Birthday Booze Cruise

The second day on our cruise vacation was easily my favorite.

Booze cruise + Some of my favorite people + My birthday = A fantastic time!

cruise 227

Awesome day!


Since Ryan and I cannot seem to sleep in, we were up before everyone on Friday morning and decided to explore the gym aboard the ship and sneak in our one and only vacation workout.

cruise 156

The boat was rockin’ a bit on Friday morning and I couldn’t keep my balance very well on the treadmill. I walked for about four minutes before completing 30 minutes on the elliptical beside Ryan.

cruise 152cruise 153

I didn’t really get my heart rate up too much, but it felt good to sweat a bit.


After our workout, we headed to the dining room for breakfast. I tried to start my day on a relatively healthy note every morning and ate fresh melon, two poached eggs, an English muffin with jelly, two slices of ham and a small soft serve cone every day.

cruise 157cruise 158cruise 159cruise 160

I turned the eggs, ham and jelly into a make-shift breakfast sandwich that was fantastic!

cruise 161

The cruise had all-you-can-eat soft serve available 24 hours a day and I had a cone after breakfast and lunch every day. One of the many perks of crusin’!

Booze Cruise

The Carnival Sensation docked in the Bahamas around noon and our group had plans to board an all-you-can-drink booze cruise leaving from Senor Frogs, a popular bar on the island, at 12:45 p.m.

cruise 170

There she is! What a beaut.

Our group wasted no time hitting up the bar on the way pick up more booze cruisers and head out to an island.

2012-04-29 cruise

Beach Time

Since our group and nearly everyone else on the booze cruise took advantage of the bar service, our time on the private beach was full of shenanigans and lots of fun.

cruise 195 - Copy

cruise 188 - Copy

cruise 218-001cruise 219-001

cruise 196 - Copy

My sister and I found it absolutely hysterical to randomly strike the most awkward poses known to man which quickly rubbed off on others… 

cruise 174 - Copycruise 175 - Copy

cruise 172-001cruise 179-001


cruise 190 - Copy

Blue steel? cruise 193 - Copy

cruise 178-001

cruise 183 - Copy

And then I apparently looked a little too dry because this happened…

cruise 197-001cruise 203 - Copy

cruise 205-001cruise 210-001

When Daniel started making a beeline for the water, I did my best to save my dress!

cruise 212-001

The water wasn’t cold at all and actually felt rather refreshing. It was so clear and gorgeous though scenery pictures apparently alluded me on this particular vacation.

cruise 216 - Copy

Booze Cruise Back

On the way back to Senor Frogs, the music was blastin’ and the drinks were flowin’. I couldn’t stop the beat flowing through my veins and hit the dance floor with everyone to party it up for a few hours.

cruise 068

cruise 013

cruise 041

cruise 048-001

cruise 011cruise 042


Oh and there may have been a limbo contest aboard the booze cruise on the way back…

cruise 232-001

And I may have come in second.

I am not flexible at all in my legs (hence why I am horrible at basically anything involving my hamstrings in yoga), but apparently my back is rather bendy. (<—Said like Phoebe Buffay.)

Our whole group was pretty surprised about the limbo contest and thought I should’ve been given a handicap once I made it to the final two because I am 5’7’’ and the girl who won was barely five feet tall and made me look like some kind of a Yeti.

Honestly, I blame the drinks for giving me the courage to even attempt to participate in the limbo contest because in my sober mind, I would’ve looked at that bar and thought that there was no way I would get under it! That’s what we call liquid courage, my friends. 

After the booze cruise we stayed at Senor Frogs until we had to be back aboard the ship at 7:30 p.m.

cruise 073cruise 109

cruise 082

We rushed to change to make it to our 8:15 p.m. dinner and let’s just say the ridiculous pictures from dinner are a hoot. Our themed formal night photos are coming up next!


  1. Brooke says

    Ha I loved this post! And I love that you told us you had a soft serve cone after breakfast AND lunch. You deserve it…you work so hard all the time AND worked out on vacation. Looks like you had a blast!! Happy belated birthday!!


  2. says

    Loving the pictures so far. Looks like you all had a great time! But how could you not on a booze cruise?! Now I really want to go on one. How awesome that you got soft serve twice a day too! Jealous


  3. says

    Looks like an epic birthday! Those pictures rock and I’m totally jealous about the soft serve cone thing although if I had access to one of those machines I’d probably eat my weight in soft serve!


  4. Amanda A. says

    Gotta love that liquid courage!! I first said I love you to my boyfriend after a night of drinking (I had been trying to for weeks but didn’t have the guts to do it). He still makes fun of me for waiting until I had a few drinks in me! Looks like you had a great time! Happy Belated Birthday!


  5. says

    That booze cruise looks like so much fun! The pictures are hilarious! 🙂 Congrats on the limbo contest! I’d never in a million years be able to do that! Cannot wait to see the formal night pictures.


  6. says

    SO much fun! I actually met my hubby on my very first cruise in 2004 and we’ve gone on one almost every year since then but, no plans for one this year =( Looks like y’all had a blast!


  7. says

    You’re making me want to go on a cruise! Though I don’t drink so it wouldn’t be a boose cruise for myself haha. You just look like you’re having a BLASTTT. Jealouus



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