Teaching TRX

Late this morning I taught my first TRX class! I went through basic training for the class last week and have taken TRX classes at my current gym and at my old gym in the past, but I was still nervous. Teaching TRX is uncharted territory!

The room where I will be teaching is actually a spinning room, so it’s small and only has room for five TRX straps after we move the bikes aside. This means I need to get creative!


For today’s class, I created a circuit that paired a TRX exercise with a cardio-focused exercise like skaters, mountain climbers, high knees or jumping jacks. It was fun to be able to play some of my favorite workout songs during the class since I’ve been limited to playing older music when I teach water fitness. (I’ve integrated some newer songs into my water fitness classes and they go over okay, but classic oldies are always praised by the water fitness crowd.)

The TRX class went well and time flew by! It was a fun class to teach, but I need buy a new GymBoss timer to help me time the intervals. I didn’t like feeling like I had to check my stopwatch because it meant that my eyes were off the class, so using a timer that will automatically beep should help alleviate that issue.


Lunch today came together fast thanks to leftovers!

peppers and italian sausage

I reheated last night’s dinner in the break room microwave and dug in!

italian sausage and peppers

Italian sausage + Peppers + Onion

I also ate a few no bake oatmeal nut butter balls right after I taught water fitness. They are so darn good!

Now it’s time for me to pack and hit the road for Jacksonville. I’m catching a ridiculously early flight to Las Vegas in the morning and didn’t want to tackle the two-hour drive to the airport at 3 a.m., so I’m spending the night at my parents’ place.

Enjoy your evening!


  1. JJ says

    Hi Julie! I don’t know how long your intervals are for, but I’ve found a great app for my iPhone for interval training. It’s called TimeWheel. You can set your reps and set a time for each rep and even include rest periods too! It’s great. I use it for planks all the time!


  2. Elisabeth says

    Super fun! Glad your’e enjoying TRX, Julie!

    I have a quick question: when do you think book club will start up again? I’ve been working my way through a few great books this summer, and I’m really starting to miss your online book club. If you need any book suggestions, I have a few that I’m loving, and a few that I’m dying to read!

    Thanks for always facilitating great discussions. I hope to see a book club for September coming soon!!


  3. says

    That’s awesome! Glad you enjoyed your first TRX class. Was going to ask you how that went. And your lunch looks so good. I need a bowl right about now, huuungry! lol

    Oh and how many classes do you teach a week? Or is it just the one?


  4. says

    I love TRX! I also teach at a fitness studio and we have 18 straps which makes for an awesome class. While the studio offers hour long TRX classes, I teach an hour Spin/TRX which is a great combo of cardio & strength. I highly recommend trying to get certified through TRX because you’ll not only learn proper strap adjustments for exercises but you’ll get a book with a large library of exercises so class doesn’t get stale. Good luck teaching!


  5. says

    I loooooove TRX! On the 4th of July, I went to a free sample fitness class that involved 3 stations: TRX, a step, and free weights. There were 10 rounds and each round focused on a different body part! For each round, we went through all 3 stations. It was a blast!


  6. jill says

    Think you could occasionally show a week’s worth of dinner meals you had sometimes? Like Tina at CNC and other bloggers will do a meal-plan where they show their proposed dinner meals that week…you could always do it after the fact instead (since you might just go with the flow versus plan). I always wonder how to do each day….also envious of your chicken sausages and all that stuff….can’t get that stuff around here and variety is sucking 🙂


  7. Nikaley says

    Hi Julie, I wanted to tell you that I got an app for my phone called tabata pro to do intervals with. It is amazing bc it does everything a gym boss does, but it’s one less thing I have to carry around! It was only like $1/2.99 which is way cheaper than the other ones!!


  8. Taylor says

    You should just download the Nike NPT app! It’s FREE and it does interval timing. It lets you set the work and rest intervals to whatever time you want and for however many rounds you want. I love it!


  9. Ali says

    There is a gymboss timer app and its nice cause you can pause it if necessary where you can’t pause the regular ones so if you have to stop and tell your class something you can.


  10. Amy @ Run with Perseverance says

    LOVE TRX! They had it at my old gym, but since I’ve moved to Florida I don’t have it at my gym 🙁 My favorite was the core series we’d do at the end of class with the straps on our feet with a progression of planks, knee tucks, pikes, mountain climbers, etc. So tough, but felt so great!


  11. Casey says

    Hey Julie!
    My moms trainer actually just downloaded a gymboss app on her iphone today. I have the actual gadget, and she doesn’t know how to use it and this works perfect for her trainer, and now for her!

    hope this helps!


  12. says

    I have never taken a TRX Class. I get pretty intimidated with anything that I’m not too firmiliar with, which isn’t good since I just got my personal trainer certification from NASM (I picked them from your blog!) and really want to get started in the fitness industry.


  13. Vicky says

    I have a TRX and have played with it a few times. Would you be able to share your workout with us? I seem to keep doing the same exercises over and over. Some variety would be great.


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