Weekend Circuit Workout

Last night was a rough night for the furriest member of the Fagan family.

Thundershirt Vizsla

A thunderstorm made its way through Ocala around 3 a.m. and had Sadie in a tizzy. Storms never used to bother her, but within the past couple of months, anytime thunder and lightning roll through Ocala, Sadie gets all huffy and her wiggly little body starts shaking.

My mom previously bought Sadie a Thundershirt to help her deal with her fear of bridges (she starts shaking profusely anytime we drive over a bridge – it’s really weird), so we wrapped her up in her Thundershirt last night to see if it might help with her new thunderstorm anxiety.

It definitely helped a bit, but it still took Sadie a solid hour to calm down. I couldn’t help but think of the dog Marley from the book Marley and Me and how frightened that sweet lab felt every time a storm occurred outside. At least Sadie isn’t destructive when she’s scared. She just gets extra needy, which I didn’t think was possible.

I smell danger

Weekend Circuit Workout

Ryan and I managed to sleep in a bit this morning which was fabulous. We awoke around 8 a.m. and headed to the gym for a Saturday morning workout.

Weekend Circuit Workout

After a brief warm up, I completed three rounds of the above circuit which left me nice and sweaty!


On our way home from the gym, we swung by Publix to pick up some food for the weekend. I bought a fruit and yogurt parfait for breakfast to eat along with some Honey Nut Chex.


honey nut chex

I enjoyed my breakfast with a hot cappuccino from Cup O’ the Irish, a local coffee shop in Ocala located across the street from the grocery store.

cup o' the irish ocala

I’ve heard great things about Cup O’ the Irish and it did not disappoint.

Time to shower! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. says

    My golden Kala developed a fear for thunderstorms a couple of years ago out of nowhere. She gets the shakes and starts panting. The only way she kind of calms down is by going in her crate. Thanks for another fabulous circuit! Enjoy the weekend…


  2. says

    Aww poor Sadie! My friend’s dog Sadie has a thundershirt as well and last time I baby(puppy?)-sat her when they were out of town it did wonders for her! She get anxious as well and starts to gnaw on blankets and throws:( Last time she had it on and she seemed so much better!! I use them for foster dogs at adoption events as well!


  3. marion says

    Our King Charles Cavalier Spaniel use to shake like a leave at anything resembling the sound of fireworks, thunder, bangs, smoke alarms, etc…you name it she feared it. Our yellow Lab is field trained so when loud bangs go off she stands at attention ready to fetch the flavour of the day! It is so interesting the characteristic differences in dogs and their behaviours tend to intensify as they age rather than mellow as you might think they would. Expect more shaking Sadie as she gets older and sweeter with age. All the best and take care. M


  4. says

    Anytime you post a circuit, I just automatically Pin it. They’re great for when I’m walking in to the gym and don’t have a workout in mind–I just pull up Pinterest on my phone and go straight to your creations 🙂


  5. says

    I’ve never heard of a thundershirt. So far my little Louie isn’t scared of storms, but I didn’t realize it could happen later on. Just curious, are you scared of storms? or crossing bridges? I used to love bridges when I was a little, but now I am super nervous every time I cross one. Sadie and I have that in common. It helps me to drive in the center lane if there is one. Wonder if that would help her. 🙂


  6. Andrea D. says

    Poor little Sadie! My old dog Chester used to be frightened of any loud noises, especially thunderstorms and fireworks. Our vet prescribed him some mild sedatives since he started to get a little destructive around the house. We only used them during really bad storms and of course on the 4th of July. I hope Sadie feels better, although she looks quite cute in her thundershirt! 🙂 A hot cappucino sounds delicious in this cold weather! Have a great weekend Julie!


  7. Lissy says

    Poor princess was terrified of thunder. It got worse every year too. She’d shake and try to hide or sit on my dad’s head which was a feat since she was 80 pounds. She passed away before the summer which was almost a blessing because I don’t think she would have been able to deal with another summer of thunderstorms, it was that bad. Buffy’s deaf, so they don’t bother her at all anymore, she’s just terrified of everything else.


  8. Lacie says

    My dog developed a fear of storms as he got older. He would shake and cower, and eventually it got so bad that I would come home and find him in the bathtub hiding from the thunder. It’s sad and endearing to know that animals are so sensitive, but I always wished I could ease his fears.


  9. Patty T says

    Our last dog, Molly, was terrified of thunderstorms, fireworks and when the smoke alarm would beep because the battery was low. Luckily, we don’t have many thunderstorms in No. CA but we live near where the state fair is every year so for two weeks a year, every night at 10pm there is a fireworks display. We just knew we had to be home because she would get destructive trying to get away from the sound. It always made me so sad and there wasn’t really anything we could do to comfort her.


