Movies That Everyone (But You) Loves

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful time ringing in 2013 and bidding farewell to 2012. Ryan and I had a no fuss celebration as planned and celebrated together over margaritas.

margaritas el torreo

Earlier in the day, before the margarita drinkin’, I saw Les Mis!

les mis

I really, really wanted to love this movie. Really. But I just didn’t.

I feel like I’m in the vast minority, but I simply wasn’t enamored with Les Mis. I adore musicals but have never seen Les Mis on stage before, so maybe that had something to do with it? Perhaps knowing and loving all of the songs beforehand would’ve made me feel more connected to the film?

I thought it was a decent movie with some beautiful songs, but I felt restless as I watched and thought it was rather long. (I must say that I thought Anne Hathaway’s “I Dreamed a Dream” was absolutely gorgeous and have already downloaded that song, so there were some moments in the movie that I definitely enjoyed.)


After a later-than-usual start to the day, Ryan and I meandered over to the gym for our first workout of the new year this morning.

I warmed up with 20 minutes on the elliptical before I completed my Winter Circuit Workout.

photo (5)

Super sweaty!


Breakfast this morning featured your average run-of-the-mill staples: Cereal, fruit and yogurt.

cereal yogurt banana

Nothing too special, but it tasted good and satisfied my hunger. That’s all I ask!

Question of the Morning

  • Is there a movie out there that everyone seems to love that you don’t think it all that great?

For me that movie is The Goonies. I never saw it as a child and after seeing it for the first time as an adult, it left me feeling underwhelmed (as they say on Cupcake Wars).


  1. says

    Most recently, I was very underwhelmed by Ted. I love a good comedy, and everyone carried on about it like it was the greatest thing. The trailer was the funniest part. I’ve been looking forward to Les Mis, but I fear that I’m going to have the same experience that you had! Happy New Year! 🙂


    • says

      Agreed! I was super excited to see Ted but as you said, the best parts of the movie were in the trailer. Even my husband (who is a sucker for those rediculous comedies) thought they were reaching a little too far to make people laugh.


  2. Katlyn says

    Mine would have to be all those movies that have multiples..Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Transformers, etc. They are just too long and there is so much going on for me to enjoy! And Goonies honestly scare me as a child, so I don’t like it either now. :p Happy New Year! 🙂


  3. says

    I totally felt this way about American Beauty. Ugh. There are also a ton of tv shows out right now that my husband and I talk about all the time. Everyone thinks they are great, hilarious shows and we just don’t feel it. But we both have a pretty goofy sense of humor, so we find other shows hilarious that most people don’t. 🙂


  4. says

    Goonies! Really!? Love that one, but I get it, I’m like that about a lot of movies that everyone thinks is great. The most epic example I can think of is Citizen Kane. It is the best movie of all time according to every list ever and I was bored to tears when I watched it. And the ending wasn’t that profound.


  5. says

    Happy New Years! I really want to see Les Mis but I’m worried it will be too sad and depressing. I’m a baby with movies, I get too into them so if really bad things happen I get stressed. ;P I’m such a dork.


  6. says

    Morning Gal! When is our book review due? 🙂

    And by the way, I turned down an outing for Les Mis because I felt like I wasn’t going to want to sit through the entire thing. I appreciate the review.

    Happy New Year!


  7. Cate says

    Yes – Bridesmaids! I just didn’t think it was that funny…. I thought it was rather gross, to be honest! BUT, Goonies is one of my favorites. Then again, I watched it as a kid, so maybe that’s why. I’ve read mixed reviews on Les Mis – People who’ve seen the musical have said the movie wasn’t very good, but I’d still like to see it.

    Happy New Year!


    • andrea says

      That’s sacrilegious lol the first time I saw bridesmaids I was underwhelmed but every other time ive loved it. Give it another chance.


      • Cate says

        I’ve watched it twice… Maybe third time is a charm? I just got grossed out during the dress fitting scene and I didn’t care for Melissa McCarthy’s character. I really tried to like it/her! I loved her on the Gilmore Girls and I guess I just always picture her as Sookie!


