Workin’ Weekend

It’s the weekend. Hooray!

I hope your Saturday is going well.

My Saturday began with an early morning run with my favorite furry running buddy.

Running with Dog

I actually had to work for a few hours this morning and seriously considered postponing my workout until after I was done, but, in the end, Sadie’s enthusiasm got me out the door.

We covered five miles that felt very, very sluggish. I just couldn’t find my running groove. Sadie morphed into the potty princess about a mile in our run and made us stop every five minutes for a pee break which didn’t do anything to help my momentum. Sometimes Ryan and I think Sadie fake pees just to get some more time in the grass when she smells something extra enticing. We’re onto you, Sadie.


Once I was done with my run, I quickly showered and grabbed the breakfast I prepared last night before heading into work.


Scrambled eggs + Chicken sausage + Avocado + Feta cheese + Whole wheat English muffin


It fueled me through the morning with no trouble at all.

Once I was done working (more prep for the Livestrong program launch), I drove out to a local garage to get an oil change. I guess I wasn’t the only one who purchased the Groupon for a $15 oil change yesterday because I am currently third in line and anticipating a two hour wait. I’m glad I brought my computer so I can get some work done!  

Hope you guy have a great Saturday!

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Question of the Afternoon

  • What do you do when you set out to complete a workout and realize you’re just not in the zone?

If I can’t get myself in the zone, I usually scale back my workout. If I’m running, I’ll incorporate walking breaks. If I’m strength training, I’ll give myself longer rest breaks in between sets. If I know I’m just being a baby, I’ll try to change my workout playlist to find some upbeat music and hope that a few energizing songs will help me get back into the groove. 


  1. LeAnne says

    Definitely know what you mean about the workout motivation…I do the same things during runs – take quick walking breaks and/or slow my pace overall. I also try and say to myself, “I’ve already gone ‘x’ miles/minutes” versus, “Oh my gosh, I still have ‘x’ miles/minutes!”


  2. says

    Way to finish the workout!

    Whenever I don’t feel up to it I just shorten the workout. And/or don’t go as hard. Usually it just means I didn’t get enough sleep the night before–so I don’t worry about it.


  3. says

    I really try to never just throw in the towel…I do the same as you mentioned like longer rest breaks. Or I’ll choose a shorter workout to psych myself out! I go with the ‘something is better than nothing’ mentality! But I only end up fooling myself because sometimes even the shortest workouts really kick your butt!!
    -Sammy @


  4. Lindsey says

    My boxer does the same thing! She fake pees to get those extra sniffs in haha. If I’m not feeling a workout, I just think well at least I’m here, if I can’t go 110% then I give it most I can and call it a day!


  5. says

    I’ve definitely had those days! Sometimes I’ll just force myself to start small, with something I don’t really have to commit to (haha great strategy) like squats or crunches. I figure if I can just get through those I can quit and usually I end up adding more stuff on. When running, I try to force myself to just keep running and sometimes I’ll hit my stride but if it’s off it’s off and I’ll give myself some walking breaks. I think I need a Sadie of my own to get me moving some days!


  6. says

    I scale back my workouts as well if I can’t get in the zone. I try to incorporate more exercises that I feel comfortable with that day. I often find that there are certain exercises on my wonky days that just don’t feel good, but there are others that feel a little better for my body that day, so I focus my workout around those.


  7. says

    Usually I give it the 10 minute rule and see how I feel after 10 minutes. I’ve gotten in the pool before and couldn’t believe after 10 minutes I was getting out when it’s such a long process to swim in the first place. I just can’t push myself through it if I’m not feeling it.


  8. Kellie says

    I find myself having those days more than I care to. I try to keep reminding myself how awesome I will feel when it’s over, and won’t be beating myself up later because I gave up. If it gets too bad I just lower my intensity.


  9. says

    I have those days too 🙁 I try to push through the beginning portion of my workout and sometimes, if I’m lucky, I’ll snap out of it and get a great workout in. Other days, I just take it slow. I think it’s our body telling us we need a slow day…so I go with it!


  10. says

    Oh, I had that happen to me today in my HIIT circuit! I usually just change my mentality and remind myself that I’m still doing something healthy so it still counts. And then (like I did today), I’ll just crank out a few extra moves that I normally find to be challenging, and that gets me going, like super fast burpees or high knees! Or if I do them at the end of the workout then I feel refreshed and satisfied.


