Barley Recipe Roundup

With the end of April quickly approaching, it’s time for this month’s Recipe Roundup post!

Recipe Roundups began on PBF a few months ago as a way for me to highlight past PBF recipe posts that may have fallen to the wayside over the course of my 2+ years of blogging.

Past recipe roundup posts include:

This month we’re tackling one of my all-time favorite whole grains: Barley!

I love the chewy texture of barley and the fact that it is high in fiber is just an added bonus. I enjoy eating barley for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The following recipes are some of my all-time favorite barley-based creations.

Barley Recipe Roundup

barley eggplant broccoli risotto

artichoke quiche

barley breakfast bowl

goat cheese and butternut squash barley risotto

shrimp barley risotto

barley berry parfait

peanut butter barley


  1. says

    I have an unopened bag of barley that’s been sitting in my cupboard for awhile – now I’ve got some great ideas of how to use it! Thanks! I never thought to eat it for breakfast, but I definitely will try out some of your breakfast bowls. Yum! Hope you had fun on the booze cruise yesterday!


  2. says

    I rarely buy/use barley but all of these recipes look delicious. I think I might need to pick up some barely next time I go food shopping!

    Hope you’re having a good b-day weekend Julie.



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