A Fun Morning for Sadie

I think it’s safe to say someone had a pretty fabulous morning.

happy vizsla

Sadie got to go on a five mile run and enjoy about 40 minutes of fetch… all before 8:30 a.m. Lucky girl!

First, she accompanied me on a hot and sweaty morning run around our neighborhood.

garmin forerunner 305

When our run was over, I was more than ready to immediately hop into the shower, but when I went to let myself back into our house, I realized I locked myself out. (Our front door currently cannot be opened from the outside – even with a key – and I totally forgot. We’ve had it fixed once before, but the problem surfaced again earlier this week.) Ryan was able to leave work and let us back inside and while we waited, I grabbed the Chuckit! and played fetch with Sadie in the backyard.

Apparently the five miles we ran together were child’s play to Sadie because she sprinted all over our yard like she wasn’t the least bit fazed. She had a blast and it was actually a really nice way to start the day. Watching a dog basically do back flips over something as simple as a tennis ball is a good reminder to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.


Breakfast this morning included a toasted whole wheat English muffin, a cup of 2 percent Greek yogurt, a sliced banana and three dates.

breakfast plate

The creamy yogurt and banana slices stole the show!

fage bananaOf Possible Interest

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    Hi Julie! I was wondering if you had any suggestions on strengthening a hip flexor? I’m training for my first race (a 10K!) and I’m experiencing a lot of pain in my right hip flexor. I’m working on stretching it well but didn’t know if you had any other suggestions? Thanks for any/all help! Love your blog!


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