Post-Surgery Stupor

I think 95 percent of the people I talked to at work today asked me what happened to my voice. Apparently I am talking like I have the black lung (Zoolander, anyone?).

My quiet, raspy voice made for an interesting water fitness class, but everyone laughed and cut me a break when I explained that I lost my voice following a Las Vegas bachelorette party. I appreciate their grace! 

Work today went well and I ate my lunch after water fitness in a break room that smelled like burnt popcorn. Oh yum!

tuna salad lunch

On today’s menu:

  • Tuna salad wrap
  • Dates
  • A banana

DSC_0349 DSC_0352

Easy and portable!

Post-Surgery Stupor

I have a funny and adorable video to share with you guys that a friend sent to me today! A wife videotaped her husband after surgery and he doesn’t recognize her but is pretty darn psyched to find out that he married someone so beautiful:

“Whoa! Your teeth are perfect!”

The video made me laugh and remember the time I picked Ryan up after his wisdom teeth surgery in college. He was still in a total daze and as he was escorted out into the lobby where I was waiting, he had hunks of gauze in his mouth. The moment he saw me he broke into the goofiest gauze-filled smile and yelled, “Baby! I’m f***ed up!” loud enough for everyone to hear. Luckily everyone cracked up and we had one heck of an amusing car ride back to his apartment.

Question of the Afternoon

  • Do you have any amusing post-surgery stories?

When I was in high school, when I was done with my wisdom teeth surgery, apparently I started hugging and thanking everyone at the dentist office. Such a weirdo.


  1. says

    I remember my dad pushing me in a wheelchair after my wisdom teeth extraction and me begging him to get me some candy from the gift shop. He kept telling me that I couldn’t eat anything right after the surgery, but apparently I was being very insistent! Haha.


  2. says

    Haha – I love seeing those videos! Mostly because whenever I get out of surgery I am completely normal. I didn’t even need any help whatsoever after my wisdom teeth and some other surgery I’ve had done. Like it was bizarre, I just wake up feeling normal…I’m almost jealous of those people’s funny reactions;) I’ve heard awesome stories of things my friends do but sadly not for me!


  3. Anjali says

    I was home after a gall bladder surgery and I *in my daze* thought that my puppy Duffy was a teddy bear and hugged him so tight that he bit me and had to go back to the hospital for shots 😉


  4. says

    When I got my wisdom teeth out I basically cried and thanked the doctor for not killing me. I was like so relieved to be awake and not dead I was like crying and slightly hysterically laughing. It was ridiculous. My boyfriend took me home and put me to bed and just laughed at me for the rest of the day. :)


  5. Samantha says

    Funny you mentioned your wisdom teeth because when I had mine out, it was like 2-3 days before Christmas, and when I woke up I started like frantically worrying that I missed Christmas, I was like “DID I MISS SANTA?!!” Meanwhile..I was like 20 years old at the time.. It was super embarrassing and awkward. hahaha!!! Once I fully “woke up” I realized how ridiculous I was!!!


  6. Dana says

    I LOVE that video. I guess post-anesthesia tells all :)

    Am I the only one who was awake to have all 4 wisdom teeth out?

    And sorry… as bad as the smell of burnt popcorn is, I’d rather smell burn popcorn than tuna :\ There’s an understood ban on it in my office.


    • Lisa says

      I was awake to have my wisdom teeth removed (only the top two were removed). I had to be on medication and the only way to remove my wisdom teeth was to numb my gums (in between the top teeth hurt like no tomorrow). They had already come down so I was in and out in 15 minutes. My mom was my driver and she was shocked at how fast the procedure took. I’m in my 30’s and this was done two years ago. No funny stories, but I did yell to my mom to get off the phone and run to the drug store to get more gauze because I had run out.


  7. Ali says

    I had a knee reconstruction about 8 weeks ago and was a drugged up mess for the best part of 3 days. I sent lots of amusing text messages which resulted in a ‘um, who is this?’ reply


  8. FLrunner says

    i’m noticing that your posts lately have really changed my impression of you and your blog. Normally, I look forward to a cute, professional and classy posts – but lately things have changed drastically. You posted before about knowing how dangerous it is to drink excessively and now you mention on your blog, your husband’s use of profanity? You’re trying to sell a brand through your blog…this is very disappointing.


