Aloha from Oahu!

I was officially awake for 24 hours straight yesterday according to Ocala time in an attempt to adjust to the time in Hawaii. Though we went to bed at a very reasonable 10 p.m. in Oahu, that was 4 a.m. in Ocala!

Ryan and I were a little afraid that we’d arrive in Hawaii exhausted after a day of traveling, but with views like this greeting us, our enthusiasm bubbled over and we had to get out and explore!

waikiki 020

Oddly enough I’m not feeling too exhausted this morning thanks to a great sleep last night in a comfy hotel bed. There’s something about curling up in a big, fluffy hotel bed that I simply adore.

waikiki 002

As I mentioned in my initial post about our travels to Hawaii, I was invited to Oahu by the Oahu Visitor’s Bureau to participate in a press trip that officially kicks off on Wednesday night. I was beyond excited about the incredible opportunity and Ryan and I decided to arrive a few days early and turn the trip into a very special vacation.

Our time in Oahu will be split between two different hotels selected by the Oahu Visitor’s Bureau and yesterday we kicked off our stay by checking into the Outrigger Luana Waikiki around 4 p.m. 

waikiki 008

Everyone we’ve spoken to at the hotel so far has been so kind and welcoming and full of fun suggestions. Our room is very nice and comfortable and if you stand on the balcony, you’re greeted with one heck of a view.

waikiki 003

waikiki 004

waikiki 005

After dropping off our luggage in our room, we wasted no time changing out of our travel clothes and heading out to explore Waikiki.

waikiki 009

The location of our hotel is ideal. We’re within walking distance of Waikiki Beach and tons of shops and restaurants.

waikiki 010

waikiki 011

waikiki 012

waikiki 018

We walked around for a few hours and worked up an appetite for a quick dinner at Keo’s, a local Thai restaurant.

We started our meal with spring rolls that were delicious. waikiki 023

For my entrée, I opted for the cashew chicken which was full of flavor and quite filling.

waikiki 024

We fell asleep within 2.5 seconds of crawling into our bed when we arrived back at the hotel.

Ryan and I haven’t planned out definitive activities for the day today, but we’re thinking hiking and snorkeling may be on the agenda.

P.S. The Fashion page was updated this morning.

Happy Labor Day!



  1. says

    My husband and I live on Oahu and I see you’ve gotten a ton of awesome recommendations! I saw one commenter mentioned going to the North Shore and I definitely agree. Bonzai Sushi up there is amazing (I’m actually going today!) and the beaches are incredible. As far as luaus go, Polynesian Culture Center is definitely the most authentic, but if you can find a tour bus over to Ko Olina to visit Paradise Cove, that luau is definitely the most fun. Enjoy your time here! Aloha, e komo mai!


  2. Lisa says

    Wish I was in Hawaii right now. We’re experiencing the tail end of the hurricane so it is very overcast and rainy. No fun. That cashew chicken looks amazing. Looks spicy, was it? Enjoy yourselves!


  3. Amber says

    I live on Oahu and if you have any questions on where the best places to go are, just ask me! Too must see beaches are Lanikai and Waimea. If you want the best acai bowl you’ll ever have in your life then go to the Health Bar in Diamond Head. Sweet Home Waimanalo is another great small restaurant with great brunch items and if you want some great Thai food go to Mailes in Hawaii Kai town center.


  4. Kayla says

    Hawaii is gorgeous! I went to Oahu and Maui last October for my honeymoon and it was absolutely breathtaking! Take lots of pictures and be sure to relax. Oh and if you guys are looking for a great burger joint for lunch- cheeseburger in paradise is amazing! Best burgers in the world 🙂 my husband and I must have eaten there 3 times during our 10 day honeymoon. There is one located on Waikiki beach!! Have fun!


  5. says

    Everything looks beautiful! No matter how pretty the room, I just can’t sleep in a hotel bed. The cashew chicken looks much better than what I can get down the street. LOL!

    I hope you and your husband continue to have a wonderful time!


  6. says

    My husband and I were just there in May for our Honeymoon!!! We absolutely loved staying down in Waikiki!!

    If you guys get a chance check out the D.K. Steakhouse!! It’s right on Waikiki Beach! A little pricey but most definitely worth every penny!

    I hope you and your husband enjoy every minute of your trip!! Oahu is beautiful!!


  7. Christine says

    I need to recommend Sansei for dinner!

    They have the best sushi! And amazing drinks! They have a SPICY CAPRESE drink that I miss dearly. And they have a Mango Crab Salad Roll (wrapped in lettuce!) that is just amazing!

    I also recommend Pearl Harbor if you’ve never been…it was breath taking and an amazing piece of history!


  8. Kristen Exline says

    I have been to Oahu three times and I absolutely loved snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. It’s a must. Also, if you are into shopping the International Market place is fun :).


  9. Kanoe says

    Awww I love & miss Hawaii!! I’m part Hawaiian so obviously my love for the place knows no bounds HAHA!! Make sure you eat all the local food… It’s awesome!!



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