Easy Party Food Recipes

The Super Bowl is this Sunday and it’s all everyone around here is talking about! Though I’m still relatively new to the Charlotte area, it’s hard not to drink the Kool-Aid and immerse myself in the enthusiasm surrounding the Carolina Panthers. Watching our team’s success this season has been a blast and even though I’m not exactly the world’s biggest sports fan, I’ll jump on the bandwagon with the best of them when celebrating and tasty party food is involved!

Just in case you have a Super Bowl party to attend this weekend, I wanted to pop in today to share a few of my favorite go-to party friendly recipes. Like nearly every recipe you’ll find on this blog, these recipes are easy to throw together and typically require minimal ingredients.

Easy Party Food Recipes

I tried to include a selection of sweet and savory party fare and many of the recipes you will find below are healthy, too. I hope something catches your eye! Enjoy!

Easy Party Food Recipes

Honey Sriracha Chex Mix

If you love Chex mix as much as I do (and that’s A LOT), you MUST make this recipe. It’s slightly sweet with the perfect amount of heat. I’ve made it a few times for friends and family and those who love sriracha flip over this one!

Cinnamon Peanut Butter Popcorn

Popcorn. Cinnamon. Honey. Peanut butter. That’s all you need to make this recipe! It could not be any easier and is sure to please the peanut butter lovers at your next party. This addicting recipe can easily be tripled or quadrupled to serve a big group… but don’t assume you’ll have any leftovers!

Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip

This protein-packed vegetable dip tastes like ranch dressing but it’s so much creamier! Serve it with your favorite fresh veggies for a healthy and colorful appetizer.

Black Bean and Edamame Salad

This salad continues to be one of the most popular recipes featured on PBF and with good reason. It’s always a crowd pleaser and can be served as either a dip with a side of crispy tortilla chips or as a healthy and filling entrée or side salad. The best part? The amount of work/chopping to prep this dish is very minimal. It comes together in a flash!

Sweet and Spicy Roasted Almonds Recipe

I regularly prep a batch of these almonds for a healthy grab-and-go snack (I also love them on top of salads or crushed and tossed with my favorite roasted veggies) and think they make a tasty addition to any party spread.

Healthy Fruit Dip

Greek yogurt, almond butter and cinnamon come together to make a sweet and slightly tangy healthy fruit dip. Pair this one with fresh strawberries and apple slices for a tasty treat!


Simply combine coconut, mango, dates, walnuts and pineapple to make a simple, no-bake energy bar that you can throw together in no time at all.

Shrimp Avocado Salad

This recipe for cilantro shrimp and avocado salad is a personal favorite. With so many different flavors and textures, it’s a surefire hit with seafood and avocado lovers! Serve it with tortilla chips or Triscuits for a party-friendly appetizer.

Brunch Sliders

These brunch sliders are a fun alternative to savory mini sandwiches and use fresh fruit, strawberry cream cheese, peanut butter and cinnamon to create a sweet grab-and-go treat!

Healthy No Bake Chocolate Truffles

These truffles taste like brownie batter and don’t require any time in the oven. With only four good-for-you ingredients, you can make these in a flash and be out the door in no time at all. Perfect for the procrastinators out there who also happen to have a sweet tooth!

Cinnamon Coconut Cashews

Can you tell I love roasted nuts? This recipe for cinnamon coconut roasted cashews is another tasty one that makes a delicious party snack food but also tastes great on top of Greek yogurt, overnight oats or even ice cream!

Question of the Day

  • What are some of your favorite dishes to make to bring to a party?


  1. Lauren C. says

    Go Panthers!!!!!!!! I’ll be watching (hopefully) from the bar at our resort on our honeymoon in St. Lucia on Sunday. Never thought when we booked this that my team would make it to the end 🙂


  2. Karen@fabinyour40s.com says

    Being from Boston, and the Patriots being thisclose to being in it again, we won’t be watching. New Englanders are sports snobs and it’s our team or forget it.

    But… that doesn’t mean we won’t eat like we are watching the Super Bowl. Yummy snacks!

    Good Luck Panthers!!!


  3. says

    Love it – this is my second Super Bowl in Denver and I’m totally on board with all of the craziness! I’ll be screaming “Unite in Orange” like I’m a native Denver-ite over here, ha.

    I’ll be making an AMAZING dip that will be on my blog tomorrow, but I might have to add that spicy Chex Mix. That sounds like a fantastic add to any party!

    XO, Jessica


  4. Liz says

    These recipes are great! One of my favorite (ok it’s my all time favorite) dishes to bring to a party is buffalo chicken dip! I make mine with non fat cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, low fat ranch dressing, Franks buffalo sauce, and baked chicken. I also love to bring (baked) toasted ravioli!


  5. Darby says

    Ok that peanut butter popcorn looks too good!! Right up my alley 😉 I might have to make some too.

    I’m an honorary Panthers friend because my best friend lives in Charlotte. I’d be in big trouble if I didn’t root for them!


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