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When I first found out I would be traveling to New York City, one of the first things that popped into my head was, “I have to see Merri!”

julie and merri

Merri and I met in college and have stayed close even though thousands of miles separate us now that she moved to New York City. (Merri was actually the one who made us our surprise wedding video!)

Merri is one of the most positive, bubbly people I know and I could spend hours and hours with her and we’d never shut up. She’s basically the best, so I was really excited to have a whole evening with her last night.

We met up right when I got off the plane. We wanted to grab dinner and keep things casual, so when Merri suggested checking out a local food cart, I was more than game.


Merri never tried the food from The Halal Guys food cart before but heard amazing things. When she looked it up online, it actually had more than 2,500 reviews on Yelp with a 4 1/2 star rating so we were awfully intrigued! 

When we walked up, there was a short line and the food smelled unbelievable. We were both quite hungry, so I was excited to see that the portions were nice and big.


I got the rice and pita bread bowl topped with chicken and added BBQ sauce and their white sauce before digging in.









Underneath all that chicken was a hearty layer of yellow rice. Normally I don’t really like yellow rice, but this rice was very good.

Both Merri and I ate almost our entire bowls of food and were absolutely stuffed. The food was so good that even when we both said we knew we were full, we just kept going and going.

With the food sitting like a rock in our stomachs, we welcomed the long walk back to my hotel!


The walk through the city brought out the tourist in me and I literally stopped and stared as we passed by Bryant Park because it looked so beautiful. The little café chairs reminded me a lot of Paris. Doesn’t it look like such a romantic place for a fun date night in the summer?

We made it back to my hotel around 8:30 p.m. and Merri ended up staying until 11 p.m. which was so wonderful. I miss her so much! We used to go on morning walks with Sadie around Lake Eola in Orlando when we both lived there and I miss seeing her all the time.

Sometimes seeing friends I haven’t seen in a while makes it feel even harder when we part because I miss them like crazy all over again. Long distance friendships tug at my heartstrings! Thanks for such a great night, Mer!

This morning I awoke at 5 a.m. to meet up with Ashley to try out a new workout class, but I’ll be back to talk about that soon. I need a shower!


  1. Brenna says

    I tried that same food cart when I was in New York last fall and it was amazing!! Next time I go back I will certainly get it again 🙂


  2. says

    awww so much fun! i’m prob gonna be hitting up the city in a few weeks to catch a show, i’ll need to possibly stop by that delicious food cart 🙂


  3. Merri says

    Last night was SO MUCH FUN!!! Wish it never ended!! LYMY!!! xoxoxoxoxo Have a FANTASTIC time at your Meet and Tweet my little blogger-roo!


  4. says

    That picture makes me want to visit NYC now! I have never been… Portland(just across the river from me) is known for their food carts – I can only imagine what they are like in NY! Reconnecting with your friend = perfect first day!


  5. says

    We don’t really have food trucks here. I can think of three, maybe four. But one is incredible with mostly organic, local, fresh, homemade dishes. So good! Their menu rotates weekly and they feature a couple lunch items each day for only $5. And it’s posted online so you can check it the specials and find their location.

    Beautiful park photo! I would love to hang out there with on a date.


  6. says

    It’s so great to see friends, I totally know how you feel as my best girlfriends are scattered all across the country…it makes it so special when you can get together! Have a fabulous time in NYC! I absolutely love that city, my sister lives there and I’m dying to go back for another visit soon! xoxo


  7. says

    Aww how fun that you were able to meet up with your friend while you were in NYC! I love food trucks and that particular one sounds fantastic! Bryant Park is gorgeous too- I was just there in January and walked through late in the evening when it was still bustling with people, there is def something special about it!


  8. says

    The park looks so beautiful, it actually kind of looks like Paris haha. Random, but it does. I love when I get to see my friends when I haven’t seen them in so long, glad you got to reconnect and enjoy yourself!


  9. Laura says

    Your picture of the park is great! My sister and I are in NYC for the first time and just ate at Bryant park grill for lunch! You should check it out if you have time! Maybe we are staying at the same place, If so, we will keep an eye out for you at the gym 😉 we both adore your blog!



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