Chop It Up

One of the benefits of hot Florida summers is that they make me crave cold, crisp salads. After teaching water fitness outside today, the thought of anything hot for lunch sounded rather unappealing. Unfortunately the lunch I packed required time in the microwave, so I abandoned my lunch in favor of a giant salad packed with vegetables from Subway.

Subway Chopped Salad

I ordered the club salad – chopped – and loved it! Did you guys know Subway makes chopped salads? I know I am probably way behind the times since I don’t go to Subway very often, but I was super psyched when Ryan and I went to Subway after our visit to the Giraffe Ranch back in May and they chopped my salad.

I adore chopped salads because it’s so much easier taste all of your salad toppings in one bite! Yesss.

After lunch at Subway, I drove home to hang with Sadie and work on blog stuff.


My salad, while delicious, didn’t hold me over very well, so about 30 minutes after I walked in the door, I rounded out my lunch with a handful of almonds and a small bowl of frozen blueberries that I quickly thawed in the microwave and cottage cheese.

almonds cottage cheese and blueberries


I have to rush off to take a conference call right now, but I’ll be back to chat again in the morning. Enjoy your night, my friends!

Question of the Afternoon

  • What foods do you crave in the summer?

In the summer, I can’t get enough fresh fruit. I’ve been eating two apples a day and lots of strawberries lately, so they’re my current favorites! Summertime also makes me crave grilled veggies, ice cream and smoothies. Yum!


  1. says

    I love refreshing fruits in the summer, like pineapple and watermelon! So delicious. And nothing quenches my thirst better than a nice cold pint of light beer. :)


  2. says

    I am with you, Julie. Summer makes me CRAVE salads chopped full of fruit and veggies + grilled chicken. I also use my blender nearly every single morning in the summer to make a smoothie or protein shake. I would live off of summer fruits/veggies if I didn’t need the protein.


  3. Sarah Whitney says

    Fruits, veggies, and ice cream! I especially love going out for ice cream in the summer. And I love grilling chicken and veggies, too :)


  4. says

    Grilled veggies & ice cream, definitely! I also love any fresh fruits or veggies that I’m able to pick up at my farmer’s market. They just taste so GOOD when they’re home-grown, rather than from the store.


  5. says

    I crave getting veggies from farmer’s markets and having them any way in the summer. Grilling with olive oil is probably my favorite – I love it when they get a little burnt! And…I am so jacked to hear that Subway does chopped salads! I haven’t been there in quite a while either, but have something to look forward to next time I go!


  6. says

    I always crave fruit. Berries, watermelon, honey dew…it’s all great! But I also always crave corn on the cob :) I could eat that every day of the summer.


  7. says

    Mmmm…I LOVE summertime eats!!! Fresh fruits are where it’s at! I also love all the fresh veggies. Firing up the grill and smelling the smell of people around the neighborhood grilling out makes me so happy! I love anything FRESH. Winter foods get so boring.


  8. Katelyn says

    I love fresh fruit in the summer too!! Juicy apples, watermellon and pinapples are my favorites right now! I also love to grill some fresh veggies to go with my dinner :)


  9. says

    I crave fresh fruit all summer long. At least 1 watermelon is needed a day, and I LOVEEE purple grapes dunked in large amounts of pb. Fresh strawberries are great too :)


  10. Maureen says

    The very first time I ordered a chopped salad at Subway, the guy behind the counter asked if I wanted lettuce. I almost couldn’t finish ordering…I was trying SO hard not to laugh! I guess I thought that was kind of a given…
    But credit to him for being thorough I guess :)


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