  8. says

    Maybe I’m about to get criticized for this, but I’m completely underwhelmed by 99% of The Princess Bride! Ahhhh sinful, I know! Haha my husband LOVES that movie, and I found a few parts funny, but in general I just sat there with a stupid look on my face, like “huh?”

    Happy New Year, Fagan fam!


  9. says

    The Batman movies. Like, the Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises, all of that. Not a fan–but all of my friends are, and they can’t believe I don’t share their same enthusiasm.


  10. says

    This is how I feel about Bridesmaids. I’ve seen it twice now and just don’t get it! We are going to go see Les Mis later in the week & I am such a fan of it that I’m afraid I’ll be super critical the whole time I am watching.


  11. says

    Definitely the Lord or the Rings series and most recently, The Hobbit. Also, Harry Potter (though I’ve technically never seen it…).

    Then again there are movies are I LOVE and everyone else hates. Rom-coms, mostly 🙂


  12. says

    Haha, I’m a diehard for Les Mis. But then again, I’ve seen it on stage twice….same cast…2 different states….I’ve auditioned with one of the songs before…..I know every word….have autographs with the cast….so I guess I have an excuse 🙂

    Personally, I don’t like any Nicolas Sparks movies except a Walk to Remember. They’re just always sad, nothing happy ever happens, you know? I always feel depressed later.


      • says

        Agreed! At first, I my thoughts were “Whoa, okay, the isn’t what it’s supposed to be like”, but then I thought about it, and realized that this is the movie version, it can’t be the same. Of course they have to sing quieter, and they will do things differently. So my final thought was that for a movie, they did pretty darn excellent.


  13. says

    I liked Les Mis but I went in with really low expectations and didn’t think I would, so maybe that helped. I’m in love with the muscial!
    I have never been able to even sit through Up and everyone I know adores that movie. Also, I didn’t much care for the Hunger Games either, but I did like the books.


  14. Mrs Type A says

    I hate Jim Carrey and so any of his movies fall into this category for me. I don’t want to see Les Mis.. it doesn’t appeal to me and I’ve never seen the show on stage, so I think I’ll skip it. I also never saw the Goonies as a child and by the time I saw it (when my husband made me in college) I just didn’t get it.


  15. Kristen says

    Hey, Julie!

    See if you can find a copy of the 25th Anniversary Les Miz Concert from 2010 or — maybe better — the 10th Anniversary Concert from 1995. Although concerts, both are done in full costumes and makeup and, of course, both have wonderful singers, full orchestras, and large choruses. The 10th Anniv. Concert is better in the sense that it has Colm Wilkinson, the original Jean Valjean — he was the Bishop in the movie — in that role as well as several other performers who originated their roles. And both have great encores at the end!

    Good luck!


    • Erika says

      I second this! The 1995 Anniversary concert is a must! You can watch it on youtube. Colm Wilkinson, Lea Salonga and Michael doesn’t get better than them! I didn’t like the 2010 performance. Mostly because I had a huge issue with a Jonas brother being cast as Marius.


      • Dana says

        I third this. I’ve seen the show 5 times and read the book so my expectations are HIGH – I will either cry through it when I see it or be critical. I think I’d skip the 2005 one and go straight to the 1995 one (don’t kill me but I’ve never LOVED Lea Salonga… she practically says “and when I woose my way I close my eyes and he has found me.”). Colm Wilkinson is THE gold standard. It’s hard to take Les Mis seriously with a Jonas Brother in it 😉


        • Kevie says

          I fourth this! (..if that’s possible??…) Both anniversary shows are awesome! Sometimes they show the 25th anniversary shows on PBS, if you’re lucky you might find it sometime. Also, a few fun facts: Colm Wilkinson (the original Jean Valjean) played the bishop in the beginning of the movie that Jean Valjean seeks refuge from. And the actress who plays Eponine in the movie also plays Eponine in the 25th anniversary 🙂


      • Kristen says

        It really annoyed me when I bought the DVD, that the plastic wrap had a sticker that said “Starring Nick Jonas …”. And I can’t stand that he sings like the words are tatooed to his eyebrows.


