Squat Overload Leg Workout

Hi and Happy Monday!

I know Mondays often aren’t the happiest of all days, but hopefully yours is going well!

Leg Workout

My Monday began as most Mondays do around here. Ryan and I kicked off the day with an early morning workout at the gym. After 15 minutes on the elliptical, I completed the following leg workout:

Squat Overload Leg Workout

I kept the weights I used during this workout relatively light (especially during the plethora of squats), but it was a good one!

Once my workout for the day was done, I grabbed a quick shower and breakfast before heading back out the door to train clients until lunchtime rolled around.


For lunch today, I dug into the eggless egg salad wrap I packed with me that I bought at Earth Origins yesterday. (Photographs were taken last night when I packed everything up.)

Eggless Egg Salad

I have absolutely no problem with real eggs, but this eggless egg salad is really tasty! It’s made with tofu and is quite filling.

Eggless Egg Salad Wrap

I ate my wrap with a side of cucumber and celery and a small baggie of pitted dates and macadamia nuts. It did the trick!

Hoping the rest of the work day flies by!!

Questions of the Afternoon

  • What did you have for lunch today?
  • What has been your favorite go-to lunch lately?


  1. says

    What a leg burner! Bet that one’s gonna be good.

    For lunch I had a make-my-own sandwich at Safeway. Never had one of them before, they were pretty tasty! Ended up having the turkey, bacon, chipotle sandwich


  2. Cathryn says

    Lately I’ve been making random salads with the meat left over from the previous night’s dinner. Today was leftover BBQ chicken pulled off the bone with green peppers, white onion, grape tomatoes, on romaine lettuce and light ranch. It was delish!


  3. says

    Killer workout–will have to give that one a try! Lunch today was eaten at my desk because we are busy administering final exams. I picked up a Trader Joe’s cranberry, blue cheese, and candied pecan salad which hit the spot. Accompanied by some carrots and bell peppers. Can always count on TJ’s for a satisfying meal 🙂


  4. says

    Baked Chicken breast and Bacon Brussels Sprouts is a go to for me for lunch. I try to incorporate left overs as much as possible. Great leg workout btw.


  5. Becky says

    I am new to running and every website suggests doing leg workouts during rest days (rest from running days — not resting from all activity, apparently). I am an extreme novice and I don’t really know what the movements are in your leg workout above. Can you help?
    Thank you!! I


  6. says

    I bet my legs would feel like jelly after this workout! Looks like a good one though.

    I’m intrigued to try eggless salad. Lately I’ve gotten into the bad habit of buying my lunch, something I need to break out of again. I’ve also been doing the 5:2 diet so 2 days a week I just have a quest bar for lunch.


  7. says

    The black bean and corn enchiladas from TJs. They’re 260 calories and keep me full until about 8-9pm when I eat dinner. They’re vegan, but mostly they’re just tasty and I don’t notice that it isn’t full of delicious shredded chicken and smothered in cheese (at least not much, anyway). I probably eat them 3 times a week.


  8. says

    Omg jump squats are killer! About a month or so ago, I finally tried them for the first time, and I was shocked at how sore I was!! Thanks for the reminder, I’ll definitely be adding these into my workout again 🙂



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