyy it must be so exciting for all of you with this big move! And…talking about retirement too, wow. That’s such a big change that I’m sure they’ll feel weird for a while, but then thankful and happy about it of course! 🙂


  17. says

    Congrats to your parents! Isn’t it insane how big American Girl dolls have gotten? There is an American Girl store at our local mall and it is the size of a small Macy’s! It’s seriously crazy! And yes, the young girl in me wants to smoosh her face up on the glass windows of the store. I can’t believe how many dolls there are now. I remember when there was just Kirsten, Molly, Samantha and Felicity and I would paw through the catalogues coveting all the outfits. Now they have pets?!


  18. says

    Congratulations to your parents! I’m sure they are so absolutely thrilled!

    And I freaking LOVED American Girl dolls and I remember how big of a deal it was when my sister and I got one because they were so expensive. I think the catalog still comes to my parents house sometimes and I always love flipping through for old times sake.


  19. Megan K. says

    I read every American Girl book that was around in the mid-90s. Samantha was my favorite and there was one named Felicity (I think) from the 1800s that was interesting, too. Never had my own doll but they kind of creeped me out so I was okay with that 🙂


  20. says

    Yes! Being a Molly myself, I had her doll along with tons of her accessories..along ith matching pajamas that I’d wear to be twinsies with her-yikes! 🙂 congrats to your parents!


  21. says

    Congratulations to your parents! Wishing the best for them!
    Ohhh I had a crazy obsession with American girls! There is a huge American girl store here in Dallas that’s pretty ridiculous but super cute!


  22. says

    I love that you posted about American Girl! I was with a few girlfriends this morning and we were all reminiscing about our childhood, so of course American Girl dolls came up. I went on the site to see if they were still the same, and was so surprised to see so many new dolls that they had introduced! It is so fun to look back at all of that stuff.

    And so exciting for your parents’ new adventure! Seems like a pretty amazing place to wake up every day!!


  23. says

    That’s great for your parents! I used to be OBSESSED with American girl dolls. I have 3 of them plus multiple boxes of outfits for them. They were like the staple for 90s children. This brings back so much nostalgia 🙂


  24. Julie says

    Congrats to your parents! My in laws retired to Jacksonville (from MO) a few years ago and they LOVE it there! We’ve been to visit once and had a great time too, it’s a fun town!

    One of my coworkers actually bought a mini Julie American Girl Doll for her daughter in an airport gift shop recently and I got all excited because of the name (for the same reason you did!). I thought it was just some random gift shop doll that came in every name though, didn’t realize she is a true, official American Girl! I’m going to have to read up on her 🙂


  25. says

    That Julie doll looks like you! Did you ever go to the store in Chicago? I took my daughter and we had her doll’s hair done at the salon and ate at the restaurant. It was so much fun for her!


  26. Emily B says

    I noticed you changed some stuff on the blog. What happened to the previous post links? It was at the bottom of each blog entry and I loved it. Now I have to click to the front page to get to the next story. Can you bring the previous post link back, please?


  27. Leanne says

    Funny, my parents are moving in 2 weeks out of my childhood home. My parents built it, I lived there forever, and only moved out once I got married. Bittersweet because of that, but they will now be closer, and are moving into a gorgeous house. And, they also thought their house would be on the market for a while – it sold in 6 DAYS!! Hopefully your parents move is going smoothly!


  28. says

    Congrats to your parents! It’s wonderful that their house sold so quickly and they can move on to this next chapter. It sounds like your having fun visiting too.


  29. says

    Congrats to your parents- what an exciting time…and especially for your Dad getting ready to retire 😀 That’s awesome! & their condo looks absolutely beautiful- great view!


  30. says

    Wha?? Julie the AG Doll?! I wish there was a Claire-doll *sigh*
    I think they should just take it to the next level, and create just about every breed of dog (Sadie Vizla, Duck Toller India)…I can see it now 😉

    I laughed out loud at keeping those two front teeth straight…!!!!


  31. says

    I had Felicity. I remember once when her leg fell off (not trying to be morbid, but it did!). I sent her in to the American Girl Doll Hospital. They sent her back a couple weeks later in a hospital gown, holding a Get Well Soon balloon. It was so awesome 🙂

    Julie, which doll did you have?


  32. Holli Bruce says

    For some reason, I am so excited for you that the Julie doll has blonde hair!! I mean, it is cool to have an American Girl Doll with the same name, but matching hair color too! You are one lucky girl… and I really mean that, despite the fact that I am 31. 🙂

    Also congrats to your parents on their new place- beautiful view.


  33. jen says

    that article is way off! i always wanted molly, and thought she was so cool bc she came with a snazzy tap costume and tap shoes. and i cant wait to get her hair fixed someday (never hot VO5 your american dolls hair) and pass her along to my future daughter!


  34. says

    Well I have to say your parents made a wonderful choice to move to Jacksonville! But I say this because I’m biased since I live in Jacksonville. Born and Raised. You don’t find many of us here. Ha! The beaches here are my home away from home. The half-marathon that I’m in runs along the intercoastal, up 3rd Street and then on the beach. Such amazing scenery for a race (26.2 with Donna). All the racers out there supporting Breast Cancer, all the pink and the beach…’Nuff said. You should do this race! It is February 17th 🙂


  35. Leigh says

    Congrats to your parents! I guess the tough part for you guys is that you were able to spend holidays with both sets of parents since they lived in the same area. That will be a transistion!


  36. Katherine says

    Thanks for sharing the American Girl doll article! I literally laughed out loud at work! (whoops!) I had Samantha, Felicity, and Addy. The description of why you might have each is pretty accurate.

    By the way, you and your blog are just awesome!


  37. says

    Awww ohmygosh I always wanted an American Girl doll! One of my friends had a crazy collection of dolls and pretty much every single accessory available. She had a little village set up in her parent’s living room hahah.

    Ahh looking at that link is SO funny. I remember Samantha Parkington was one of the ones my friend had. My fav. was always Kirsten Larson, and yes, I did read all the Little House on the Prairie Books!



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