    • says

      Not the only girl – I HATE the Notebook. Passionately hate. Although not because it’s cheesy…I just can’t get on board with cheating on your fiancee (especially one who is amazing and loves you VERY much) by sleeping with another man. I don’t care how “conflicted” you are. Stop being a slut, figure out what you want, and then end your other relationship before hopping in bed with someone else. *end rant*

      … I also don’t like Elf at all, and I’m glad to see several other commenters on there agree with me on that one too. 🙂


  16. Anya says

    Elf…I have absolutely zero patience for that movie. I can see why people would like it, but all I get out of it is stupid humor and Will Ferrel killing brain cells.

    I’m sorry you didn’t like Les Mis! I haven’t seen it yet because I try to hold off on seeing movies in theater unless I am fairly certain it’ll be worth my money. Great to hear your opinion as well!


  17. Terri says

    I was shocked by Les Mis… almost to the point that I couldn’t formulate an opinion about it. I think, perhaps this came from the emotion that came out in the music. It’s sometimes difficult to show the full range of emotion when singing. And I feel that all of the actors did such a great job of this. I felt myself pulled into the emotion of the story more than once. I think this is why I felt so shocked by the film.


  18. says

    You are SPOT ON with Les Mis. I felt like I should lose my “woman card” when I liked it SO MUCH less than my husband…then we discussed why I didn’t like it and it came down to these three things:
    1. Russell Crowe cannot sing…so why didn’t they cast a singer in one of the most integral roles in the film rather than an aging actor??
    2. I had not seen Les Mis before either, but had loved all fo the music, and didn’t feel as if it applied to the film in the way I had always imagined in my mind.
    3. Turns out they cut out some fairly important portions of the movie in the sake of time (like how Jean Valjean spent 20 YEARS in prison being tortured by Javert!)
    So, just know that you were not alone in your distaste for Les Mis…although I agree that Anne Hathaway was amazing!


  19. says

    I liked Goonies, but I wasn’t blown away by it, either. I also saw Labyrinth when I was older, but when I finally watched it, I hated it! I didn’t like Lord of the Rings, either, and even though Easy A was a cute movie, I wasn’t a huge fan like my roommates were.


  20. says

    For me, it’s The Breakfast Club. I’ve had so many people freak out over the fact that I hadn’t seen it. I finally saw it and it just didn’t do anything for me? I think it’s because it’s an older film. When it came out, it was probably great, but years later it seemed awkward and boring.


  21. Katelyn says

    I loved Les Mis but I have also seen it several times on stage and know all of the music by heart. I think it would be a very different experience if I had never seen it.
    For me it is the Princess Bride. I hate that movie…


  22. Nikki says

    Almost all 80s movies. I don’t get it. They weren’t that great. Almost everyone I know can quote them all, but I was completely underwhelmed by that era — both in movies and music.

    On the other hand, I was not expecting much from Les Mis, but absolutely LOVED it. 😉


  23. Brooklyn says

    PITCH PERFECT! I was so pumped to see it that I RENTED it from Amazon (something I never ever do) and I so much as hated it. Talk about disappointing.


  24. says

    I really enjoyed Les Mis, but I think this is ONLY because I saw the musical beforehand. I actually just went and saw the musical two weeks ago…and didn’t like it! I knew I wanted to see the movie, so I did some reading on the plot and the background story, which really helped me gain a better understanding for the story’s message….so I think going into the movie with some background knowledge DEFINITELY helped me 🙂


  25. says

    So funny, I loved Les Mis!!!!! I wanted to stay for the next showing when it was over. But I’ve seen it on stage and know every note of all the songs, so I’m sure that helped.


  26. says

    Oh no! So sorry to hear you didn’t love Les Mis. I think that happens sometimes when people or the media hype up a production so much. I still have yet to see it but I’m hoping I love it. I was blown away when I saw in on broadway so I’m hoping i feel the same with the movie.


