Adventures in Harrods

I’m back! Our second day in London continues…

At the risk of sounding completely cultureless, I must admit that one of my favorite things we did in London was explore Harrods, a 6-story department store packed with people.

london 031

Since so many of you recommended heading to this hot spot, my family and I had a feeling it would be a winner but we had no idea the store would be as amazing as it was!

We literally walked around the Harrods Food Hall with our mouths open.

london 036

london 033

london 034

They had everything from gourmet meats and perfectly ripe vegetables, to an expansive prepared foods section, mini sushi bar, bakery, gelato shop, macaroon restaurant, oyster bar and more. My description seriously only cracks the surface as to what you can find at Harrods.

Though we loved looking around, my family and I came to Harrods with a purpose in mind.

london 049

Afternoon tea!

london 043

I selected a pot of peppermint tea to enjoy with the selection of sandwiches, scones and pastries my family and I ordered.

london 041

london 042

All of the mini sandwiches and sweet treats were fantastic.

With a bit more food in our bellies, we headed back out into Harrods to explore some of the expansive departments.

london 038

london 156

My favorite was the pet department and my heart started hurting when I thought about how much I missed my little furry girl and Ryan.

I wanted to get her this ridiculously wonderful pink bow collar, but it was nearly $200!

london 050

Before leaving Harrods, we paid one more visit to the Food Hall so my mom and I could get our hands on some Parisian macaroons.

london 055Gosh these things are good. I am determined to make my own homemade version in the near future!

London Bridge and the Tower of London

Following our fun at Harrods, my family and I hopped on the train and headed off to see two famous bridges, the London Bridge and the Tower of London.

london 061

We walked a big loop around the bridges and after taking another train back to our hotel, we all voiced our hunger and decided it was dinnertime!


The hotel concierge recommended a restaurant recommended by a couple of you as the place to go for fish and chips in London! My mom was dreaming of fish and chips all day, so we were determined to get her some of the best!

We walked to the Seashell Restaurant where we grabbed a table and settled in to order.

london 068

My mom and dad ordered the massive plates of fish and chips while my sister and I stuck with roasted veggie salads loaded with goat cheese.

london 069

london 071

My parents shared their fish and chips which were absolutely delicious. We all enjoyed our meals a lot!

My mom, dad and I still had room for dessert once we were finished and

I opted for the chocolate tart with vanilla ice cream.

london 072

It was extremely rich and very good! My dad’s selection, the spotted dick (yes, that really was the name!) was also delicious!

london 076

After such a hearty and tasty meal, my family and I headed back to the hotel to pack and get organized for our early flight.

We’re still in the middle of traveling back home and are a little sad that our big vacation is officially over… but I must say I am really ready to get back into my normal routine and see RYAN and SADIE. I missed those two SO incredibly much! I want a big hug from Ryan and sloppy Sadie kisses now.

See ya again soon when I’m back to my regularly scheduled blogging! SmileI am pumped to post about workouts and eat some healthy food again.


  1. Gemma says

    Glad you enjoyed Harrods and the food hall. I have loved reading about your travels these past 11 days, thank you for sharing your adventures.

    Spotted Dick is a traditional English pudding, they even served it as part of school lunches when I was growing up, but it still makes me giggle every time I hear it. A few years ago, several local English councils and one English supermarket chain (Marks & Spencer’s) renamed it ‘Spotted Richard’ because they thought it was just too rude!


  2. says

    That’s Tower Bridge! (The Tower of London is something different – it’s a castle in Tower Hamlets). Mary is right, one version fo the London bridge has been moved to Arizona. There’s a new one in it’s place though (between Cannon Street Railway Bridge and Tower Bridge).

    Glad you had a good time! Harrod’s is fantastic – the Food Hall is definitely the best bit hehe.


  3. says

    I love that you mentioned spotted dick! I remember my band trip my senior year in high school, and my best friend ordered spotted dick just for the name at some pub we went to…we thought it was hilarious!


  4. says

    I’m so excited to go to Harrod’s!! That collar is adorable, but I feel like with a glue gun and some ribbon you could make your own version of it….who spends $200 on a dog collar?! Hope you had a safe trip home!!


  5. says

    You had such an incredible trip! I loved reading along! 🙂 I am determined to try a macaroon at some point in my life. They look so good! 🙂


  6. Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission says

    I want to visit Harrod’s so bad! I’ll bet it’s 100x better than Macy’s in NYC. That is seriously the cutest collar ever, but $200? Yikes. And seriously, I need a recipe for the macaroons. I hope you make them soon. I’ve never tried them but something in me would try to healthify them but I need to try them in their full calorific glory!


  7. sue says

    I believe those cookies are macarons, not macaroons. Both start with egg whites, but there’s a difference. Still, should be fun to make them at home.



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