    • says

      I’m sorry that my recent posts are altering the way you see me. I have always enjoyed drinking socially and said this before. Since my blog follows my life and I’ve been attending a lot more social events because of weddings and bachelorette parties, you’re probably seeing more drinking than you’re used to seeing on the blog. I know my personal limit and drink responsibly even when I’m drinking with friends in Vegas or at a bachelorette party which is why I feel okay sharing about these events on my blog since I remember all the details and pace myself when I do drink. I really do appreciate your comment and will absolutely take it to heart moving forward.


      • Erin H says

        I very rarely comment, although I’ve enjoyed your blog for a really long time. I just wanted to say I really to like when you put personal anecdotes about you and your family. I thought the Ryan story was hilarious and I actually laughed out loud.

        I know your blog is your brand, and you want to present yourself in a certain manner, but these fun stories, and details about the Vegas weekend are what set you apart from other more “sterile” blogs…it gives pbfingers personality and a voice. While I know everyone has an option, I really hope you don’t feel like you need to “censor” yourself too much. There are so many other places to go if you just want a workout or a recipe. I keep coming back for those AND your little quirks, fun stories, and of course SADIE :)

        Love PBFingers!!


        • says

          Thank you for sharing your opinion, too, Erin. I really appreciate it and you made me smile! I do struggle with how much to share sometimes and am glad you enjoyed the Vegas posts. They were a lot of fun to write and I really enjoy sharing that side of my life with you guys. :)


          • Stacy says

            I also rarely comment (except for giveaways :) ) and completely agree with Erin H! I love reading about various social events (bachelorette parties, trips, wine tastings, etc) and appreciate when you are real with us. If you were completely censored and didn’t throw out a curse or two, or didn’t reveal that, yes, you and Ryan fight, it would be harder to relate to you! Thanks for being honest! I enjoy reading your blog!!!!


  9. says

    That video is awesome! I saw it a few times yesterday, thanks for posting! I needed another laugh this morning. And the fact that you even mentioned Zoolander has me now thinking about how golden that movie is! What a gem!


  10. says

    after I got my wisdom teeth removed, I cried… and cried. Not because I was in pain, which they kept asking me, but because they woke me up and I was so sleepy 😀


  11. Genee says

    After my husband got out of surgery on his lungs, he did the same thing, every nurse that came in he thank over and over again, and asked them to tell the doctor he said “thank you for doing your job” It was like a compulsion, even nurses that walked past his room he would ask me to go tell them thank you for him. It was so cute and I think its just proof that you guys are good down to the core!


  12. says

    That’s awesome- I did the exact same thing as you!! Apparently I was thanking everyone and their mom for ‘doing such a good job’. “OH THANK YOU! Thank you SO much!”… weirdo. :) My dad was like, “Okay kiddo… LETS GO.”


  13. queenoffitness says

    If you listen to cocktails with Patrick on Sirius Cosmo radio, he lovingly calls this PGV, party girl voice. He coined it after using a clip of Kristen cavallari from the hills.


  14. Amanda says

    When my husband had his wisdom teeth out I was sick so I couldn’t bring him so his mom and grandma brought him and picked him up. He called me once he got out (shocked that he remembered my number! Lol) and he immediately went on a ten minute rant about how horny he was and what was his favorite “feature” of mine. It was horribly hilariously embarrassing since I could hear my mother in law laughing as I tried to get him off of the phone. :-)


  15. Shanon says

    Speaking of wisdom teeth- you simply MUST check out a hilarious 5-minute video on You Tube. The clip is called “Unicorn After Wisdom Teeth” and it shows a girl named Hannah Manry right after she had her wisdom teeth out (filmed by her mom). She is beyond hilarious and this was even shown on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Ellen said it’s one of the funniest things she’s ever seen! This girl will crack you up! I am laughing just thinking about it now.


  16. Katherine says

    I love the stackable measuring cups and spoons. The colours are so fun… how can you not be happy when you’re cooking with those!


  17. val says

    I got my wisdom teeth removed my senior year of high school. I was really nervous so the Dr found out I was a runner and chatted that he raced as well. Anyway coming out of surgery I apparently told anyone who came in the office that he was soo hot and that he was a runner too. My mom said she was very embarrased for me…lol.


  18. says

    Haha that is hilarious! I basically did the same thing Ryan did, except my mom picked me up.

    “Maaaaaa! I’m f***ed up!”

    Then on the car ride home I proceeded to tell her how sorry I was for every bad thing I ever did, as well as confess a few lies I had told her in the past…
    Remember that time I was 6 and I pushed my brother into the rocking chair? I’m sorry.
    Remember that time I said I slept at Katie’s? I actually stayed out all night with my friends. I’m sorry.
    Remember that time….


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