  27. Lisa W. says

    Oh No! I’m so disappointed that Les Mis didn’t get a good review from you. 🙁 I’ve been wanting to see it so badly, I just don’t have the time. Maybe when it comes out on dvd. On a good note: I cooked up a batch of apple chicken sausage and zucchini this morning and the combination is fantastic! So, thank you for posting about that. Hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Day, Julie!


  28. Erin says

    I have not seen this version of Les Mis, but have seen the last movie and seen it on stage twice. My mom went though the other day, and while she said she enjoyed it, she felt that there was some miscasting and that she wouldn’t bother buying the soundtrack. If you get a chance to see it live though, I would highly recommend it.


  29. says

    ahhh I’ve been dying to see Les Miserables but I haven’t seen the musical yet either! But my husband and I are talking about saving up for that in the near future. I’ll still watch it but I hope I do love it! 😀 And I have TONS of movies that people LOVE but I feel underwhelmed with: Transformers, Titanic (ABHOR IT, LOL), The Notebook, and many of those really “dumb” comedy ones of young people partying and being drunk all the time…haha.


  30. Kathryn says

    I’ve seen Les Mis on stage 3-4 times, it’s my favorite Broadway. I loved the movie, but it was very long and found myself wishing they had cut more out to make it shorter.


  31. says

    I cannot, for the life of me, understand the obsession with The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Those types of movies just aren’t my jam! My husband and friends die for those movies…and I can’t keep my eyes open through one of them. I do really want to see Les Mis because everyone is raving over it. Since I own The Sound of Music (the world’s longest musical) on DVD, I have a feeling it will be right up my alley 🙂


  32. Caitlin says

    Julie! This is so random but I was on pinterest this morning and totally saw a pic of you and ryan at your wedding (the “behind the door” pic)
    Check it out:
    I was just perusing around and I was like…wait….that looks like Julie and Ryan! Haha kinda cool, except that they used your pic without your permission :/ thought you might want to know


  33. Brittany says

    The same thing happened to me when I saw Juno! All of my friends loved it, but I couldn’t even sit through the entire movie! That’s a bummer about Les Mis though…I also really wanted to see it so maybe I’ll read up on the plot a little beforehand? P.S. in your winter circuit, what’s a plank row? Thanks!! Happy 2013 to everyone!


  34. says

    TOTALLY agree with your Les Mis assessment– only part I actually liked was Anne Hathaway’s song. I actually posted on my Facebook wall about feeling like I was alone in hating it, but a bunch of people agreed. Maybe were not the minority? 😉

    I also feel this way about A Christmas Story (the one with the kid who licks the pole?).


  35. says

    I haven’t seen Les Mis but I can already tell that I would not be a fan. I like comedies and optimistic movies. One movie that I was expecting to be hilarious was bridesmaids. It wasn’t bad… but my friends made it seem funnier than it was. Maybe it is our expectations that ruin movies?


  36. says

    I felt the same way about Les Mis! I thought the characters were really one-dimensional and it kept me from really caring about anyone (although I guess a lot of musicals are like this). Oh well.


  37. Lilly says

    I cried the entire time during Les Mis. Well during the first three songs and then from the last 30 minutes until the finish. i also cried when I saw it on broadway. i think you are right though, if you knew the music you would have greater appreciation. I also read some of the book and that makes a huge difference. Wow! i sound like such a dork! haha. i cant stand the movie ‘Dodgeball’ and people never understand why.


  38. says

    I’m going to see Les Mis this week and am unsure how I’m going to like it…I can see your points about why it wasn’t for you but I have heard such great things from others. We shall see. Some oldies that everyone loves, like Rocky, I just don’t care for at all.


  39. says

    We went to see the Hobbit for New Years and it was 3 hours long! I was squirming in my seat by about hour 2. Not my thing but I promised my husband so I had to sit it through. The scene with the gold ring is just far too long!