  10. Sarah says

    My vizsla Sophie used to stand outside when it stormed and in the past couple of years freaks out and climbs into the bathtub. We call it her “bunker.”


  11. says

    My first dog, my “big sister” Lucy, used to bury herself in shoes in my father’s closet during thunderstorms. Poor thing, she would shake like a leaf. It’s a shame that they are so sensitive and can feel the storms earlier and later than we can 🙁


  12. Lia says

    Hi! New reader here! I had a couple of friends tell me I would love your blog and sure enough, I do! My best friend lives in Ocala, I went to UF, our good friends here in Nashville have a Viszla (who is my goldendoodles BFF/ Boyfriend) and I figured out he came from Sadie’s breeder in Alabama and I’m training for my first half marathon. It seems your blog is very applicable! Thanks for posting so many cute puppy pics – they are my favorite! Have a nice Sunday.


  13. says

    Poor Sadie. It can be hard to try and ignore them and wait them out when they are totally stressing.

    We had one storm out here and the power outages were cycling weird. The lights were on and off and on and off with lots of transformer banging. I had to finally load up my doberman at the time (Odin) and drive around for awhile. Had I had a tranquilizer I would have used it.

    Good to know the thunder shirt helps a little. Does she has a hiding space she likes? Sometimes that helps. Like a closet or kennel.


  14. Hilary says

    Thank you for the workout inspiration! I did your circuit, swapping out a step up w/leglift & bicep curl for the box jumps (my old ACL injury doesn’t always agree with plyos), reverse lunges for the kettle bell swings (no kettle bell available) and tricep extensions for the dips. I know I will be feeling this (in a good way), tomorrow! Have a great weekend!


  15. Ashley says

    My dog used to scratch at doors and try to get outside in the storm. I always look forward to when you post new workouts! Thank you 🙂


  16. says

    Our previous dog was so scared from thunderstorms that he was always hiding in the small space between the washer and dryer. He would fall asleep there, and even after the storm is over, he would stay there for a long time. We miss him a lot. 🙂
    I will have to try the honey nut chex! Recently i bought the Fiber One 80 calories. I like it a lot and it has a decent amout of fiber. 🙂


  17. says

    Our previous dog was so scared from thunderstorms that he was always hiding in the small space between the washer and dryer. He would fall asleep there, and even after the storm is over, he would stay there for a long time. We miss him a lot. 🙂
    I will have to try the honey nut chex! Recently i bought the Fiber One 80 calories. I like it a lot and it has a decent amount of fiber. 🙂


  18. says

    I’ve always wondered about those thundershirt things. My dog is very high strung and has a lot of anxiety about a lot of different things. I’ve wanted to try it, but always thought they were kind of expensive. That’s too weird about bridges. How does she even know it’s a bridge?! That’s so funny. Poor Sadie, though! I’m sure you were the best puppy mama you could be for her though.


  19. Teresa says

    I feel bad for your Sadie. I just thought I’d share with you that my vet recommended putting the Thundershirt on our dog (her name is Saity) if there’s a chance of storms so that she’s already wearing it long before the storms arrive. It seems to work for us so I thought I’d share it with you. If a storm pops up unexpectedly, we let our Saity go into the bathroom where there aren’t any windows so that she can get away from the flashes of lightning and the sound of the thunder is muffled a little. I don’t like storms either so my husband hopes they make a Thundershirt for people someday, too!


  20. Lizzie says

    My doggie is frightened of thunderstorms, rain storms, snow storms…the dark (haha)…you name it. I love being her dog mom though, as I’m sure you can relate!, so I enjoy ‘taking care of her’ during these storms.
    Your workouts are always so creative and fun! They’re intense, too, so I’m wondering how you gather up the energy so early in the morning without eating breakfast first- any tips you can share? Maybe I am just in the group that needs extra sustenance first haha.


  21. Sarah O says

    We currently also have a Viszla that has an issue with storms and wind. We purchased the Thundershirt and have had some luck using it, especially if we can catch it before any “action” really starts. One thing we’ve found that really helps is to turn on some white noise in our bedroom that helps block out the outside noise (we have it on a continuous loop that plays on an iPod clock/radio)–he lays on the bed and is none-the-wiser of what’s going on outdoors. He will lay in there even if we are out on the couch. I think the skittishness is fairly common in the breed, unfortunately. If all else fails, the kennel is his safe place if we just can’t calm him down and he’s in danger of hurting himself by trying to climb into places. We’re not in favor of using medicines preferring instead to try more homeopathic alternatives.



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