Turkey Trot To Come

Before I say anything else this morning, I must take a moment to thank all of you.

Thank you for the prayers, generous donations and loving words you sent to James’ family yesterday. Every day I am grateful to you guys for reading this blog and when you pour your hearts out and offer your prayers and words of comfort to people you’ve never met, I am left with a heart full of gratitude. Thank you.


Turkey Trot To Come

I hope your Thanksgiving and Hanukkah-Eve is off to a good start this morning! Early this afternoon, Ryan, Sadie and I will pile into Ryan’s car and head to Sarasota where we’ll be spending the holiday with my in-laws.

You better believe the annual Turkey Trot is on the agenda again this year!

Turkey Trot

Unfortunately the Turkey Trot distance was decreased from a 10K to a 5K (10K is my favorite race distance), but I know it will still be a blast. The Turkey Trot is my favorite race of the year because everyone just runs to have fun. It’s a laid back race and every year we see people run with strollers and dogs but we’ve always left Sadie at home. This year we’ll be bringing her so it will be Sadie’s inaugural Turkey Trot. She’s psyched!

puppy vizsla

Puppy Sadie always makes me smile. What a cutie pie! I can still remember when she didn’t know how to walk on a leash and our first walks around the block were pretty comical. Sadie would clumsily walk about four feet before she’d sit down in the middle of the sidewalk. Ryan would then pick her up and carry her for another 10 feet before he put her back on the ground and tried to coerce her into walking again. She’d walk another four feet before she’d plop down in the middle of the sidewalk again and look up at us. Practice makes perfect, I guess! 


Today’s workout was a good one! I updated the functional training whiteboard at my gym when I was working last night and followed the workout I posted this morning.

Thanksgiving Workout

I know the directions are kind of hard to read, but they say to complete each exercise for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest for two to three total rounds. And yes, my turkey drawings could use some work.


Once Ryan and I arrived home from the gym, I assembled a fast breakfast. We didn’t want to do any grocery shopping this week since we’re going out of town today, so I made the best breakfast I could with the food we had on hand.


Key lime pie Greek yogurt + Dried mulberries + Slivered almonds


Plus the end of a bag of raw cashews and an overly ripe banana!


I’m ready to get this show on the road. See ya from Sarasota!

Question of the Morning

  • What are your Thanksgiving and/or Hanukkah plans?
  • Will you be participating in a Turkey Trot or another active activity tomorrow?


  1. says

    My best friend and I are going to run our first Turkey Trots this year. I too am sad that its a 5K and not a 10K but we will make the best of it and get our run on. I just wish her and I could run for a longer period of time together since she is visiting from D.C.
    After the Turkey Trot I will be baking and then going to spend the day with my baby cousins and grandparents. I have so much to be thankful for I want to enjoy every minute of the day.
    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!


  2. says

    We’re doing a Turkey Trot 5k and Cody will be pushing Hunter in the stroller. Cody doesn’t know he’s pushing the stroller yet, by the way… I just decided it because I hate pushing the stroller – it’s tough! ;) Maybe we’ll even bring the dogs – that’d be fun! I’m hoping it won’t be TOO cold! After that, we’ll come home and get cleaned up, and we’ll head over to one of my good friend’s house for the first half of the afternoon, and then we’re going to our “adopted parents’” house (we call them that since we don’t have any family here in UT) for the rest of the evening. Should be a fun day! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Julie!


  3. says

    My former puppy did the same thing as Sadie when we tried to teach her how to walk on a leash. She just didn’t get it. It was hysterical. I miss that girl. ♥♥♥♥


  4. Kelly says

    Since there was a major fail on my part, we won’t be running our local turkey trot, rather I intend to run on my own before the local parade, then it’s off to the movies for us. Looking forward to some low key, chill time before shopping madness commences!


  5. says

    Your pup is adorable!!!! I’m running a Turkey Trot (5k) and I am actually trying to run it fast. I like to “race” small races because I can place in my age group if the field is limited. LOL. Have a great race!


  6. says

    Ha! Our vizsla did the same thing as a puppy! I spent a few months carrying her along on walks/runs. I always felt totally ridiculous, but I’m glad to hear I wasn’t the only one!

    Have a happy Thanksgiving and good luck to Sadie on her first Turkey Trot!


  7. says

    Ha! Our vizsla did the same thing as a puppy! I spent a few months carrying her along on walks/runs. I always felt totally ridiculous, but I’m glad to hear I wasn’t the only one!

    Have a happy Thanksgiving and good luck to Sadie on her first Turkey Trot!


  8. says

    I’m running a Turkey Trot tomorrow too. I got my mom to run it with me last year (well I ran, she walked) and I’m excited that we’ve now made it a tradition and are going to do it again this year! My dad wouldn’t officially sign up but he said he wants to try and walk it too.


  9. says

    Yogurt + granola = best breakfast on the go ever <3 Christian and I are running a 10k Turkey Trot! He's not much of a runner, so I have a feeling we're going to be doing a lot of walking and jogging. Which is totally fine- I'm just thankful I have a fiance who will do things like that with me :)


  10. rudi says

    I am running the ButterBall 5k the day after thanksgiving!!! Great fun way to run off all that delicious food!! I live in Chicago though so it will be freezing!!


  11. says

    I’ve never participated in a Turkey Trot, but I’d love to one day! I’ll be going to church with my family and cooking away tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll be able to do a fun workout sometime in between all that :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Julie!


  12. leigh says

    my dog did the same thing when she was a puppy… she would spread out all four legs until we were almost dragging her across the ground. now of course we cant say the word walk unless we’re ready to walk out the door!


  13. Carrie says

    Hope you have a happy thanksgiving Julie! I’m running a 5k turkey trot in the morning. I live by Chicago and it’s going to be in the twenty’s and snowing! Yuck, hopefully I don’t get sick.


  14. says

    I love turkey trots! I’m spending thanksgiving in Lake Tahoe and due to the freezing temps, they hold theirs earlier in the fall. Bummer! I’ve since recruited my family and boyfriend to run an impromptu Turkey Trot with me instead!


  15. Kaitlan says

    i have now proudly gotten 4 of my college friends, one of my sisters, and mom to start reading your blog! as a senior in college your blog is so relatable, yet my younger sister and mom have started to become addicted as well!


  16. Nicole says

    Brother, boyfriend, and I did a 10K Turkey Trot this morning. What’s cool is that they give pumpkin or pecan pies to random finishers. My brother has gotten a pie three out of the last four years. ;)
    I like little puppy Sadie, toooooo!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!


  17. AJ says

    Puppy Sadie is adorable! I wish I could have done a Turkey Trot this year but it was SO cold on Thanksgiving! Maybe next year.



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