  40. Amanda @ Romancing the Unusual says

    I was REALLY restless during Les Mis, too, but it wasn’t because I didn’t like it. Someone above commented on Russell Crowe. He did a lot of damage, in my opinion. Plus long movies are tough for me anyway. But at the end of it, I walked away loving it. Maybe I won’t see the movie again, but I’m dying to see it in stage!


  41. says

    I am sort of glad you feel that way about Les Mis! I dont really want to see it because I dont think I will like it and I felt guilty for feeling that way because everyone says its going to be so wonderful! However, we just saw The Silver Lining Playbook and I cannot recommend it enough, it was amazing!


  42. says

    I LOVED Les Mis. But, as you said, I already was familiar with it. I think the overall message is what stuck with me. I thought Russell Crowe’s character was especially meaningful


  43. Lacie says

    I’m going to see Les Mis next week, so now I’m a little worried. I have never understood the hype around Bill Murray movies (except maybe Ghostbusters); I really don’t like his movies!


  44. says

    I have seen Les Mis 4 times on the stage and have been listening to the full London recording since I was a senior in high school. I know the entire musical from beginning to end by heart and have sung many of the songs, myself, for various musical productions over the years. For fun, here is a recording of On My Own that I sang in February 2011:

    My hubby and I went and saw the movie the day after Christmas and I thought it was beautifully done. I think I would not have appreciated it the way I did if I wasn’t so familiar with the music and the story wasn’t such a deep part of my life. Do you like musical theater in general, Julie? If you do, I would recommend buying the CD and having a listen sometime. It’s good stuff! 🙂

    As for movies everyone loves but me not so much…definitely the Lord of the Rings series. As for Harry Potter, never seen them and never read the books. No interest whatsoever…

    Happy New Year! 🙂


  45. says

    I have been seeing the Les Mis play since I was about 8 years old 🙂 I cannot wait to see it in the theaters – but thank you for an honest post, due to the length of the play I kind of figured the movie might stretch on a bit 🙂 Happy New Year!


  46. says

    I haven’t seen les mis but I have heard okay things about it but no “absolutely loved it” reviews.. I feel the same way about the notebook… It pulled on peoples heartstrings but I didn’t love it…


  47. Erin says

    All Jim Carey movies (except The Truman Show) and It’s a Wonderful Life… hate hate hate. I am going to see Les Mis with a friend tonight, I’m so curious now; all my friends gave it great reviews!


  48. says

    I totally get where you are coming from! I watched Les Mis, and I think that I just wasn’t in the right mind set to watch it. Definitely need to see it again in a different setting 🙂

    Avengers was the movie that everyone but me loves. Again, I just felt like I was missing something and I plan on watching it some other time. Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way about movies!


  49. says

    Happy New Year, Julie! 😀 Some of the best NYE celebrations are the no-fuss ones. I love your pink sneaks by the way. As for the movies… similar to your Goonies situation, I recently saw The Breakfast Club. I’d never seen it growing up and was curious what all the fuss was about. I think it was too little, too late because I just didn’t get it. I was bored to tears watching it. Oh, and same thing with Napoleon Dynamite. Again, I saw that one well after the fact and didn’t enjoy it at all. Maybe it’s a “had to be there” (when it was hot) kinda thing… 😉


  50. Dione says

    I loved the movie…but I adore musicals so I had to see it. I saw the play live years ago but I didn’t remember much of the plot. Russell Crowe wasn’t the best part, but I don’t think he was bad either. And yes, I cried and cried. I’m glad I was alone with only strangers around. Sometimes it feels so good to just be emotional and cry like that. So to anyone who loves musicals and a good cry, go see it! Granted it might not be for everyone, but neither is any movie.


  51. Kevie says

    I was not blown away by the movie Les Mis either. I have seen the musical live, I also watched the recording of the 25th anniversary performance last year on PBS. I LOVE the musical and LOVE the story and songs. While I did not think the movie was bad, I just wasn’t impressed. Still, I had to restrain myself from singing along in the theater a few times 🙂


  52. Hayley says

    The Princess bride!!! I have spent most of my life lying because whenever I tell someone I didn’t love the princess bride, they get so horrified!

