Starting the Day Off on the Right Foot

Good afternoon!

My Saturday is flyin’ by! Ryan and I awoke at a decent hour and headed to the gym for a sweaty workout to start our day off on the right foot.

Reebok RealFlex Screams

Do you like my new kicks!? My friends at Reebok sent me their new RealFlex Scream 2.0 sneakers as part of our partnership and the minute I opened them, I thought the neon green and purple pattern was a lot of fun. I wore them all last weekend on several miles of beach walks with my mom and sister in Sanibel and the flexible soles on the shoes were perfect for the circuit workout I did at the gym this morning. They felt light on my feet, but supportive, and allowed me to jump around without any issues.

I also had a chance to test out their new PWR Wide Strap Long Bra Top and PWR Woven Shorts.

Reebok PWR top

(Oh heeey super sleepy-looking Julie.)

I instantly liked the fit of the top since it was extra long and adequately covered my abnormally long torso with no trouble. The material is soft and comfortable and kept the sweat off my body during my workout.

Reebok PWR tank top

The shorts had a wide waistband that didn’t dig into my sides and the material eliminated any issue of “swamp ass” since it wicked the sweat away, even on a hot post-breakfast hike with Ryan and Sadie!

Hike with Sadie

My workout at the gym incorporated strength moves and bursts of cardio and loosely resembled my 1,000 Rep Workout.

You better believe that I worked up an appetite and was more than ready to dig into pancakes for breakfast once we got home.

almond butter pancakes

I made the pancakes with whole wheat flour, almond butter, an egg, milk and a bit of honey.

pancakes almond butter whole wheat

Plus syrup on top for a little sweetness!

After breakfast, Ryan, Sadie and I headed to some nearby trails for a 60-minute hike.

ocala trails

We didn’t see any alligators in the springs today, but we did see a bunch of turtles that caught Sadie’s attention.

Now it’s time to head out for the day! I’m also hoping to watch an episode of Downton Abbey at some point. It calls to me, I tell ya!

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!


  1. says

    Love that tank! Any chance you have the measurements of the ingredients for those pancakes? (Maybe you’ve posted them before??) I’ve been on a real pancake kick recently, and am craving some “real” pancakes–something closer to Bisquick and less egg white/Greek yogurt style :-)


  2. Liz says

    Yum, what is a weekend without pancakes?!

    I do have a question though, it seems lately you’ve been really promoting apparel and/or food products. Do these companies reimburse you with products or pay you for doing so?

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


    • says

      hi liz! for the most part, i am not paid, but companies do send me stuff to review without compensation from time to time that makes it on the blog. all of the opinions are my honest opinion and i only accept items that i think might interest blog readers and fit in my blogging niche. for the fab post from friday, for example, i was paid, as noted by the disclaimer at the bottom of the post that said it was sponsored. you can read more about how i work with companies in this post:


      • Liz says

        Awesome thanks ! I’ve definitely been interested in some of the products (I even look up those shoes yesterday haha!) I was just curious how it all worked :)


  3. Schellen says

    I am on a get healthy journey of my own and I love your blog, I find it inspiring! I’m catching up on Downton Abbey today as well! Have a great weekend!


  4. says

    I love the blue color of that shirt! Cute.
    Your pancakes look perfect this morning:) I love the addition of almond butter. Always makes it just a tad bit more amazing.


    • says

      i am a mizuno wave rider girl through and through when it comes to running. i’ve run in the realflex screams for short distances though and thought they were great. for longer distances, i’d recommend getting fitted for a running shoe at a specialized store where someone watches you run and can recommend a good shoe for your stride.


  5. says

    I’m so jealous that your running shoes are met with grass and not the six inches of snow we awoke to today! I guess the hamster wheel of the treadmill will have to do for today. :)


    • says

      i am pretty dedicated to mizuno wave riders when it comes to running and typically recommend that people go to a store that specializes in fitting people for running shoes to find the perfect pair. i’m really picky, but i think that quality running shoes make a big difference, so i highly recommend having someone watch you run to help you determine the right shoe for you. i tend to shy away from recommending specific shoes to people for running since everyone is different.


  6. Melissa says

    I am new to the healthy lifestyle. I have lost 20 pounds and want to lose 30 more to have a healthy BMI (woohoo!!). And just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog. I like the recipes, the workouts and the clothing…I like it all! Thanks for all the great info and inspiration. Oh ya, I like the book suggestions as well. Thanks again! :)


  7. Kara says

    Loved the usage of “swamp ass”! I work a physically demanding job in a heavy dark uniform in an uncomfortably warm area with a bunch of men! We are usually sweating by 6am! So by late afternoon “swamp ass” is definitely an issue! any way this past week I said to one of the guys I could not wait to go home because I was tired of the “swamp ass” feeling! He looked at me like I was crazy!!!


  8. Shannon says

    I bought those shoes in pink/white last month! I was super nervous to invest in a new pair of sneaks because I hate spending a lot of money only to find they are not comfy to run in. They are great though! Really lightweight, & no blisters (so far). I’ve only used them on the treadmill so far to start training for my first half-marathon, but, I’m really pleased with my purchase :)


  9. says

    LOVE those sneakers! Ever since I saw them over at Courtney’s blog the other day I have been slightly obsessed. Your Reebok outfit is super cute, too. I totally love the combination of turquoise and red. It is so bright and cheery!

    Happy Sunday! :)


  10. Christina says

    Your use of the term “swamp ass” snuck up on me and made me laugh and laugh…I really needed that today. Thanks! I also really liked the gear.



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