Early Morning Spin

It’s the start of another week. I hope it’s a good one for all of you out there!


Since I thankfully didn’t have to work the early shift this morning, I woke up with Ryan and drove to the gym to work out before the craziness of the day set in.

My workout began with a 10 minute run on the treadmill before it was time to take a 45-minute spin class. The instructor chose songs with pounding beats which helped me get in the zone and pedal my heart out. I loved it and left the class with a sweaty ponytail. Always the sign of a good workout!

Once I am done typing up this blog post, I’ll be heading back to the gym to teach and work. Also on the agenda for today? A haircut. I found a coupon for a $7.99 haircut at Great Clips, so my horrific split ends will be chopped off later today. Finally!


After our time at the gym, Ryan and I came home, showered and sat down to a filling breakfast.

coconut overnight oats

I dug into the bowl of overnight oats I prepared last night.

overnight oats with shredded coconut

My favorite bites were the ones that included lots of coconut!

Question of the Morning

  • How often do you get your hair cut?

For a while there I got my hair cut every six weeks because people kept telling me that regular hair cuts would make my hair grow longer and look healthier, but my hair never seems to pass its current length. Now I’m back to going whenever my hair starts to drive me crazy.


  1. says

    Eehh, I kind of do it whenever… I used to do it regularly, however, after I started working from home 4 days a week (the one day I go into the office, which is near my hair dresser, is the day she is off), I stopped going regularly.


  2. says

    I think I read somewhere that everyone’s hair has a different max length.. if that makes any sense! I usually get my hair cut 1-2 times a year… oops. I just avoid using styling tools and hair dye.


  3. says

    I get my hair cut… whenever I see more split ends that I can deal with. That being said – I do wait longer sometimes and not as long other times. I have no idea what it depends on. But usually it’s bimonthly.


  4. says

    Nice workout! 🙂 I used to get my haircut every 3 months, but I was told if I’m trying to grow it, to get it cut every 4-6 months. I’m at month 5 and I definitely need to get a trim, but really it’s not looking too bad and it’s grown a lot!


  5. Rachael says

    I recently started getting my hair cut regularly about every 8 week and I do feel like my hair is growing faster. I had my hair in bob at chin length for a while and it is just past my shoulders in less than 6 months which is good for me.


  6. Tami says

    I work at a hair salon so I get my hair cut around every 6 to 8 weeks. It’s a good idea to get your ends cleaned up at least every 8 weeks. Many people don’t think this is true, but it really does help make your hair healthier!


  7. says

    Those oats look awesome! As far as haircuts… I really should get it done more often, but living here, especially in the summer, has me putting my hair up a lot so I don’t notice when I need to cut 😛 Oops!


  8. Elisabeth says

    I have short hair that’s is EXTREMELY thick & grows very quickly, so I get a cut every 3 weeks. Really, I almost could go at 2.5 weeks…


  9. Michelle R. says

    It’s never made any sense to me that trimming your hair could make it grow faster! I mean, how do your follicles know what’s going on with the ends of your hair???? I think it has more to do with a healthy scalp and good nutrition. Though I’ve been taking prenatal vitamins (just in case–I’m not pregnant yet) and my hair and nails have been growing like crazy!!!


  10. says

    I do the exact same…when I can’t stand my hair anymore, I schedule a hair cut. It’s so funny though, because I can totally roll with it, but then the split ends eventually get to the point where I can’t stand them anymore, and have to get it cut ASAP! Like you, my hair doesn’t seem to get past it’s current length.
    You oats look yummy! Love coconut!


  11. says

    I’m obsessed with your overnight oats. They are delicious!! In the morning, I put shaved almonds and pb on top with blueberries or banana. It’s my fav! Thanks for sharing!
    Soooo glad u asked about hair– I am always wondering if getting your hair trimmed every 8 weeks is really the best way to go. 🙂


  12. says

    I really must try coconut on top of oats – it looks delicious!

    I get my hair cut every 8 to 12 weeks depending on the season – I go further between cuts in the winter.


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