    It’s easier to just say I love it lol


  53. says

    I LOVED Les Mis though I have seen the movie on stage, knew the songs, and even SANG a few of them in high school. I was also drawn in quite a bit by the fact that all the music was “live” and none of it was pre-recorded. It especially made the last song seem that much more powerful to me.


  54. says

    I saw Les Mis live in London years ago & cried throughout much of it. I love the music & did some background reading before seeing the film. I loved it, but I didn’t think Russel Crowe or Amanda Seyfried were good choices. I was blown away by Anne Hathaway (I used to hate her); she just captured so much of the emotion.
    I have to agree with you about Goonies. Just didn’t do it for me either.


  55. says

    I’ve been wanting to see Les Mis so bad! Your the first person I’ve heard from who has seen the movie that didn’t like it. (Hints your blog post title) lol The movie does look very sad and depressing though. I’m still hoping to see it sometime over the weekend! .


  56. says

    I loooooovvee Les Miserables and can not WAIT to see the movie!! But I know the musical very well & even read the unabridged (verrrrryyyyy long) version. But I could see how it’d be hard to ‘get into’ if you’re not familiar with it.

    The Twilight Series is one that I think is horrid. The acting is soooo bad.


  57. Tiff says

    The Notebook and Anchorman. The two are completely unrelated, but are similar in that I can’t finish either of them! Worst movies ever!


  58. Erin says

    A lot of people on here are sorely missing out. The movie Les Mis is a MASTERPIECE. If you didn’t like it or choose not to see it, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It was absolutely incredible. And watching it on the big screen is the only way to experience it. If you can wait till it comes out on DVD, you won’t be getting the full experience. Not for a movie like this. That is all.


  59. says

    I think that a lot of kid/teenage “classics” are a miss if you didn’t see them growing up. Both my fiance and I have special places in our hearts for movies that we loved growing up but the other who didn’t watch it when they were younger just can’t get into it. There’s just something about being a kid that makes you loyal, I guess!


  60. Kacey says

    Everyone always raves over The Princess Bride, but I never saw it as a kid, and when I saw it as an adult, I just thought it was all hype. There are some funny parts, but I never can get into it. This is a true confession here, because when I tell other people about this, I get a LOT of gasps!


  61. JAF says

    OMG I hated Les Mis too! My bf and I went with another couple and they were loving it whilst we were rolling our eyes at each other literally counting down the minutes till it ended.

    Another movie I didn’t like but everyone loved when I was younger was Titanic. All of my friends were in love with Leo and I was just like ‘meh’.


  62. Jamie says

    I did not like Les Mis at all! They made it just as long as the Broadway play but did not give you an intermission….I think if it had been an hour shorter, it would have been wonderful.


  63. says

    I haven’t seen Les Mis yet but I completely agree. I am NOT a fan of the Goonies. I just don’t get it. The next movie at the top of the list of “bleh” is…and no one yell at me….but I can’t stand it….Christmas Story. I’ve tried to watch it a handful of times and every time I have to change the channel or leave the room. It leaves me unreasonably irritated. I can’t explain it.


  64. says

    So, I am a Les Mis fanatic. And I also was not in love with the movie. There were good moments to be sure (Anne Hathaway was AMAZING!) and I thought some of the barricades scenes really leant themselves to cinema…but…overall I’ll give it an “eh.” It’s a movie musical after all. And very few — I think — can live up to the stage.

    If you ever have a chance to see a real production, I really recommend you do. It’s long (be warned!) but I was in love. It has the best staging of any show I’ve ever seen. You’ll see what I mean if you go, but the STAGE itself its circular and ROTATES so you get the most amazing movement / impression. Hard to describe.

    I’ll leave you with this: It’s the 10th Anniversary “Dream Cast” of Les Mis and they are astounding. THIS is what the songs should sound like! In particular, listen to One Day More, On My Own, Empty Chairs At Empty Tables, Stars and Bring Him Home (you can search individually for any of the songs, but the full link is there).

