Post-Surgery Stupor

I think 95 percent of the people I talked to at work today asked me what happened to my voice. Apparently I am talking like I have the black lung (Zoolander, anyone?).

My quiet, raspy voice made for an interesting water fitness class, but everyone laughed and cut me a break when I explained that I lost my voice following a Las Vegas bachelorette party. I appreciate their grace! 

Work today went well and I ate my lunch after water fitness in a break room that smelled like burnt popcorn. Oh yum!

tuna salad lunch

On today’s menu:

  • Tuna salad wrap
  • Dates
  • A banana

DSC_0349 DSC_0352

Easy and portable!

Post-Surgery Stupor

I have a funny and adorable video to share with you guys that a friend sent to me today! A wife videotaped her husband after surgery and he doesn’t recognize her but is pretty darn psyched to find out that he married someone so beautiful:

“Whoa! Your teeth are perfect!”

The video made me laugh and remember the time I picked Ryan up after his wisdom teeth surgery in college. He was still in a total daze and as he was escorted out into the lobby where I was waiting, he had hunks of gauze in his mouth. The moment he saw me he broke into the goofiest gauze-filled smile and yelled, “Baby! I’m f***ed up!” loud enough for everyone to hear. Luckily everyone cracked up and we had one heck of an amusing car ride back to his apartment.

Question of the Afternoon

  • Do you have any amusing post-surgery stories?

When I was in high school, when I was done with my wisdom teeth surgery, apparently I started hugging and thanking everyone at the dentist office. Such a weirdo.


  1. val says

    I got my wisdom teeth removed my senior year of high school. I was really nervous so the Dr found out I was a runner and chatted that he raced as well. Anyway coming out of surgery I apparently told anyone who came in the office that he was soo hot and that he was a runner too. My mom said she was very embarrased for me…lol.


  2. says

    Haha that is hilarious! I basically did the same thing Ryan did, except my mom picked me up.

    “Maaaaaa! I’m f***ed up!”

    Then on the car ride home I proceeded to tell her how sorry I was for every bad thing I ever did, as well as confess a few lies I had told her in the past…
    Remember that time I was 6 and I pushed my brother into the rocking chair? I’m sorry.
    Remember that time I said I slept at Katie’s? I actually stayed out all night with my friends. I’m sorry.
    Remember that time….


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