Hello, Sheriff

I’m beginning to feel like some pretty unusual things happen to me after I fall asleep. And by unusual I mean freaky.

Remember the time Ryan had me convinced someone broke into our apartment as we were asleep upstairs in Orlando? And the time our doorbell went off randomly in the middle of the night?

Well, in the middle of the night last night, our doorbell rang. Ryan and I awoke and Sadie flipped out and ran around the house like a looney, as usual. We stayed in bed while Sadie ran to the front door barking her face off.

Then, from our place in bed, we saw what looked like the light from a flashlight shining in our windows. Weird. The doorbell rang again and Ryan walked out to see what was up and a sheriff was at the door.

Ryan spoke with her and she explained that the police received a 911 call from a cell phone and when they traced the call’s location, it appeared to be coming from our property.


Ryan assured her that neither of us called the police nor heard anything suspicious around our house and thanked her for coming out to check on everything. Needless to say, we were both a little unnerved when it came time to fall back asleep. I really hope everything is okay!


Pumpkin pancakes for breakfast!

Healthy Pumpkin Pancakes

Honey whole wheat pumpkin pancakes, that is!

Pumpkin pancakes

Topped with a bit of syrup and slivered almonds.

Of Possible Interest


  1. Caroline says

    That is so scary!! My dog reacts the same way whenever the door bell rings. He freaks out!! It usually annoys me to no end, but it’s times like that when I am thankful that he lets whoever is on the other side of that door know he’s there. Gives me a safe feeling having such a terrific watch dog :) …..Love your website btw!


  2. says

    Yikes, that is so scary! While I was away at college my parents were sleeping one night when they heard a big bang. They went into the kitchen and saw that the sliding glass door was slightly open and a chair on our back patio had been knocked over. They called the police who said it looked like someone tried to break in, but got spooked when they made the noise. You would think after that my parents would get an alarm system, but noooo they’re old fashioned and still believe in leaving their windows open at night for a “cool breeze” because it’s nice outside!


  3. says

    That sounds really scary! I’m glad Ryan and Sadie were home with you. Do you have an alarm system? My parents had me get one and there have been many times when I am very thankful I have it. The peace of mind it gives me is worth the monthly cost for sure!


  4. says

    The same thing happened to my friend one time and it turned out that mice had chewed through a telephone line at their house, which somehow triggered calling 911. Really strange! Hopefully whoever called from their cell is okay!


  5. Sabina says

    Almost the same thing happened to my mom’s neighbor just a few weeks ago. They awoke to two police officers pounding on their door wanting to arrest him! Turns out, they were looking for the previous owner of the house – didn’t even bother to ask him for id! Took some time, but it was eventually resolved. Scary!


  6. says

    I love how you jump from that story to… PANCAKES!
    It would only freak me out because she said the call came from your property… Has this cop ever seen ‘When A Stranger Calls’?!


  7. Ali says

    I wouldn’t be that worried about it. Cell phone signals bounce off of different towers and many times when police track where a phone call came from on a cell phone (using cell phone towers that pick up the signal) the location is incorrect because the signal from the tower is wrong.


  8. Ann says

    So hard to sleep after something like that, you picture every possible bad thing happening. Glad you are up safe and sound! Question, do you every have a desire to get into the whole ‘juicing thing?’ Or RAW diet? Or even the ‘food combinding’ menu’s? I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this! Thank you!


  9. Rachel says

    Just to give you the other side’s thoughts… I’m a paramedic and we’re used to people not knowing their address/not updating their address/etc so we often end up waking people up that didn’t call 911. Or the house is poorly marked :-) just be glad they knocked and didn’t break the door down!


  10. says

    Ahhhhh scary!! There’s no way in hell I would have been able to get back to sleep after that. I bet Sadie would be a good guard dog though, or at least she would jump into your arms and ‘protect’ you.


  11. says

    We live in an apartment on the main floor of my parent’s house and we heard our screen door slam in the middle of the night about a month ago. When my fiancee looked outside, he didn’t see anything. The next morning my boss asked if we were okay – she heard there was a rash of burglaries in our neighborhood. I have a feeling whoever tried to break in got scared off when he realized there were people living right behind that back door! Secretly, I hope I’m just nuts and it was nothing at all!


  12. Renee O. says

    My in-laws had something similar happen. We were all next door to their house for a party and a police officer showed up and said that a call came in from their land line phone. No one could ever explain how it happened.


  13. says

    I would not have been able to get back to sleep after that….that’s insane! P.S. Those pumpkin pancakes look awesome…I think I will be making some of those this weekend :)


  14. says

    That’s so scary! One time, I had a night terror and I was convinced that there were people in our house trying to kill me and my family. I had stayed up half the night hiding under my blankets waiting for them to find me!


  15. says

    Um. That would freak me the heck out. I don’t think I could go back to sleep. Especially if my husband was out of town at the time. I swear freaky stuff only happens at night when he’s gone.


  16. says

    I actually had something very similar happen to me about 2 years ago. I was studying for a final on a Friday night (my wife was at a birthday party) when I heard a very sharp knock on the front door. Butters went nuts and started barking and I was very startled, and after I recovered I opened the door to find two police members standing there. They told me that they had received a 911 call from my house that consisted of a woman screaming a few things and hanging up the phone. I told them I was home alone and that they could come and look inside if they wanted. They declined. (In retrospect, I think this was a bad move on their part because I theoretically could have done something to someone in an adjacent room on the first floor that is out of sight from the front door.) I then told the cops that we have three units in our building and a basement and that they were welcome to look around in those areas too. They ran around the basement with their guns drawn, and since we have no lights in our basement they had to use the flashlights on the guns just like I have seen police do in the movies. Fortunately, none of the other tenants had made a phone call either. I hope that whomever was in help and placed the call were able to get the help that they needed…


  17. Lia says

    That is pretty darn freaky…almost as freaky as the fact that I made myself your honey whole wheat pancakes (for the first time) for dinner tonight without seeing this blog post beforehand. I was reading old your blog posts last night while at work and saw the recipe for those pancakes and started craving them immediately so this evening when I woke up I whipped up a batch. So good! I just think it’s really weird you had them for breakfast this morning also!


  18. Danielle says

    That is super weird! We just moved and our new apartment has a security system that apparently hasn’t been active since 1990. Well, it goes off a least once a month in the middle of the night. So strange and I always wake up in a panic! No one – including the security company knows why.


  19. says

    My boyfriend blames every noise I hear on his house being old (that should be fun when I move in in April- I already told him I won’t ever be home alone), but I when I woke him up last week he blamed it on the wind. It sounded like a door slam and someone talking, so I that there silent in bed, freaking out. And of course there WAS someone there. Luckily it was just a friend who decided midnight was a good time to stop over, but from here on out, when I say I hear a noise, he WILL be checking.

    Did the cop tell you what the caller was calling 911 for? So creepy!


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