    Sorry for the Les Mis nerd-rant! Happy New Year!


  65. Lindsay says

    Top Gun. I didn’t see it until I was much older since I couldn’t see “R” movies. But after all the hype, when I saw it as an adult, I just didn’t see what all the fuss was about. I saw Les Mis yesterday, loved it!


  66. Pam says

    I didn’t like Les Mis either!! The singing was great but the plot moved way too slow. My husband caught my eye in the middle of it and gave the universal “wrap it up!” gesture and we both almost burst out in laughter (in a very quiet theatre). Glad to hear we weren’t the only ones who weren’t so into it!


  67. Lyndsay says

    I definitely have a few, but the top ones are “Dumb and Dumber” and “Tropic Thunder!” Do I just not get the humor!? Les Mis sounds like a snoozie, so thanks for saving me the three hours! 🙂


  68. Leslie says

    Julie, you are NOT the only one. My husband and I saw Les Mis on NYEve and both were checking our watches and afterwards kinda felt like bad people for just thinking it was ok! I mean hello, Anne and Hugh were AMAZING but it was sooooo long and a new plot line after an hour and a half into the movie? I couldn’t believe it!! You aren’t alone girl.


  69. Jennifer says

    Les Miserables is one that you should see on stage first. Even at first, I thought “oh brother” but by the end, I loved it. The movie was awesome in a different way. This play/movie is not for the faint of heart but the message of redemption is beautiful. My thirteen year old daughter loved both the play and the movie but I know she would not have liked it had she not seen the play first.


  70. says

    A lot of people don’t like Les Mis — the music is a little repetitive, even in the show because it is technically an operetta, so lots of dramatic dialogue is sung to similar musical themes. It’s also sad…there just isn’t a lot of happiness in there to make it all better. The “bad guys” never really get what they deserve, which always happens in Hollywood.

    I have seen the show several times, and I felt the movie clarified a lot of plot points that the show rushes through. I had no desire to read the book after seeing the show, but after seeing the movie, I feel like I might like the book.


  71. says

    I don’t think I could get into Les Mis, but I would definitely go see it on stage. We just went to see Django Unchained the other night. I thought it was excellent, although I had a REALLY hard time with the overall concept and all the blood. The story, the killing and the blood were too much for me to handle and yet at the same time I thought it was very well done.


  72. says

    I agree Les Mis is much better if you’ve seen the play, but I don’t think it’s for everyone since there’s only like 5 words spoken (but it was amazing!) Oh, but the book is really good, I bet you would enjoy it. I know the feeling though, everyone loves Duck Dynasty but I really don’t like it.


  73. says

    I didn’t go see Le Mis for the same reason… everybody has said it was amazing, but I just didn’t think I was going to like it. Even though I LOVE musicals, and this seems like it would be right up my alley, I don’t know all of the songs to it and I’m not extremely familiar with it, so I felt like that would take away from the movie experience. I’ll probably try to see it when it comes out on Netflix, though. I just wouldn’t waste money going to see it in the theaters, I don’t think.


  74. says

    I havn’t seen Les Mis just yet – but I have a feeling it’s not going to be a winner! Of all the movies, I absolutely hate ‘The Notebook.’ Everyone goes crackers over it; but I cannot STAND Rachael McAdams character! Another movie I can’t stand (but everyone else seems to go nuts for) is Cheaper by the Dozen – but I guess that’s just because I find A.) anybody that would actually want 12 kids and B.) Steve Martin a little bit creepy. JM


  75. says

    phew, glad to hear i wasnt the only one that just was not at all a fan of it. anne’s role was legit but i seriously struggled to watch the rest. but have you seen Pitch Perfect!? ohhhh boy–the acronym “LOL” doesnt even do it justice.


  76. Caitlin says

    I HATED the Avengers. I swear it was in a different language, because it made absolutely no sense to me. Longest 2 hours of my life!


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