Florida’s Sweet Spot

We are definitely in Florida’s weather sweet spot right now. Ryan and I are trying to soak up every minute of the 60 – 70 degree weather because we know ridiculously hot temperatures are on the horizon.

When Ryan and I arrived home from work yesterday, we knew we had to take advantage of the gorgeous evening and head outside for a quick hike on our favorite trails.

Sadie came along, of course, and coerced us into lots of hugs and kisses along the way.

Vizsla Kiss

Ocala Hiking with Dog

Though most of the time Sadie is content to sprint about and sniff everything in sight during our hikes, she inevitably tries to bait us into a game of fetch a few times during every hike.

Small Dog with a Big Stick

When it comes to playing fetch, Sadie doesn’t discriminate against any stick out there and brings us everything from a tiny piece of mulch to a tree branch that is two times her size. She’s an equal opportunity player.

Once we arrived home from the trails, Ryan grilled burgers for dinner and we ate while watching House of Cards which completely sucked us in. We watched an embarrassing number of episodes last night and oh my gosh the first episode of season two!?!?! I think we both gasped aloud! The show is officially taking over our evenings and our respective books have been sitting our our nightstands untouched all week. (I just started reading After Her.) Please tell me some of you out there are addicted to this show, too!


Ryan and I slept in because we were up late last night for no good reason other than our desire to watch five million episodes of House of Cards. I am hoping to squeeze in my workout right after I publish this post before I have to teach.

Breakfast this morning began with a glorious cup of coffee.

coffee with foam and cinnamon

I also made another one of my green protein pancakes but it fell apart during the flipping process, so it looked even more strange than it usually does, which  I didn’t think was possible.

green protein pancake

Gotta go!

See you crazy kids after lunch!


  1. Kim says

    My husband and I have a full on addiction to House of Cards. We haven’t watched anything else as we have been catching up-we are half way through season 2! What a show!


  2. says

    Nice weather sounds amazing right now, it has snowed here this week and it’s still so cold. That coffee looks amazing but that pancake doesn’t look good at all. I’m sure it’s healthy and all but it doesn’t look good :(


  3. says

    I can’t wait until we move in a few months and have a HUGE deck for grilling and enjoying being outside! we still have snow so we haven’t uncovered the grill yet, but that is one of the things I miss the most about the warm months!


  4. Kari F says

    My boyfriend and I also LOVE House of Cards! We couldn’t believe the first episode of Season 2 either! We had to watch that part a second time to be sure we saw it right! Amazing show!!!


  5. says

    KILLS me that you guys have that weather! It SNOWED here on Tuesday and has been about 28 degrees when I wake up in the morning for work.

    Also, cracks me up that you are both wearing long sleeves in 60-70 degree weather…I would be naked!

    Enjoy the weather–hoping and hoping the northeast gets some of that soon…


  6. says

    My jaw literally hit the floor when I watched the first episode of season 2. If anyone says they saw that coming they are LYING!! I had just started my final clinical rotation and was two months out from taking my PT boards and training for Boston and was still staying up until 1 am watching stupid amounts of episodes by myself. At least you have someone to watch with! Thank goodness there aren’t more episodes or I would be destined to fail this test!


  7. says

    I love it! But currently we’re addicted to Orange is the New Black, another stupidly addictive Netflix series, so hiding off season 2 of house of cards until we’ve finished it. Life is hard!


  8. says

    House of cards is amazing. I finished the second season in 2 days. And yes, the first episode of that season is out of this world.

    I can’t believe you guys are wearing long sleeves in 60 degree weather! It’s 50 here in Pittsburgh and we’re all walking around in shorts and t-shirts. We’re so glad to have the snow be over!


  9. Allison T. says

    I’m pretty sure I binge watched both seasons of House of Cards in a two week period. Sorry I’m not sorry. It’s a spectacular show. I am already antsy for Season 3!


  10. LE says

    My boyfriend and I are absolutely obsessed with House of Cards. I’m ashamed to say that we finished the entire first season in one weekend. It is such a great show!


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