  11. says

    It depends what workout I’m doing. If I’m at the gym and meant to do a long cardio session I might jump from machine to machine say every 5 minutes to try and keep it interesting or do a circuit workout. Sometimes though I will shorten the workout too but best case is when I talk myself into just pushing through and I feel good after. Easier said than done sometimes though 🙂


  12. Laura says

    My sisters boyfriend trained her dog to potty on his high-rise patio so he wouldn’t have to take her out to potty when he was watching her (lazy!) by giving her a treat when she came inside after going. She now FAKE pees for a treat! She whines to go out on the balcony, squats and then barks for a treat. We can see she didn’t go and is just trying to fool us!


  13. says

    I so wish I could get ready that fast after a run! I sweat for an hour and have crazy thick hair. I have to plan to only workout at night or if in the morning, on a day when I can look like crap all day long. Oh well!


  14. says

    I find it hard to get myself into the zone when I’m not feeling it, and usually just skip the workout. At almost 36 wks pregnant my “workout” today was a walk around town and I felt like a champion … haha.


  15. says

    haha this made me laugh because I always think my little pup does the same thing. Eventually I just stop stopping for him…but then I feel like a bad mommy.

    If I’m not in the zone, I’ll scale back or bring something to keep me entertained like a show on my ipad.


  16. says

    If I’m not in the zone, I try to push through the workout and remind myself that maybe tomorrow will be better. Often times, I end up cutting it a little short. You can’t always force it! And that breakfast looks delicious!


  17. says

    I do the same- scale it back if I’m just not feeling it. I try to pay attention to my body’s signals and take them seriously- but still finish it. Sometimes I get a boost of energy half way through and finish feeling great. Other days, it’s just rough!


  18. says

    That’s awesome you still got your run in. Even more so that you got 5 miles in. It’s a struggle to get in ONE with my little pup. Mister pulls the same stunts as Sadie. This might be TMI but he gets the runs when we run lol. He’s so little I feel bad and take him back home.

    Oooo and I love the idea for breakfast I have all those ingredients in the fridge and mos def need to try that. Looks amazing!

    And to answer the question when I’m in a rut, I try to find some hype music, I’ll be honest ratchet music fuels my run (shhh don’t tell anyone). Also working out with someone else (besides Mister) motives me.


  19. Sarah Best says

    Initially I worry a little bit, because I look at how much distance there is ahead. Then I try to remember that sometimes when I feel I’m not in the zone it’s because something is bothering me, or on my mind and I’m lacking confidence in general. So I’ll start thinking things through, and then usually I forget that I wasn’t feeling it in the first place. Otherwise I just run at a slower pace.


  20. Rebekah says

    I always try to focus on how great I feel AFTER the workout. When that does/t work I scale back a little.

    BTW, today I ran my first half marathon. I want to thank you because your blog is one of a couple I read frequently and your experiences with half marathons and fitness inspired me to run my first half marathon! Thanks for always sharing your stories!


  21. says

    I try to say all of my motivating sayings to get me going, such as:
    – One foot in front of the other
    – This is me time
    – All my stress will melt away with just this. Ect.
    if this does not work, is it sad to say I just dump the workout and go home…


  22. Brooke says

    Hi Julie, off topic from your post today but will you being doing your monthly book club again any time soon? I enjoy following along and you always pick such great reads, thanks!!!!


  23. says

    When I am not in the zone I think about how miserable I was earlier this year after knee surgery. Thinking to how only 3 months ago I couldn’t do something and how miserable I was makes me snap out of it. If its a bad day though I’ll just go through the motions and give myself a semi pat on the back for not skipping.


  24. says

    It’s so funny but someone commented on your long 8 mile run post with a quote and that is now what I use for part of my motivation, it was “the mind gives up a thousand times before the body does” whenever I feel like I need a break I simply think does my body need a break or is my mind telling me I do and just listen to how my body feels.


  25. says

    I’m sure you’ve blogged about this before, but I’m wondering how did you teach Sadie to run with you? I’ve just started running and would love to bring my dog along with me, but he just doesn’t seem to get it. When we start to run, he thinks it’s time to SPRINT and it just makes it so much harder for me, trying to control him and not trip over him while I run. Any tips to maybe make it a little easier?


  26. says

    I’ve had a few crappy runs lately. When I realize my brain or body just isn’t working for me mid-workout, I just keep reminding myself of the race I’m training for or my other goals. Knowing there’s a bigger picture than what I feel right now convinces me to keep moving.


  27. says

    If I’m really exhausted I will usually skip my workout altogether and just try to do an active rest day. At the gym I usually do cardio then strength training, so if I’m really not feeling it I will tone down the cardio but still try to get some strength training done. When I’m really not feeling it at all, I try to make myself think more positively. Mind over matter!


  28. says

    If I can’t seem to get in the zone for my planned workout I will change things up. Sometimes it means scaling back pace or distance, and sometimes it means throwing in some intervals to keep me preoccupied and get the blood flowing a little faster.



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